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business ethics report on stakeholder analysis in health sector

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Ethix final

  1. 1. Group members• Malik Ahmed Bilal• Rohail Mahmood Siddique• Rana Bilal Ahmed• Atif Raza
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction & Nursing staff Nishtar DOCTORS & SWOT and hospital PATIENTS Analysis environmental comparison analysis
  3. 3. STAKEHOLDER ANALYSISW.R.T. BUSINESS ETHICSAND CSR• The stakeholder theory is a theory of organizational management and business ethics that addresses morals and values in managing an organization. A stakeholder Approach, and identifies and models the groups which are stakeholders of a corporation, and both describes and recommends methods by which management can give due regard to the interests of those group.Types of stakeholders are:• Primary stakeholders: are those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively by an organizations actions.• Secondary stakeholders: are the ‘intermediaries’, that is, persons or organizations who are indirectly affected by an organizations actions.• Key stakeholders: (who can also belong to the first two groups) have significant influence upon or importance within an organization.
  4. 4. The City Hospital• The establishment of the City Hospital Multan heralds a bright new era for the citizens of South Punjab, especially the residents of the Multan.• Objectives of City Hospital are to provide a tertiary level patient care and serve as referral hospital also to conduct teaching/ training of doctors and other health workers at various levels in the field of medicine and surgery.
  6. 6. STRENGHTS• Latest Facilities• New Therapies• Loyal to Patient• Hygienic Environment• Efficient Management• Merit selection
  7. 7. WEAKNESSES• Expensive• Serious patients• Emergency• CSR• Parking facility
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES• Expansion• Coordination of Services• Out Patient Services• Address local needs• Environmental Friendly
  9. 9. THREATS• NEW TECHNOLOGY• highly educated doctors• new hospitals• cheaper rates• chain competitors• inflation rate
  11. 11. • It is the process of identifying the individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by a proposed action• Primary stakeholders• Secondary stakeholders
  12. 12. Stakeholders of HOSPITAL• owners• Doctors• Patients• Nursing staff• Environment
  13. 13. Owners OF CITY• Rights• DUTY
  14. 14. DOCTORS & PATIENTS By Rohail Mahmood Siddique
  15. 15. Doctors Doctors
  16. 16. List of Specialists• Cardiac Surgeon• Child specialties• Eye Specialists• Cardiologist• Plastic Surgeon• Ultrasound Specialist
  17. 17. List Of Specialists• Orthopedic Surgeons• Gynecologist• General Surgeons• General Physician• Urologist
  18. 18. Doctors in city HospitalsCity Hospital has doctors in two forms• Consultants Doctors• Employees Doctors
  19. 19. Consultants• Rights of Consultants• Duties of Consultants• Analysis of consultants in City Hospital
  20. 20. Employees• Rights of Employee Doctors• Duties of Employee Doctors• Analysis of Employee Doctors in City Hospital
  21. 21. Patients
  22. 22. Patients• Rights of Patients• Duties of Patients
  23. 23. Patients in City Hospital• Analysis in City Hospital• Ethical Dilemma
  24. 24. Article :Including OrganizationalEthics in Policy Review Processesin Healthcare Institutions: A Viewfrom Canada• There are number of challenges associated with transition from clinical to organizational ethics, especially in policy review, Operational challenges required the ethics committee to develop strategies such as targeting education and lobbying .There is also a challenge of moving organizational ethics from theoretical concept to in reality. So it is the duty of ethics committee to strategically manage and follow the instruction to overcome challenges in health sector.
  25. 25. Nursing staff andEnvironmental analysis By Rana Bilal Ahmed
  26. 26. QUALITIES of a good nurse• Qualification&training• Communication skills• Watchfulness• Emotional stability• Stress management
  27. 27. Continued….• Empathy& kindness• Flexibility• Physical endurance• Respectful attitude• Active& cheerful
  28. 28. A View at their work inhospital• Shifts of nurses• Proper co ordination• Training & recruitment• Behavior of nurses
  29. 29. Continued…Advantages given to nurses:• Seniority based• Special leaves• Maternity leaves• Half time• Free medication & discounts
  30. 30. Continued..• Common complaints by patients• Responsibilities of record keeping• Other qualities• conclusion
  31. 31. Environmental and healthissues in Hospital• Environmental pollution• Medical devices• Hospital waste• Occupational health and safety issues
  32. 32. BUILDING City hospital in MULTAN follows guidelines to maintain a balance between effective infection controls and a good ecological environment.• Construction and renovation activities• Infrastructure• Level of cleanliness
  33. 33. waste management• Significant task• Building designs• EPP[environmentally preferable purchasing]
  34. 34. Waste managementstrategies City hospital emphasis on thoughtful segregation and guidance form the ‘3 R s’: Reduce Reuse recycle
  35. 35. Disposal of wastage in cityhopital• Environment protection department• Incinerators• Hospital waste baskets – Red basket – White basket – Green basket
  36. 36. Environmental friendlypurchasing• Product choices• Health care• EPP[environmental preferable purchasing]
  37. 37. Article Stakeholder analysis: Areview: By Ruairi burgha andzsuzsa• This article basically puts emphasis on importance of stakeholders in health they influence decision making processes. of late it has become a trend that stakeholders analysis or reference to stakeholder is of authoritative importance before taking an crucial one can say that it has become a bit of a decision making tool. The important distinction in its use as a policy tool is whether it seeks to facilitate the implementation of a specific pre- determined policy or policy direction as used within political mapping or as an historical and concurrent analysis to evaluate how policies have developed and feasibility of different other policy options. This tool proves to be quite handy in every single situation.
