Layer 7 Securespan Case Study with Autoscout24 Webservices


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This is a use case for Layer 7 Securespan Gateway from Autoscout24. Since 1998, the best-known online car market in Germany offers private customers, car dealers and other partners in the automotive, finance and insurance industries a comprehensive platform for trading cars on the Internet.

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Layer 7 Securespan Case Study with Autoscout24 Webservices

  1. 1. www.autoscout24.comCase StudyAutoScout24 WebservicesBerlin | 05.10.2010 | Martin Ströbele
  2. 2. SpeakerMartin StröbeleTeam Leader Business Integration Team Leader within Product Management department Product Owner within Scrum Team „Business Integration“Seite 2 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  3. 3. Agenda AutoScout24 Company Portrait Target Groups for Webservices Use Case Layer7 SecureSpanSeite 3 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  4. 4. AutoScout24Company PortraitAutoScout24 – EVERYTHING„S CAR HERE.*13 million users in Germany a year, 1.8 millionvehicles on offer, more than 300 million virtual carinspections – AutoScout24 is Europe-wide thelargest online car marketplace.Involved in the markets in 18 countries, and with37,000 member dealers, AutoScout24 is present inall the main markets in Europe.*Translation, original claim reads: “HIER IST ALLES AUTO.”Seite 4 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  5. 5. AutoScout24Company PortraitAutoScout24 – EVERYTHING„S CAR HERE.*Since 1998, the best-known online car market inGermany offers private customers, car dealersand other partners in the automotive, financeand insurance industries a comprehensiveplatform for trading cars on the Internet.On AutoScout24, users find both car offers aswell as all necessary information about cars inthe AutoScout24 magazine and on theinformation platform AutoWissen24.*Translation, original claim reads: “HIER IST ALLES AUTO.”Seite 5 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  6. 6. AutoScout24Facts and FiguresHead Office MunichFounding Year 1998, then as MasterCar AG wholly-owned subsidiary of Scout24 Holding GmbHCorporate Structure (part of Deutsche Telekom AG since 2004)Seite 6 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  7. 7. AutoScout24Corporate Structure Parent Company Holding Belgium Netherlands Verticals France Spain Italy RussiaSeite 7 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  8. 8. AutoScout24Market Presence Involved in the markets in 18 countries, AutoScout24 is present in all the main markets in Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, CZ. Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, RussiaSeite 8 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  9. 9. AutoScout24Portal Cooperations in Germany IT-LösungenSeite 9 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  10. 10. www.autoscout24.comTarget Groupsfor Webservices
  11. 11. 3 layers of cooperationThere are 3 types of cooperation partners 3rd party 3rd party: Registered partner after acceptance of terms / conditions Developers Automotive Dealers and their suppliers Education 2nd party 2nd party: Individual contract with partner External development partners Marketing coops 1st party: AS24 peripheral tools 1st party Mobile Apps Car Portal CMSSeite 11 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  12. 12. Webservice ConnectionsAccess points • client administration, registration • terms / conditions • SDK, Docu • 1st level Support 3rd party • individual access profiles • freq cap per client • global access limit • logging 2nd party AS24 1st party APISeite 12 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  13. 13. www.autoscout24.comUse CaseLayer7 SecureSpan
  14. 14. RequirementsPartners Services Partner 1 Partner 2 Partner 3 Partner 4Administer partner accounts:Define access profilesEnable Product Manager to setup accountsAccess profiles on 3 layers:ServicesMethodsFieldsDefine Service Level per partnerFreqency quoata (x requests per s / min / h / d)Log service usage, enable billingSeite 14 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  15. 15. SolutionPartnersEndpoints „Policies:“ Access profiles AD Service levelsAS24 webservicesSeite 15 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  16. 16. Questions?Seite 16 | AutoScout24 Webservices | Martin Ströbele
  17. 17. www.autoscout24.comThanks for your attention!contact:AutoScout24 GmbH Fon: +49 89 450990-717Rosenheimer Str. 143 b Email: martin@stroebele.biz81671 München URL: