Porsche Driving Experiences


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Roadtrips presents custom travel and driving experiences for groups.

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Porsche Driving Experiences

  1. 1. Amazing Travel ExperiencesNorth American Official Travel Partnerof the Porsche Travel Club Germanyfor Groups and Incentives
  2. 2. “ Few travel experiences match both the trophyvalue and motivational effectiveness ofa Driving Experience.”
  3. 3. The Ultimate Incentive There are very few ideas more compelling than the thought of testing the limits of a powerful Porsche in one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. Few travel experiences match both the trophy value and motivational effectiveness of a Driving Experience. Imagine yourself in a flagship Porsche 911, negotiating the sweeping turns of a picturesque mountain pass in Switzerland or the striking desert dunes of Dubai in the powerful Porsche Cayenne. From rally camps on ice and snow in the Rockies of North America to the winding roads of the Black Forest or French Wine country, we can create an unmatched and completely customized experience to motivate your top producers and build relationships with your key clients. With great attention to detail, we will create a custom experience of any length, in almost any destination, and for most sizes of groups. From award winning five star hotels to regional dining events with perfectly matched wines, every element has been chosen with the greatest of care. Want to add an element of culture to your driving experience in Vienna or an African safari to your South African Porsche Driving Experience? No problem! We invite you to call us to design your most exotic and effective incentive travel experience.to create your driving experience call us at 1-800-465-1765
  4. 4. “ From rugged mountains to expansive seas, experience the beauty, history and culture of europe from behind the wheel of a porsche.
  5. 5. About Us For over 17 years, Roadtrips has been giving people the chance to travel to some of the most exclusive and sought after events and experiences in the world. During that time we’ve achieved tremendous success and growth from listening to the specific needs of companies who recognize that unique travel experiences are a powerful tool to generate desired outcomes and accomplish specific goals. Roadtrips offers complete and creative solutions for corporate incentives, promotions, sweepstakes, and corporate hospitality. We work with our clients to create travel experiences that capture the attention and imagination of their target audience. Then, we take care of all the details with complete travel fulfillment services -- allowing our clients to focus on whatRoadtrips is proud to be the North American Official Travel Partner of the Porsche they do best, while we take care of their people who have given their best.Travel Club Germany for Groups and Incentives. Working with Porsche Travel Club,we will build your experience in your preferred global destination. From unique and exclusive experiences for small VIP groups to individual incentive travel award programs for national and multinational organizations, Roadtrips has worked with many of the world’s most recognized and successful companies who want to motivate and reward the people who make their business a success. to create your driving experience call us at 1-800-465-1765
  6. 6. “ Discover the exotic mix of culture, history, and dramatic sights of Dubai or the rugged beauty and adventure of safaris and wine country in South Africa.”
  7. 7. Exciting Destinations Here is a small sampling of popular and desired travel destinations to explore on your Driving Experience: n Winding roads of the Black Forest in Germany n Picturesque rolling hills and quaint villages of French Wine Country n Exhilarating mountain passes on a Swiss Alpine Adventure n Castles and culture of Bavaria and Austria n Mediterranean beauty of jagged mountains and cosmopolitan delights of Spain and Barcelona n Renowned beauty and culinary reputation of Provence and the Cote d’ Azur n Exotic mix of culture, history, and dramatic sights of Dubai n Rugged beauty and adventure of safaris and wine country in South Africa n Exhilaration of ice and snow rally driving in the Rockies of North America n Perfect winter rally school near the Arctic Circle in Finland n Popular art, history, scenery and cuisine of Italyto create your driving experience call us at 1-800-465-1765
  8. 8. “ With great attention to detail, we will create a custom experience of any length, in almost any destination, and for most sizes of groups.”
  9. 9. Your Porsche 911 The six-cylinder ‘boxer’ engine is a definitive element within the 911 concept. Flat and compact with a low center of gravity, the 911’s rear-mounted installation generates optimum traction throughout more than four decades of continuous evolution. Choose between hard top and cabriolet models for your perfect driving experience. BOXSTER All roadsters promise performance. The new Boxster delivers it and more, as only a Porsche can. What makes driving a Porsche Boxster unique is the way it feels over the road with its mixture of handling precision and potent acceleration, forged over decades of Porsche motorsport competition. CAYMANVisually and technically sound sports cars form the core of the versatile Porsche model The heart and soul of any sportscar is, above all, the engine. In the Cayman S, it’s inrange. All vehicles are as impressive inside as they are outside. The Boxster S, the Cayman S, and the right place: at the center of the car. With the engine revving directly behind thethe legendary Porsche 911 are prime examples from a motor vehicle manufacturer that does driver, the relationship is almost symbiotic. Every input is eagerly met with a precisenot follow trends, but rather one that sets the standard. Porsche vehicles do not just stand and emphatic response. Another mark of uncompromising engineering, the Caymanfor performance capability - they are also the symbol of an experience-orientated company. is instantly Porsche.Each Porsche Driving Experience features one of Porsche’s exciting models and will provideyou a full opportunity to get to know a spectacular machine intimately. CAYENNE No road is too tough to travel in a Porsche Cayenne. This five seater is a superior sport utility vehicle that shies away from no challenge. With massive torque to help you power through unpredictable surfaces accompanying genuine comfort due to careful attention to detail, the Cayenne takes performance to an entirely new level. to create your driving experience call us at 1-800-465-1765
  10. 10. “ you will have a chance to sample some of the world’s finest hospitality at carefully selected properties along your route.”
  11. 11. Your Experience ACCOMMODATIONS Each experience follows a unique itinerary. You will have a chance to sample some of the world’s finest hospitality at carefully selected properties along your route. Luxury hotels known for their world class service, impeccable attention to detail, and the finest amenities, dining, and locations. You will be welcomed to five star castle hotels perched on top of a mountain and to small luxury boutique hotels in a picturesque wine country village. From desert resorts overlooking sweeping dunes to award winning hotels in the heart of the world’s great cities, you will stay in fantastic hotels who fulfill the desires of the most discerning traveler. CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE All components of offered on these amazing experiences are no less then what you would expect from Roadtrips and Porsche. You and your guests will stay in award winning luxury hotels and enjoy the finest regional cuisine with thoughtfully paired wines. Our partners are the best at what they do, when providing tours, safaris, cultural shows, Bedouin desert dining - whatever the inclusion, it will be only from those recognized as the best in class. ROADTRIPS ON-SITE EVENT MANAGEMENT Throughout your driving experience, rest assured in the knowledge that Roadtrips has a highly qualified team of experienced event managers on-site, available 24 hours a day to assist you with anything that you need. Our event management is comprised of our most highly experienced travel hosts that completely understand travel the way you want it and will do everything they can to make for a happy and memorableto create your driving experience call us at 1-800-465-1765 experience.
  12. 12. Call Roadtrips at 1-800-465-1765 to design a customDriving Experience that will motivate and reward like no other. Amazing Travel Experiences