  38. 38. Atif Raza MBE-10-60Comparison with NISHTAR Hospital
  39. 39. Duties and rights of thehospital• There are three main duties of the Nishtar hospital which are given below:  To serve people  To produce new doctors and paramedics  To save life of the people • Right of the hospital – To research and developing the new techniques of teaching – Providing health care facilities – Safety and security – Government support
  40. 40. Stakeholders of NISHTARhospital The main stakeholders of Nishtar hospital are given below: – Professors – Doctors – Administration – Patients – environment
  41. 41. DOCTORS• From professor to paramedics are all included• In Nishtar, Doctors fulfilling their duties well but their rights are exploited in some issues like salary issues by Government. And according to the doctors they deserve more salary due to the increased number of patients day by day and hospital facilitations are not up to the mark like if we compare with city hospital. Another dilemma about the doctors is that for promotions and scale raise they have to use political reference and influence.
  42. 42. Duties and rights of DoctorsDuties of the doctors: Be humble and polite toward patients. Be sympathetic and polite toward patients. They have duty to serve the patients first who are in critical conditions. They should be there on time.Rights of the doctors: Equipment’s Respect Supported staff Patients all required information Proper environment
  43. 43. Nurses of Nishtar hospital• Nurses of the hospital can be classifying on the bases of their specialties Students Staff nurses Sisters Superintendents
  44. 44. Duties and Rights of NursesDuties• They should be caring for patients• Give the required medicines to patients on time• They have to follow the orders of the doctors• They have to ensure all the duty requirement written in descriptionRights• Cooperation by doctors and patients• Emergency leaves.• Proper environment• Shift changing• Salary• Harassment safety rights
  45. 45. PatientsDuties• It is a patient duty to cooperate with staff and doctors• They have to behave well in case of emergency• Follow all the instructions of the hospitals• Provide necessary documents and fill all the documentsRights• It is patient right to treat well and doctors to check and ensure medication• It is a patient right not to coerce them because it is a government non-profit organization so there is danger toward security of patients and in case of any mishap organizations sometimes doesn’t take responsibility.
  46. 46. Environement and wastedisposal – At some extent they are responsible toward environment because most of the government organizations show negligence toward environment and society – They have a staff of incinerators who dispose of the surgical waste by burn it in disposal areas. – Follow the instructions of World Health Organization (WHO). – Nishtar hospital have contract with contractor of disposal or if any issue arises with respect to the disposal and environment basically a consult department of waste is responsible then according to the waste committee. – Pak Italian waste acid burn program a new project coming soon.
  47. 47. Social welfare departmentand bait-ul-mal• There is social and human development welfare department in Nishtar hospital running by Punjab Government.• They morally help the needy patients and support them in financial issues• Also include donors volunteers NGO’s
  48. 48. Conclusion of analysis• At the end we can say there is major difference between city and nishtar hospital because of private and government concerns toward ethics and stakeholders interest. But due to some reasons they have to move the serious patients toward Nishtar hospital because of risk of life of patients.• As city hospital is profit organization so they are more toward ethics and stakeholders interest.• City hospital is now move toward CSR but they have less focus on greenery like planting in compare with Nishtar hospital they have an edge of government building.
  49. 49. Conclusion of analysis• Government organizations are more toward Social responsibilities because most of the NGO’S work with the Government hospitals.• Environment in city hospital is very excellent as compared to the Nishtar hospital because it is private owned hospital and they may care for that ,in Nishtar when we talk about environment sometimes it can raise some question like electricity issues, obsolete equipment and machinery etc.
  50. 50. THE END
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