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Graded unit presentation
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Graded unit presentation


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Published in: Education

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  • I liked the simplicity of the bottom website but I wanted to stay away from black. The top website just seems like a generic Co-op website and I doesn’t really jump out as such.
  • I don’t like the colour scheme on the top website as it is quite dull and generic looking but has a lot of useful material on it. The bottom website is my preferred website, it has a nice, peacful feel about it and I really like the colour scheme.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hillview Funeral Services
      Robyn Morgan
      Graded Unit 1
      HNC Computer Arts and Digital Design
    • 2. Brief
      You are required to produce advertising concepts for Hillview Funeral Services, a reliable and local business who would like to update their advertising material. The new style should be sophisticated and classy and must be appropriate to the type of business it is.
      Consider the target audience and from the wide range of different media available choose a creative route which you best think suites the message and information you are trying to communicate.
      Words described by the Hillview Funeral Services team – peaceful ambiance.
    • 3. Requirements
      Must use Hillview’s original logo material and slogan – ‘where caring comes first’ but I am allowed to change the layout of the logo.
      I am going to produce –
    • Aims
      The main aim of this project is to inject new life in to the business, attract new customers who would otherwise use a competitor and encourage more people to take out pre-payment plans and prepare for the future. As well as to advertise their services to the specific target market.
      Target audience – 50+
    • 6. Research
      For my research I looked at other funeral businesses websites for inspiration.
    • 7. Research
    • 8. Colour
      I spoke with Hillview and they stated there preferred colour schemes were reds or blues.
      I decided on using blues, red is a colour that evokes strong emotions. Although associated with warmth and comfort, it is also sometimes linked with violence and anger, which I did not find appropriate.
      Blue is associated with peace, trust and serenity.
    • 9. Typography
      Because of the business type I can not be too adventurous with the typography but I did experiment a lot with different fonts with different colours.
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
      Hillview Funeral Services
    • 10. Implemented skills
      I have used skills I learned in the previous units in my project:
      • Web design - website
      • 11. Video Project – slide show of pictures/audio
      • 12. Photography – photographs for website
      • 13. Digital Imaging – editing photographs/business card/leaflet
    • Business card
      Hillviews original business card
      Different layouts
      Preferred layout
    • 14. Business card
      I liked the cream/off-white background but once I printed it out it did not look the same on screen.
      I showed my client my two separate layouts and we discussed what they preferred and what one would work best.
    • 15. Business card
      Although they liked this design, they thought it was not as easy to read the slogan as the other.
      My final business card design
      Change name to blue
    • 16. Leaflet
    • 17. Leaflet
    • 18. Web Design
    • 19. Web design
      Some of my photographs taken for my website – Gallery and Video slideshow
    • 20. Evaluation
      • Interpretation of a brief
      • 21. Independent learning
      • 22. Managing a project
      • 23. Liaison with a real client
      • 24. Work to a deadline
      • 25. Put previous skills learned in other projects
      • 26. Learning new skills in audio/voice-over
      • 27. adapting skills in adobe packages
      Strengths –
      • Working closely with a client
      • 28. Leaflet and business card
      • 29. Designing suitably for the business type
      Weaknesses –
      • Website
      • 30. Working to deadline
    • Evaluation
      Although I used the same colour palette throughout all my products to keep unity, I have used the colours in different ways and styles to make them individually unique, in keeping with the business style.
      Both myself and the client are satisfied with the overall outcome of the products, they meet the needs of the target audience, as well as marketing to a younger age group.
    • 31. That is the end of today's presentation.
      Thank You.