Agile Process Framework Sprint Activities


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Gives an overview on Agile development model for two weeks sprint plan.

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Agile Process Framework Sprint Activities

  1. 1. Daily Scrum Meeting – 15 MinutesSprint Planning Sprint Review Meeting Meeting Commit Story PB PB Retrosp workshop Priority Demo ective 1 2 Review ProductThe Product The Product The Product The Product User sits The Team Owner The SMOwner Owner sits Owner Owner sits with the decompose communica facilitatespresents with the spends 5%- with the Team, SM s the high tes thethe high- users to 15% of his user to and PO to priority commitmen meeting.priority, write User time with review the review the stories, into t to The Teamhigh risk Stories the team to updated PB. functionalit tasks and stakeholder identifiesstories that Product review the Product y delivered estimates s at end of whatthe team Owner and PB. Team Owner & in the them in Planning worked &do. The User review revises and User review Sprint. hours. The Meeting 2. what didn’tSprint starts current assigns and Changes team Sprint work andat the end backlog and story point prioritize may come commits to backlog is adjustsof this update as estimates backlog for the next the work. built at this itself.meeting. needed to PB. items. Sprint point. Day 1- Day 1- After Day 5-8 Day 12 Meeting Day 8-10 Day 10 Day 12 2Hrs 2Hrs 1-3 Hrs 1-2 Hrs 1&2 2-4 Hrs 2 Hrs 1.5 Hrs Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue wed Thu Fri
  2. 2. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatSun Mon Tue Wed Thu FriDay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Activity Product Backlog Backlog Prioritization Review Meeting Team Meeting 1 Meeting 2 Story Workshop Review RetrospectiveCadence Every 2nd Monday Every 2nd Wednesday Every 2nd Friday Every 2nd Friday at Sprint Start Days 2‐5 of each Sprint of each Sprint of each Sprint at Sprint End Sprint EndTime 5% ‐ 15% of 2Hr 1.5Hr 1.5Hr 2Hr 2Hr As NeededDuration Team TimeOwner Product Owner Scrum Master Product Owner Product Owner Product Owner Team Scrum MasterAttendees Team, Product Product Owner, Team, Product Team, ScrumMaster Team, Product Owner, Product Owner, Owner, Stakeholders Owner,ScrumMas Team, ScrumMaster Scrum Master Stakeholders ScrumMaster ter, Stakeholders The Product Owner The team decomposes While the team is working, In this informal The Product Owner In this meeting, This meeting is for presents to the team the stories requested by the biz analyst is meeting meeting, the presents the the team presents the team the highest business the product owner into with stakeholders to Product Owner prioritized list to the the completed to review what value, high risk stories tasks and estimates them prioritize the work backlog, shows the team the stakeholders, work that it worked and that the stakeholders in hours. The sprint add any new work latest work backlog reviewing the updated committed to what didnt work HOLIDAY requested backlog is built by the requests, and document and the proposed release plan and most completing at the for it over the Outputs Activities team. The Scrum Master requirements. priority. This important work that beginning of the Sprint. It will decide facilitates and provides Information gathered in happens so that the will be presented to Sprint. The goal is what refinements, if guidance as needed. these sessions will be team has time to the team in the reviewed, the any, it will make eligible for work in put forethought upcoming Planning 1 work is reviewed moving forward on following iterations into the upcoming meeting on Monday and comments the project. Inspect work requests and are heard. Any & adapt. also identify areas new changes are for groupings with added to the the biz analyst. Product Backlog and prioritized after the meeting. The team has a clear The team presents the The Product Owner will The Product Owner Review of the The team will understanding of the Product Owner with the keep the Product Backlog has a clear goal, the work collect what work that is work it believes it can up to date, and clear, with understanding of completed to worked, what needed by the business commit to for the sprint. the highest risk, highest the estimated work achieve the goal needed and can The Product Owner priority work items as time for the new and, if needed, improvement and begin decomposing it in communicates needed by the business. requirements and the work queued an action plan. the commitment to has adjusted any for release to Sprint Backlog. stakeholders at end of other requirements production as planning meeting 2 in the Product determined by Backlog. This results the stakeholders in an updated and Product release plan. Owner.