Mobile is the New Face of Customer Engagement


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Mobile is forcing enterprises to make information assets available to app developers in a consistent, easily consumable, mobile-optimized manner. However, mobile also introduces special security and management challenges that complicate app development and app governance in BYOD scenarios. These slides are from a Webinar, featuring Forrester Research Mobile Analyst Jeff Hammond, Eli Lilly Mobile Architect Tom Nienhaus and Layer 7 VP of Products Phil Walston, will examine some of these challenges and introduce how specialized backend mobile middleware can be used to make enterprise apps mobile-ready in a way that is secure and manageable.

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  • “Mobile is both a touchpoint …”Mobile can act like a smaller version of your PC-experience. In fact, this is where many companies start. They start by shrinking and squeezing the experience they have made for the PC onto a smaller screen.
  • Figure 2Source: Nike (; Pocket Hipster (,Evernote (, TripIt (,AerLingus (, National Public Radio (
  • JeffreySince not all the innovation and value received by end-customers will come directly from the enterprise, but some will also come from the “downstream ecosystem,” you have to figure out how to manage this ecosystem just like platform providers do. What portion of the value chain do you want to keep to yourself? What portion are you comfortable seeing others do – in fact, may find essential to let others do, if they are better at it, so in the end customers remain satisfied and stay loyal to your brand?
  • Local storage is often limited to 10MB-5MB in AppCache and 5MB in Local Storage
  • Mobile is the New Face of Customer Engagement

    1. 1. Mobile is the new face of customer engagement 2/12 - 850K Android Activations per day, 300 million total devices 3/8 – 315M iOS devices sold to date, 62M alone in Q4, 2011, 55M iPads 2016 – 1 Billion + Smart Phones in market Source: Flickr ( 1 Entire contents © 2010 Forrester Research, Inc. All rightsProhibited © 2010 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction reserved.
    2. 2. The mobile shift is what happenswhen people adopt and use mobile devices of their choice to engage with brands, employers, information, and each other.
    3. 3. The numbers don’t lie441 mobile min/mo 60% of transactions 70% of radio delivered391 website min/mo are from mobile users to mobile users
    4. 4. Systems of engagement are the future oftechnology-led business innovationSource: February 2012 “Mobile Is The New Face Of Engagement”
    5. 5. Mobile services are maturing Advanced contextualHigh Mobile- Simplification unique Level of mobile sophistication Breakthrough Cross- channel Enhancement Multichannel Nothing ConsistencyLow Evolution of services over time
    6. 6. Context includes:Situation: the current location, altitude, andspeed the customer is experiencingPreferences: the history and personal decisionsthe customer has shared with youAttitudes: the feelings or emotions implied bythe customer’s actions and logistics
    7. 7. Contextual use of time will help prioritize home page content Airline example based on user time - 2 days - 2h Flight + 2h + 2 days • Arrival time • Customer service • Change reservation • Food order • Mileage status • Reserve seat • Movies • Reward travel • View reservations • Wi-Fi • Upcoming reservations • Check gate • Ground • Departure time transportation • Lounge access • Lost luggage • Upgrade • Navigation
    8. 8. NPR fueled 3rd partyapps by publishingits REST API. Evernote’s power: Web, desktop, mobile channels linked by cloud repository. Choose your Aer Lingus seat from your smartphone. (Pure JavaScript app.) Pocket Hipster and Tripit: Web and mobile Nike link mobile with channels, clever cloud service with social repository, notifications, networks. and social networking.
    9. 9. Multi-channel design and the service façadepattern
    10. 10. Platforms empower ecosystems of customer experiences Platform Upsell/X-sell Analytics Maintenance Platform Repeat Plug-ins Purchase Customer Aftermarket Platform Suppliers Customer Support Social Networks Transactional Relationships  Customer Context
    11. 11. Mobile app technology- the lay of the land Hybrid Experience CostNative Web Agility Performance Middleware
    12. 12. A simple guide for technology decisions Think about the workloads you are automating… Hybrid Experience CostNative Web Agility Performance Middleware
    13. 13. MBaaS: an emerging option for connected appsMobile Back End as a Service
    14. 14. Base MBaaS Usage JSON Response Value • REST API Data Modeling REST Request • CRUD in the cloud© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 14
    15. 15. Advanced MBaaS Usage 3rd party cloud services Value • Application Hosting • User Management • App/User Analytics • Native Push Notifications© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 15
    16. 16. Enterprise MBaaS Usage© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 16
    17. 17. The mobile shift creates multi-channel reality • Mobile is the biggest shock since the introduction of the PC • Context creates new opportunities to engage • Define your 360° experiences from the customer out • Mobile + APIs + Cloud = your next gen architecture • You must get faster, and more flexible, MBaaS can help