Let us protect our children
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Let us protect our children






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    Let us protect our children Let us protect our children Presentation Transcript

    • An honest initiative to gift a beautiful childhood to all the children of the world
    •  The news of child sexual abuse is becoming a commonevent. How can we allow something like this to happen to aninnocent child? Let us all come together & put an end to thisgrowing menace of child abuse.We all have an awesomeresponsibility to gift a beautiful world to our children.
    •  I strongly feel, we need a holistic solution to end this abuse.It will not be enough, if schools alone improve their securitystandards. Everyone has to come together. Everyone –You, Me, the Government, Police, Media,Schools, Colleges, Social Organisations, Society, etc mustcome together and play our part to gift a beautiful childhoodto our children, uninterrupted by any perverts.
    •  There is anger all around and let us channelize our anger inthe direction, where we have more control.Yes, let us travelan extra mile in protecting our children. Few suggestions on how we can travel an extra mile inprotecting our children...
    •  It is said that a pervert, a thief or a terrorist always test his watersbefore doing the act. Most of the time, when anyone is molestedor exploited, a pervert has confirmed himself that the child can beexploited. So, the child may know that something is going wrongbut doesn’t know what it is. It is very important that we have asharing environment at home. The child doesn’t share, if you just ask them to share. But the childvoluntarily shares, if he or she finds the parents sharing even thesmallest of things. Let the child see parents sharing & that will givethe comfort zone for the child to share everything which ishappening in his or her life.
    •  Complaining is considered as a bad habit. But when the childcomplains of anything, don’t ignore it. I have seen parents saying that ‘Don’t bring your complaints tome’. Actually, what they are meaning is, ‘Don’t bring yourcomplaints when you are playing with your friends’. But what thechild understands is, ‘My parents are asking me not to share anycomplaints or problems’. Since, you repeatedly state this, the childwill have concerns to share her complaints of exploitation or evensome personal difficulties, which she is going through. When a child shares or complains, listen to the complaint and thengive your answer. Demonstrate compassion to the child & don’t bejudgemental. Let the child be comfortable of sharing orcomplaining anything to you.
    •  Who is a pervert? It is very difficult to find out. But, afterplaying with someone or after coming home, if the child is abit unusual or silent, don’t ignore that message. Hold thechild close to your arms & try to understand what hashappened. Never allow the child to go to someone’s house,where he or she was uncomfortable.
    •  As we don’t know, who is going to exploit the child, let us beproactive in protecting our child a bit more. Maybe, anovercoat or an additional pant along with the skirt can help.As we don’t dare to cross the traffic signal, even if oneconstable is standing, similarly, for the child, an overcoat oran additional pant can play the role of a constable inprotecting the child.
    •  Let us not grow our children as timid souls. Let us teachthem to be courageous. Let us train them to stand up forwhat they believe is right.Tell them, it is ok to scream &shout, if something goes wrong.Today, we purchase cars,with an inbuilt mechanism of making loud noises, whensomeone else tries to take it. Our children need this inbuiltmechanism. Let us encourage the child to speak up.
    •  Introduce the child to a Higher Force in the early childhood.The higher force could be God or Universe or Nature orTruthor Principles or Standpoints or a Cause. It could be anything,which can carry the child along. It is very true that negativeforces tend to find it difficult to come close to an energycarried by a Higher Force.When HE is always there toprotect us, then why to underutilise Him.Teach the child toembrace God.
    •  As I stated in the beginning, let us all come together. Let usdo our part & do extra to gift a beautiful childhood & as wellas a beautiful world to our children. It is a time to cometogether. Let everyone –You, Me, Government, Police, Media,Schools, Colleges, Social Organisations, Society, etc cometogether and collaborate to end this menace of child abuse. Come, let us begin.
    •  This article is an honest attempt to reiterate - Let us do ourpart by gifting a beautiful childhood as well as a beautifulworld to our children.In deepest gratitudeRM. Saravanan RM. Saravanan is the author of the books - ‘RevealYour Genius’ & ‘TheWinning Edge’ He can be reached at www.revealyourgenius.co.in orwww.buildingthefreshers.blogspot.in orrmsaravanan1000@gmail.com