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Visual Studio Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Microsoft® Visual C#® Default Keybindings Editing IntelliSense Window Debugging Edit.CompleteWord Completes the current word in Debug.Autos Displays the Autos window, which CTRL + SPACE or CTRL + D, A Edit.CollapseTo- Collapses existing regions to CTRL + M, O View.ClassView Displays the Class View window. CTRL + W, C the completion list. displays variables used in the current CTRL + K, W Definitions provide a high-level view of the line of code and the preceding line types and members in the View.CodeDefinition- Displays the Code Definition CTRL + W, D Edit.ListMembers Invokes the IntelliSense® of code. CTRL + J or source file. Window window. completion list. CTRL + K, L Debug.CallStack Displays the Call Stack window, CTRL + D, C Edit.ToggleAllOutlining Toggles all previously collapsed CTRL + M, L View.Command- Displays the Command window, CTRL + W, A Edit.QuickInfo Displays the complete declaration which displays a list of all active CTRL + K, I outlining regions between Window where commands can be invoked for the specified identifier in your methods or stack frames for the collapsed and expanded states. to manipulate the integrated code in a Quick Info tool tip. current thread of execution. development environment (IDE). Edit.Toggle- Toggles the currently selected CTRL + M, M Edit.ParameterInfo Displays the name, number, and Debug.Immediate Displays the Immediate window, CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE CTRL + D, I OutliningExpansion collapsed region between the View.ErrorList Displays the Error List window. CTRL + W, E type of parameters required for where expressions can be evaluated. or CTRL K, P collapsed and expanded state. the specified method. View.ObjectBrowser Displays the Object Browser. CTRL + W, J Debug.Locals Displays the Locals window, which CTRL + D, L Edit.StopOutlining Removes all outlining information CTRL + M, P displays the local variables and from the whole document. View.Output Displays the Output window, where CTRL + W, O Navigation their values for each method in the status messages can be viewed at current stack frame. Edit.CommentSelection Inserts // at the beginning of the CTRL + K, C or run time. Edit.FindAllReferences Displays a list of all references for SHIFT + F12 or current line or every line of the CTRL + E, C the symbol selected. CTRL + K, R Debug.QuickWatch Displays the QuickWatch dialog CTRL + D, Q current selection. View.PropertiesWindow Displays the Properties window, CTRL + W, P box that has the current value of the which lists the design-time Edit.GoToBrace Moves the cursor location to the CTRL + ] selected expression. Edit.Uncomment- Removes the // at the beginning of CTRL + K, U or properties and events for the matching brace in the source file. Selection the current line or every line of the CTRL + E, U currently selected item. Debug.Start Launches the application under the F5 current selection. Edit.GoToDefinition Navigates to the declaration for the F12 debugger based off of the settings View.SolutionExplorer Displays Solution Explorer, which CTRL + W, S selected symbol in code. from the startup project. When in Edit.FormatDocument Formats the current document CTRL + K, D or lists the projects and files in the Break mode, invoking this command according to the indentation and CTRL + E, D current solution. Edit.GoToNextLocation Moves the cursor to the next item, F8 will run the application until the next code formatting settings specified such as a task in the Task List breakpoint. on the Formatting pane under View.TaskList Displays the Task List window, which CTRL + W, T window or a search match in the Tools | Options | Text Editor | C#. displays custom tasks, comments, Find Results window. Subsequent Debug. Launches the application without CTRL + F5 shortcuts, warnings, and error invocations will move to the next StartWithoutDebugging invoking the debugger. Edit.FormatSelection Formats the current selection CTRL + K, F or messages. item in the list. according to the indentation and CTRL + E, F Debug.StepInto Executes code one statement at F11 code formatting settings specified View.Toolbox Displays the Toolbox, which contains CTRL + W, X Edit.IncrementalSearch Activates incremental search. CTRL + I a time, following execution into on the Formatting pane under controls that can be included or If incremental search is on, but method calls. Tools | Options | Text Editor | C#. used with your code. no input is passed, the previous search query is used. If search Debug.StepOut Executes the remaining lines of SHIFT + F11 Edit.InsertSnippet Displays the Code Snippet Picker. CTRL + K, X View.ServerExplorer Displays Server Explorer, which lets CTRL + W, L input has been found, next a method in which the current The selected code snippet will be you view and manipulate database invocation searches for the next execution point is located. inserted at the cursor position. servers, event logs, message occurrence of the input text. queues, Web services, and other Debug.StepOver Executes the next line of code, but F10 Edit.SurroundWith Displays the Code Snippet Picker. CTRL + K, S operating system services. View.ClassViewGo- Brings focus to the Class View CTRL + K, CTRL + V does not follow execution through The selected code snippet will be ToSearch, Combo