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Layer 7: Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps

Layer 7: Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps



Francois Lascelles presents Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps

Francois Lascelles presents Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps



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    Layer 7: Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps Layer 7: Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps Presentation Transcript

    • Enterprise SOA with SecureSpan and JavaCaps
      • Francois Lascelles, P. Eng.
      • Technical Director, Europe
      • http://www.layer7tech.com
    • Why an XML appliance?
      • Message level aware intermediary between services and requesters
      Web Services
    • Policy Enforcement Point Model Web Services Delegate common or expensive XML related tasks from your services to your infrastructure PEP validates policy compliance, applies security decorations, transformations, records statistics, intercepts problematic messages before they reach your services.
    • Delegating Security XML Gateway enforces security for incoming traffic on behalf of protected services. XML Gateway secures outgoing traffic on behalf of protected services. protected services
    • Delegating SLA Members of group foo can consume X times service A or service B Service A Service B Client side SLA coordinated across services
    • Business Logic Delegation
      • Distribution of responsibilities between applications and infrastructure has shifted
      • Moving business logic to infrastructure enables more loosely coupled systems
      • Centralization of policies enables governance
      • Authentication
      • Authorization
      • SLA
      • Validation
      • Encryption
      • Transformation
    • SecureSpan Solution Advantages, Differentiators
      • Sophisticated policy language enables complex governance requirements
      • Available as hardware appliance and as software
      • Quick deployment, ease of use
      • Extensible through java APIs
      • Instant policy application (no service downtime)
      • Standards based
      • Industry leadership
    • Layer 7 SecureSpan XML VPN Application or ESB Services XML VPN proxy component XML VPN downloads WS-Policy document applicable to service being invoked and decorates outgoing messages on behalf of requester.
    • SecureSpan and JavaCaps ESOA Foundation
      • SecureSpan and JavaCaps complement themselves to provide the foundation of your Enterprise SOA
      • Use each products’ strengths, rely on standards based integration mechanisms.
      • ex:
      • Use SecureSpan for:
      • Zone/Transport bridging
      • XML intensive processing
      • Centralized policy enforcement
      • Use jCaps for:
      • Adapters
      • Service composition
      • Messaging infrastructure
    • Zone bridging DMZ
      • SecureSpan Gateway used as an edge device bridging secured zones
      • Routing
      • Transport mapping
      • Synchronous to asynchronous handling
      • Access control
      • Managing trust relationships
      • Threat protection
      • Throttling
      • Outgoing security decorations
    • ESB Co-Processor Pattern ESB SecureSpan used as a service endpoint
      • Delegation to specialized co processor:
      • Content validation
      • XML digital signature
      • XML encryption
      • SLA
      • XML transformation
    • STS Pattern SecureSpan used as an STS integrating with SUN Access Manager issuing security tokens and SAML statements for JavaCaps requesting process Access Manager ESB Decoupled identity management and token issuing
    • Thank you For SUN+Layer 7 info, visit http://www.sun.com/layer7