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Dialogic communcation
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Dialogic communcation



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Dialogic Communcation
    How to get the most out of group meetings
  • 2. Everyone has been in that group where one person bossed around the others in order to get the job done.
  • 3. In order for a group to successfully share ideas and move towards finishing their project, each member should have equal voice and be open to new ideas.
  • 4. Such a process is known as
  • 5. Whereas when one person takes control and communicates, it is known as an “I-IT” method….
    …in dialogic communication, everyone in the group communicates in an “I-THOU” method
  • 6. There are 6 characteristics of an “I-Thou” relationship, according to Richard Johanesen
  • 7. Mutual Openness
    Everyone shares their ideas
  • 8. 2. Nonmanipulative
    No one tries to force their ideas down the other peoples’ throats
  • 9. 3. Recognition of Uniqueness
    Realization that everyone’s ideas are different and can bring something new to the project
  • 10. 4. Mutual confirmationEven if someone does not have a good idea, they are given their say and taken seriously
  • 11. 5. Turning Toward
    If the ideas presented are not the same, common ground is found and compromises are made
  • 12. 6. Nonevaluativeness
    Group members are to see the others’ point of view, despite possible difference in opinion
  • 13. So who can use this theory??
    Interpersonal and organizational communication
    2.Public Relations
    3. Anyone who is stuck in another group project.
  • 14. Have I wasted my time by reading this?
    It’s entirely possible, but nowadays, more and more projects are group-oriented, not just at school, but in the working world. When you find yourself in these situations, you now know a better way to brainstorm and move forward with your work.
  • 15. Is Dialogic Communication Bulletproof?
    Like every theory, there are holes. I think that there should be a central figure in every project, just so the group is better organized. That being said, the best groups are the ones where everyone contributes to the final product.
  • 16. The Future of Dialogic Communication
    We’ve talked a lot about this theory in regards to group projects, but it can also help companies with their public relations.
  • 17. If companies can receive consumer feedback in a dialogic way, the consumer will feel a stronger connection to that company and is more inclined to continue using said company.
  • 18. With the invention of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, companies are creating easier avenues for information to and feedback from consumers.
  • 19. So when you’re dealing with a lot of sh*t in your group, just remember to keep it “I-THOU” and remember the 6 steps to keep the airwaves open….
    … and that candlesticks always make a nice gift.
  • 20. …now let’s go get two.
    *apologies to anyone who has never seen Bull Durham