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I’ve been using, teaching, and evangelizing about jQuery for years. The library's simplicity is seductive; after a while, it kind of writes itself. So why did I venture into the unknown world of ...

I’ve been using, teaching, and evangelizing about jQuery for years. The library's simplicity is seductive; after a while, it kind of writes itself. So why did I venture into the unknown world of Dojo for a recent project? Find out what I learned about JavaScript code organization, inheritance, dependency management, and more in a whirlwind beginner's tour of a toolkit that answers some of the big questions surrounding JavaScript development.



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Dojo Confessions Dojo Confessions Presentation Transcript

  • Dojo Confessions Rebecca Murphey @rmurphey Developer Day 2010, Durham, NC
  • 2007 I jQuer y! “Youʼll wonder why you ever considered another library.” – “Choosing jQuery,” blog.rebeccamurphey.com, December 3, 2007
  • + +
  • 2009
  • Classes & Inheritance
  • Abstract APIs for Common Tasks
  • “Templating makes your life so much ${yourStringHere}!” Templates + Caching + String Interning
  • Consistency across Components
  • Dependency Management & Build Tools
  • Backcompat Guarantee
  • Room to Grow
  • B u t I u e ry!!1 ! jQ DISCLAIMER: This presentation contains a comparison of toys. In the pursuit of fairness, we have included only toys that are members of the Toy Hall of Fame. The following slides are not meant to disparage or celebrate any particular toy in any particular way. No JavaScript libraries have been hurt in the performance of this presentation. We hope.
  • jQuery
  • Dojo
  • $(function(){ loadImages("interesting"); $("#sidebar h1").click(function(){ setTag(this); }); $("a#addlist").click(function(){ this.blur(); var tagname = prompt("Enter a tag to search Flickr for photos.",""); if (!tagname) return; $("div#sidebar") .append("<h1>"+tagname+"</h1>") .find("h1:last-child") .click(function(){ setTag(this); }); setTag($("div#sidebar h1:last-child")); }); $("a#removelist").click(function(){ jQuery: Node-focused this.blur(); if ($("div#sidebar h1.active").text() == "Interesting Photos") return; $("div#sidebar h1.active").remove(); setTag($("div#sidebar h1:last-child")); }); }); function loadImages(tag){ $.getJSON("http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?tags="+tag +"&tagmode=any&format=json&jsoncallback=?", function(data){ $.each(data.items, function(i,item){ img = new Image(); img.src = item.media.m;
  • dojo.provide('Flickr.SearchTerm'); dojo.require('dijit._Widget'); dojo.require('dijit._Templated'); dojo.require('dojox.data.FlickrRestStore'); dojo.declare('Flickr.SearchTerm', [ dijit._Widget, dijit._Templated ], { templateString : '<h1>${term}</h1>', store : new dojox.data.FlickrRestStore(), constructor : function(config) { this.term = config.term; }, postCreate : function() { // listen for instructions to show the term d.subscribe('/term/show', this, '_show'); // send instructions to show the term when clicked this.connect(this.domNode, 'click', function() { d.publish('/term/show', [ this.term ]); Dojo: Component-focused }); }, _show : function(term) { // we can receive /term/show messages from any SearchTerm. // look to see if this one is related to this SearchTerm; // if not, set this SearchTerm as inactive if (term != this.term) { this.active = false; dojo.removeClass(this.domNode, 'active'); return;
  • omg wtf?
  • “It’s just JavaScript.” – Peter Higgins, Dojo project lead
  • • dflick: evolving flickr tag search fun • transformers: pub/sub deathmatch
  • I STI LL jQuer y! Tell me more!
  • • twitterverse example app (github.com/ phiggins42/twitterverse/) • Dojo: The Definitive Guide (OʼReilly) • docs.dojocampus.org • api.dojotoolkit.org • the code!
  • jQ ue ry I EVER !!1! 4
  • • JavaScript MVC (esp. Controller) • Custom events • jQuery pub/sub • pinboard.in/u:rmurphey/t:code-org/
  • Thanks. www.rebeccamurphey.com @rmurphey http://pinboard.in/u:rmurphey/t:dojo/