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APIs - A State of the Union - Defrag 2013 Keynote, Ross Garrett Layer 7 Director of Product Marketing

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Trust No One: The New Security Model for Web APIs – Ross Garrett, Director of Product Marketing, Layer 7 …

Trust No One: The New Security Model for Web APIs – Ross Garrett, Director of Product Marketing, Layer 7
Tuesday November 5 – Keynote Stage Defrag Conference

Layer 7 was a co-sponsor (with CA Technologies) of Defrag 2013 at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado. Defrag is one of the premiere thought-leadership conferences where industry influencers gather to discuss what's coming next in technology.

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  • •External developer ecosystem (SaaS developer, LoB focus, monetization expertise)
    •Internal developer ecosystem (on-premise portal, ALM integration)
    •BaaS & Mobile Enablement (support for cloud orchestration, backend adaptation, developer facing APIs, security, …)
    •Cloud Brokerage (connectivity to SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …)
    •SOA2API Transformation & Rearchietcture (bridge internal arch with external arch)
    •B2B (support additional transports)
    •IoT (add device level support, MoM capabilities)
    •Big Data (data aggregation and distribution)
  • •Start-ups
    •Web Teams
    •Central IT Shared Services
    •Corporate Strategy Groups
  • •Emphasis on scale
    •Emphasis of security
    •Emphasis on monetization
    •Emphasis on flexibility
    •Emphasis on ease of use
  • •All SaaS
    •All on-premise
    •Either or 
  • The enterprise is remaking itself into a platform that developers can experiment and innovate on. Every IT layer from data to application to infrastructure to network is becoming service enabled and software defined through APIs. This will usher in a new period of innovation as developers both inside and outside the enterprise gain access to the core building blocks that define an organization. This will speed experimentation and speed innovation as they construct new mashups leveraging the full range of software defined assets. 
  • Data powers the cloud, mobile, IoT and analysis. Unlocking the value of data will depend on effectively being able to extract the data form diverse data sources, cleansing it, processing it and distributing it to the applications and users where it can find it's greatest value. APIs are pipes that can connect Internet distributed sources with processing intermediaries and end applications.
  • APIs will become the universal abstraction layer separating legacy backend databases, applications and IT services from the growing number of app consumer technologies likeWeb, cloud, mobile. APIs will be in the middle and it a new class of API middleware will emerge to enable, secure, integrate and orchestrate API centered systems and clients together


  • 1. APIs A State of the Union Ross Garrett Ross.Garrett@ca.com | @gssor
  • 2. APIs are more important than ever
  • 3. We continue to see huge growth in API adoption
  • 4. For many startups and disrupters, APIs are the very core of their product
  • 5. For most other organizations, APIs are the leading edge of innovation
  • 6. And even things are controlled by APIs these days
  • 7. And this has triggered a wave of investment and consolidation
  • 8. Within this growth we start to see technology segmentation…
  • 9. Naturally leading to buyer segmentation…
  • 10. Affinity Segmentation…
  • 11. Delivery Segmentation…
  • 12. Yet, we can realize these diverse requirements via a single product
  • 13. API Management Platforms
  • 14. So what can we expect from the future of APIs? http://www.tradingacademy.com/resources/financial-education-center/financial-images.aspx
  • 15. Software Defined Everything • The Enterprise is remaking itself as a platform • Every layer from application to infrastructure is service enabled • Software Defined = API Driven http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmorton/2446443103/in/set-72157604766108671
  • 16. Data is the New Oil • Big-Data is powering a revolution • Could data become a tradable commodity? • APIs are the Pipeline http://www.flickr.com/photos/toffehoff/4208723645/
  • 17. A Fabric of Connected Devices • Home automation is only scratching the surface • Smart City initiatives spanning security, healthcare and transportation • APIs are needed to standardize integration and data exchange http://www.flickr.com/photos/46267286@N07/8705867109/
  • 18. But there are still key architectural drivers for APIs…
  • 19. API Oriented Architecture • APIs become the universal abstraction layer • Providing a bridge across the hybrid enterprise • The new Service Delivery Paradigm http://www.flickr.com/photos/toffehoff/4208723645/
  • 20. Thank-you!