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Draft presentation for SXSW Interactive 2013 Panel Picker

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Geeks v people sxsw

  1. 1. Geeks v. The People SOCIAL OR ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA? B Y B O B W AT T S S O C I A L M E D I A C O N S U LTA N T AND POWER USERDisclaimer: This presentation is the personalopinion of the author and does not represent the position of any of the organizations for which he works or volunteers.
  2. 2. Geeks v. The People
  3. 3. Geeks v. The People
  4. 4. Geeks v. The People Developers Engineers Managers Lawyers
  5. 5. Geeks v. The PeopleEverett Rogers’ Bell Curve
  6. 6. Geeks v. The People Innovations! Now old girlfriends know everything you’re doingPlatform that ate all your other Google tools Promoted Tweets, at the top of the search, blocking results (esp. annoying while live tweeting an event)
  7. 7. Geeks v. The People Life in the Cloud Where is my stuff, Who’s got it, and What are they doing with it?
  8. 8. Geeks v. The People My targeted Facebook Ads: - Democratic Party - Jewish daily news mag - A shooting game! Which one would I want? (Already using it or don’t want it.)
  9. 9. Geeks v. The People“Diggs v4 release on August 25, 2010, wasmarred by site-wide bugs and glitches. Diggusers reacted with hostile verbal opposition…” - Wikipedia article on Digg
  10. 10. Geeks v. The People Press Release July 2012Facebook Plummets; Google+ Strong inAmerican Customer Satisfaction IndexLinkedIn, Pinterest, Disappoint; Increases Lead Among News Sites
  11. 11. State Department internal network
  12. 12. Geeks v. The People Closing the Gulf between Geeks and My Mom (page in Progress) Better user testing Different funding models Better interoperability of platforms More transparent, plain-language privacy policies and settings
  13. 13. Geeks v. The People About the speaker: Bob Watts, Annandale, VA Retired 2010 from U.S. State Department Foreign Service, in lastF FS position Chief of Division of Office of eDiplomacy managingternal social media. State Department internal social media. Currently consultant on social media outreach and training, Information Resources Management Bureau Social Media Mgr.Manage @eDipAtState Twitter account, promote external awareness of eDiplomacy.Current Director of New Media, 20 K member int’l Federation of Jewish Men’s ClubsWebmaster, Seaboard Region of Federation of Jewish Men’s ClubsPresented at SXSW Interactive 2012 “Building a Jewish Presence on Social Media” Contact Twitter @rmwatts e-mail: