Patent registration in India


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Patent registration in India

  2. 2. Contents Introduction. What is Patent? What are the Parts of a Patent? Purpose Of Patents. Types of Patents. Patents- Time to get. Procedure For Registration. Selecting what to Patent? Damages for Infringement. Patents- Examples. Patent office in India
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION When we produce innovative product or frame new process it should not be stolen by other. For that purpose our government has brought in the term called “PATENT”.
  4. 4. WHAT IS PATENT ? It is one of the intellectual property. Right provided by government for limited period of time. This right is granted in exchange of disclosure of invention. Does not give the inventor the right to make, use or sell the patented invention.INNOVATIONS-PATENABLE: PRODUCT : things. PROCESSES : ways to make things. METHODS : ways to do things.INNOVATIONS-NOT PATENABLE: Laws of nature (wind, gravity) Physical phenomena (sand, water) Abstract ideas (mathematics, a philosophy)
  5. 5. What are the Parts of a Patent? Abstract. Background of the Invention. Summary of the Invention. Figures with brief descriptions. Detailed description or “specification”. – Fully discloses what the invention is. – How it is made? – How it can be used? Claim(s): sets the legal boundaries of protection. – Independent. – Dependent.
  6. 6. Purpose Of Patents Patents acts as library of technical information so that others can learn and improve that innovation. Patent system encourages publication of new scientific and engineering work. Patent excludes others from making , using or selling your invention.
  7. 7. Types of Patents1. Design Patent: – Ornamental appearance of an article of manufacture. – Design and the applied object are inseparable. – Can also be protected by a utility patent if it meets those requirements. – Ex. surface ornamentation of flatware.2. Plant Patent: – Distinct & new variety of asexually propagated plant. – Not by tuber propagation, found in an uncultivated state, or by seeds. – Can also be protected by a utility patent if it meets those requirements. – Ex. hybrid rose plant with a novel color.
  8. 8. Types of Patents-contd3. Utility patent : – Most common type granted. – Works to produce a useful result. • Process (ex. making a new chemical or a new business method) • Machine (ex. camera) • Article of Manufacture (ex. carpet) • Composition of matter (ex. adhesive)
  9. 9. Patents- Time to get 18 months to 5 years from filing of application. length varies by technology - software patents – up to 5 years.
  10. 10. Procedure For Registration Filling of application – Who can make? Filing of complete specification after the provisional specification. Preliminary scrutiny of the documents. Publication of application after 18 months. Early publication on specific request.
  11. 11. Procedure For Registration-contd Examination. Opposition to the application. – Pre-grant and post-grant opposition Grant and sealing of patent. Submission of typed copy of specification. Publication in the official journal.
  12. 12. Patents…Relatively expensive to obtain : 1. Initial filing ~$8,000 - $12,000 2. Prosecution ~ $10,000+Limited term of protection: 1. 20 years from filing 2. once it dies, it’s deadCommercial Benefits: 1. Exclusivity 2. Monopoly Pricing 3. Licensing
  13. 13. Selecting what to Patent?Business Value: 1. What is the likely value of the technology? 2. Will exclusivity provide a competitive advantage? 3. Does the technology align with your commercial products?Legal Strength: 1. What is the novelty over prior art? 2. Business Methods?Exclusivity: 1. Will competitors have viable design-around options? 2. Can infringement be detected?
  15. 15. Patents- Examples
  16. 16. Example: Apple
  17. 17. Patented Technology… Apple holds over 7,000 patents Control ofPeripheral Devices Technology Computer InputData Processing Technology Technology Computer Test Technology Programming or Control Technology
  18. 18. Patented Technology… Apple has >200 Patents related to Multi- Touch TechnologyVisual Indicators Technology Input Technology
  19. 19. Patent office in India Shri Chaitanya Prasad, IAS Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks Bhoudhik Sampada Bhavan, Antop Hill, S.M. Road, Mumbai-400037, Phones : 022-24132735, Fax : 022-24123322 Web site : www.ipindia.nic.inIPO Address and Phone Numbers Contact PersonsOffice of the Controller General of Head of the Office:Patents, Designs & Trade Marks Dr. Ruchi TiwariBhoudhik Sampada Bhavan, Deputy Controller of Patents & DesignsAntop Hill, S. M. Road, Phone: 022-24123311, Fax: 022-24172288Mumbai - 400 037 E-mail:
  20. 20. Patent office in India-contd Head of the Office Head of the Office (Patent & Design Office) (Trade Marks & GI Registry)Intellectual Property Office Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shri S. M.Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Deputy Controller of Patents TogrikarAntop Hill, & Designs Senior Examiner of TradeS. M. Road, MumbaiI - 400 Phone: 022-24153651, Fax: Marks & G.I.037. 022-24130387 Phone: 022-24137701, Fax:Phone: 24101144, E-mail: mumbai- 022-2414080824148165 E-mail: mumbai.tmr@nic.inIntellectual Property Office Dr. K. S. Kardam Ms. Prem LataIntellectual Property Office Deputy Controller of Patents Assistant RegistrarBuilding, & Designs Trade Marks & G.I.Plot No. 32, Sector 14, Phone: 011-28034317, Phone: 011-28032382, Fax:Dwarka, Fax:011-28034315 011-28032381New Delhi-110075 E-mail: E-mail: delhi.tmr@nic.inPhone: 011-28032253,011-25300200
  21. 21. Patent office in India-contd Head of the Office Head of the Office (Patent & Design Office) (Trade Marks & GI Registry)Intellectual Property Office Shri. G.P. Roy Shri. V. NatarajanIntellectual Property Office Deputy Controller of Deputy Registrar of TradeBuilding, Patents & Designs Marks & G.I. Phone: 044-G.S.T. Road, Guindy, Phone: 044-22502080, 22502044, Fax: 044-Chennai-600032 Fax:044-2502066 22502046Phone: 044-22502081-84 E-mail: chennai- E-mail: patent@nic.inIntellectual Property Office Shri D. K. Rahut Smt. Ratan ShalyaIntellectual Property Office Deputy Controller of Patents Assistant Registrar of TradeBuilding, & Designs Marks & G.I. Phone: 033-CP-2 Sector V, Salt Lake City, Phone: 033-23671987, Fax: 23675103, Fax: 033-Kolkata-700091 033-23671988 23677311Phone: 033-23679101 E-mail: kolkata- E-mail:
  22. 22. Patent office in India-contd Head of the Office Head of the Office (Patent & Design Office) (Trade Marks & GI Registry)National Institute for Head of the Office:Intellectual Property Shri B. P. SinghManagement (NIIPM) Deputy Controller, Patents & Designsand Patent Information Phone: 0712-2540913System (PIS) Fax: 0712-2540916Plot No 03, Opposite to E-mail: niipm.ipo@nic.inState Board Office, HislopCollege Road,Civil lines, Nagpur , PIN440001Phone: 0712-2540913
  23. 23. R.M.K E-CELLMail id:rmkecell@gmail.comFacebook of RMK Presented By, S.SURIYA PRABHA (E.C.E. Final Year)