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Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
Hull kr talk 1   hydration needs
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Hull kr talk 1 hydration needs


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  • During a training session our bodies create up to 20 times more heat, than at rest
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hull KR Principle 1 To play great you must hydrate Rich M c Keating
    • 2. Part 1- Hydration needs
      • Water is part of your uniform!
      • Importance of water
        • Brain 74%
        • Muscles 75%
        • Total body is 83%
      • Fat cells can not be broken down without water
      • Mild dehydration slows metabolism by 3 %
      • Under drink over eat (thirst signal)
      • dehydration level of 2.9 percent of body fat decreased strength by 19.2%in the lower body and 7.17 in the upper body
      • 28 days without food vs 72 hours without water
    • 3. How we lose water
      • Urination- always check colour test ( hands test)
      • Sweat
      • Breathing
      • Exercise
        • Average 1 hr training session in warm environment = 1.5 Litres lost
        • Tough session on hot day= 3 L lost
        • 1lb weight loss = 1 pint of water
        • Post workout shake = 1 L
    • 4. Dehydration
      • By the time you are thirsty you have already lost 1.5- 2 L
      • 3% dehydration is considered clinically dehydrated
      • It takes over 24 hrs to become hydrated, weeks if you are chronically dehydrated.
      • Cold water is absorbed quicker than warm water, it also elevates metabolism.
      • Do not start the day with Ice cold water
    • 5. When to Drink
      • Upon awakening- 1 Litre ( drinking large volumes means it gets to work faster)
      • Training- sip every 15 minutes ( the fitter you are and the tougher the session the more you need)
      • If you become dehydrated during a session, it becomes harder to get hydrated due to slower gastric emptying. So don't get dehydrated in the first place.
      • Stress will delay gastric emptying so use psychological techniques to absorb water + nutrients
      • Between meals- .5 to 1 Litre, during meals?
      • All of the above should be done gradually over the space of a few weeks. Once at a good level it is important to maintain it. ( electrolyte balance)
    • 6. Other Fluids
      • Juices
        • Problems with Orange/ apples/ pineapple
          • High Fructose
          • High Sugar
          • Pesticide residue
          • Added chemicals
      • Acai Juice- loaded with anti-oxidants which protect blood vessels and brain
      • Cherry Juice-anti-inflamatory
      • Unsweetened cranberry juice- loaded with anti-oxidants that help prevent cancer/ diabetes/ heart disease
    • 7. caffeine?
      • In some people can be a great performance enhancer
      • Does not dehydrate
      • Green/ white/ black tea are all beneficial for their anti-oxidants
      • Coffee also
      • All should be organic where possible
      • Never first thing, or after 5pm ( earlier if you struggle to sleep)
    • 8. Home made veg + juice mixes
      • Green giant- 6 stalks celery/ 1 pear/ 1 ginger
      • Red delight- 1 large beet/ red bell pepper/ 1 apple/ 1 carrot/ ginger/ 1 apple
    • 9. Green drinks?
      • Improves the ability of the blood to carry O2 thereby improves endurance
      • Counter acts acidic effect of exercise/ protein/ stress/ pollution
      • Improves clarity of thought
      • Aids detoxification
    • 10. Summary
      • Getting hydration correct can be a big advantage over your competition who will be weaker and less focused in training and on match days.
      • Always have your water bottle with you.
        • Do not share water bottles
        • Clean regularly
      • Monitor weight during sessions. 1Lb = 1 pint of water lost.
      • 5 things you learnt?
    • 11. Questions