Proposed Technology Plan


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My proposed technology plan for CHS as part of my EDLD 5352 assignment.

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Proposed Technology Plan

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Technology Action Plan (Proposed) Columbia High SchoolIntroductionOver the course of the past five years, Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District has madesignficant gains in implementing technology throughout its schools with the goal of improvinginstruction for all students.On the campus of Columbia High School, all classrooms now possess at least one internet-connected computer loaded with Microsoft Office, a document camera, and a digital projector.The campus possesses two renovated computers labs plus another set of computers in the libraryfor student use. The campus network infrastructure has been improved with updated hardware.The software OdysseyWare is used for credit recovery. Grades and parent communication isfacilitated with the Skyward software system. Data disaggregation for local and stateassessments is facilitated with the DMAC website and document scanning system. Professionaldevelopment sessions are scheduled and logged using Eduphoria. Each of these wasimplemented with the goal of improving instruction.There is, however, more work to be done in the area of technology. A few documents helpidentify specific areas of need. They are, to name a few, the STaR chart, AEIS report, localattendance and discipline reports, and local assessment reports. These documents drive the goalsestablished in the district and campus improvement plans and the technology plan.As outlined by the improvement plans, the major educational goals are: • 90% passing on all TAKS tests in each subpopulation • 96% average daily attendance • 90% passing rate each six weeks in every subjectAs outlined in the technology plan, the the major technology goals are: • Add mobile computing labs to achieve a ratio of one lab for every five teachers • Establish a wireless network throughout the campus • Create an afterschool program for students to use internet-connected computers • Have class websites for all teachers with blogs, discussion boards, calendars, and links to educational resourcesAlthough the improvement plans do not contain specific professional development goals, theywill need to be updated to reflect the following goals: • Instruct teachers on using the DMAC system for comprehensive data disaggregation and using the data for planning • Instruct teachers how to create and maintain a class website • Instruct teachers on effective integration of technology in their subject areasPage 1
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkAdditionally, the acceptable use policy will need to be revised to accommodate the vast changesin technology.Campus Action PlanGoal: CHS administration and staff will fully integrate technology into the curriculum andinstruction; all students will have daily computer/internet access.Objective: CHS will acquire mobile computer labs for classroom use, an internet connectedcomputer lab for use during after school hours and provide teachers with the professionaldevelopment necessary to fully integrate technology into daily instruction.Activity/Strategy/Responsibility Person(s) Timeline Formative Responsible EvaluationApprove available funds for the The Columbia- August 2011 Availability ofpurchase of mobile technology Brazoria ISD (ongoing) funds forand related hardware, applicable Board of Trustees 2011-2012 (andstaff development, and other) School Yearappropriate staffOversee the implementation of Joe Longoria, 2010-2011 Progress assessedthe campus technology plan and principal School Year at Campusdelegate responsibilities to Improvementappropriate staff. Team meetings throughout the school yearApply for grants and allocate the Joe Longoria, May 2011 Records of grantsfunds for any grants received Principal; Maureen applied for and Cullen, Curriculum grants received Director; Laurie Kincannon, At-risk FacilitatorReview and revise acceptable use The Columba- Summer 2011 Successful changeagreement and cell phone/student Brazoria Board of of policy. Trustees/CHS PrincipalsEnsure that the campus is Clint Kocurek, August 2011 Successfulequipped with, and that all CBISD installation ofteachers have access to, wireless Technology wireless internet atinternet for the purpose of using Director CHSmobile labsProvide professional Maureen Cullen, August 2011 In- Attendance atdevelopment opportunities to all Director of service professionalstaff on research-based strategies Curriculum; Joe developmentto integrate technology into Longoria, CHS sessionscurrent curriculum and standards PrincipalProvide professional Maureen Cullen, August 2011 In- Attendance atdevelopment opportunities to all Director of service professionalPage 2
  3. 3. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Linkstaff on organizational, Curriculum; Joe developmentproductivity, and communication Longoria, CHS sessionssoftware (DMAC and Skyward). PrincipalProfessional Development PlanGoal: To improve technology integration in the classroom and improve the proficiency ofteachers with Web 2.0 technologies. Instruct teachers on data disaggregation systems and how touse data to drive decision making.Objective: CHS teachers will be proficient in the use of technologies to drive classroominstruction and to gather data for decision making. Professional Development Activity Facilitator(s) TimelineData gathering and analysis: Teachers Brenda Matthews, IT August 2011 In-will learn to find appropriate data Applications Specialist; Mary Serviceonline via AEIS reports and use this McCarthy, Assistant Principalinformation to drive curriculumdevelopment. Teachers will also beinstructed in the use of the DMACdata system to gather data and createreports and use that information todrive lesson plans.Web 2.0 Tools: Teachers will learn to Maureen Cullen, Curriculum August 2011 In-create and maintain a class website Director; Brenda Matthews, Serviceincluding moderating discussion IT Applications Specialistboards and chats, finding and postinglinks to educational tools and sites,posting class information includingassignments.Classroom integration of technology: Maureen Cullen, Curriculum August – DecemberTeachers will learn research-based Director; Jake Carr, 2011strategies for effectively integrating Technology Teacher; Kimtechnology in the classroom. Benien, Math Teacher; Randy Marble, Band Director; Ed Douglas, Science Teacher; Holly Spear, English TeacherAcceptable Use: Teachers will be Chris Miller, Assistant August 2011 In-updated on the new acceptable use and Principal Servicestudent technology policies and willlearn how to get students to utilizethese devices effectively in aneducational setting and how tominimize distractions.Page 3
  4. 4. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkEvaluation PlanGoal: To evaluate the progress and effectiveness on various activities and initiatives.Objective: Technology-related activities, initiatives, and programs will be evaluated todetermine their progress and effectiveness. To Be Evaluated Evaluation Tools Evaluator(s)Acquisition and distribution of funds: Grant application and status Joe Longoria,Are funds being directed appropriately records. School budget. Principal; Campus Improvement TeamData Collection/Analysis: Are teachers Lesson plans, assessment CHS Principalsusing tools to collect data and are they scores on DMAC, teacher (appraisers)using the data effectively to drive evaluationsdecision making?Teacher use of Web 2.0 tools: Are STaR chart, examination of CHS Principalsteachers creating and maintaining class teacher websites, walk-websites? Are they using blogs, throughs, parent and studentdiscussion boards, applets, and links to surveysexternal sites?Integration of technology in the STaR chart, walk-throughs, CHS Principalsclassroom: Are teachers using formal observations, studentresearch-based strategies to integrate feedback, hardware/lab sign-technology in the classroom? up sheetsAcceptable Use Policy: Are students Computer logs, walk- CHS Principals, CHSand teachers adhering to the policy? Is throughs, teacher Staffit effective? Does it need revision? feedback/surveysStudent Performance: Are students AEIS reports, failure rates, CHS Principals, CHSimproving performance in the six-weeks assessments, staffclassroom and on standardized tests? DMAC reportsPage 4