search box. any method calls. wrapped around the selected text. Window.Close- Closes the current tool window. SHIFT + ESC ToolWindow View.Forward- Moves to the next item called in CTRL + SHIFT + 7 Debug.Stop- Stops running the current SHIFT + F5 Edit. Invoke Snippet Inserts the expanded code snippet TAB BrowseContext code in the current file. Uses the Go Debugging application under the debugger. From Shortcut from the shortcut name. Data.ShowDataSources Displays the Data Sources window. SHIFT + ALT + D To Definition navigation stack. Debug.Toggle- Sets or removes a breakpoint at the F9 Edit.CycleClipboardRing CTRL + SHIFT + V Pastes text from the Clipboard ring Window.Close- View.PopBrowse- Moves to the previous item called in CTRL + SHIFT + 8 Breakpoint current line. to the cursor location in the file. Document, Window Closes the current tab. CTRL + F4 Context code in the current file. Uses the Go Subsequent use of the shortcut key To Definition navigation stack. Debug.Watch Displays the Watch window, which CTRL + D, W iterates through the items in the displays the values of selected Clipboard ring. Window.Next- Displays the IDE Navigator, with the CTRL + TAB View.Navigate- Moves to the previously browsed CTRL + MINUS variables or watch expressions. Document, WindowNav first document window selected. Backward line of code. SIGN (-) Edit.Replace Displays the replace options in the CTRL + H Debug.Enable- Toggles the breakpoint between CTRL + F9 Quick tab of the Find and Replace View.Navigate- Moves to the next browsed line CTRL + SHIFT + Breakpoint disabled and enabled. dialog box. Refactoring Forward of code. MINUS SIGN (-) Make Datatip Causes a visible datatip to become [CTRL] Edit.ReplaceInFiles Displays the replace options on the CTRL + SHIFT + H Refactor.- Displays the Encapsulate Field CTRL + R, E Edit.FindInFiles Displays the In Files tab of the Find CTRL + SHIFT + F Transparent transparent. In Files tab of the Find and EncapsulateField dialog box, which allows creation and Replace dialog box. Replace dialog box. of a property from an existing field and updates all references to use Build Edit.FindSymbol Displays the Find Symbol pane of ALT + F12 View.ShowSmartTag Displays the available options on CTRL + . or the new property. the Find and Replace dialog box. the smart tag menu. SHIFT + ALT + F10 Build.BuildSolution Builds all the projects in the F6 or CTRL + Refactor.Extract- Displays the Extract Interface CTRL + R, I View.ViewCode Displays the selected item in Code F7 File solution. SHIFT + B Interface dialog box, which allows creation view of the editor. of a new interface with members Build.BuildSelection SHIFT + F6 File.NewProject Displays the New Project CTRL + SHIFT + N derived from an existing class, View.ViewDesigner Switches to Design view for the SHIFT + F7 Builds the selected project and its dialog box. struct, or interface. current document. Available only in dependencies. Source view. File.OpenProject Displays the Open Project dialog CTRL + SHIFT + O Refactor. Displays the Extract Method CTRL + R, M box, where existing projects can be ExtractMethod dialog box, which allows creation View.ViewMarkup Switches to Source view for the SHIFT + F7 added to the solution. of a new method from the selected current document. Available only in code. Design view. Project.AddClass Displays the Add New Item dialog SHIFT + ALT + C box and selects Class template as Refactor.Promote- Moves a variable from a local CTRL + R, P Window.MoveTo- Moves the cursor to the drop-down CTRL + F2 default. LocalVariableto- usage to a method, indexer, NavigationBar bar located at the top of the code Parameter or constructor parameter and editor when the editor is in Code Project.AddExisting- Displays the Add Existing Item SHIFT + ALT + A updates all call sites appropriately. view or Server Code view. Item dialog box, where existing files can be added to the current project. Refactor.Remove- Displays the Remove Parameters CTRL + R, V Edit.Find Displays the Quick tab of the Find CTRL + F Parameters dialog box, which allows removal and Replace dialog box. Project.AddNewItem Displays the Add New Item dialog CTRL + SHIFT + A of parameters from methods, box, where a new file can be indexers, or delegates by changing Edit.GoTo Displays the Go To Line dialog box. CTRL + G added to the current project. the declaration at any locations where the member is called. Edit.GoToFindCombo Puts the cursor in the Find/ CTRL + / Window.ShowEz- Displays a pop-up listing of all CTRL + ALT + Command box on the Standard MDIFileList open documents. DOWN ARROW Refactor.Rename Displays the Rename dialog CTRL + R, R or F2 toolbar. box, which allows renaming all Edit.OpenFile Displays the Open File dialog box CTRL + O references for an identifier. where a file can be selected to be opened. This does not add the file Refactor.Reorder- Displays the Reorder Parameters CTRL + R, O to the project. Parameters dialog box, which allows changes to the order of the parameters for methods, indexers, and delegates. Notes: These key bindings are only available through the Visual C# Development Settings. To change to the Visual C# Development settings, go to Tools | Import and Export Settings and select Reset all Settings then select Visual C# Development Settings. To customize the key bindings for these commands, go to Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard.