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A slide show presentation showing a mobile application architecture supporting end-to-end wireless connectivity of smartphones, vehicle radios, and backend services. The principal application …

A slide show presentation showing a mobile application architecture supporting end-to-end wireless connectivity of smartphones, vehicle radios, and backend services. The principal application demonstrated in this presentation has been deployed at OnStar and using a tethered mobile radio (OnStar) the user can create a wireless connection, authenticate the user and vehicle with the server backend, and download 3rd part applications in a secure manner. This architecture and software are easily extended to any QNX, Linux, Windows environment, enabling connected services across multiple platforms, devices and users.

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  • 1. PERSIS CONSULTINGPersis Consulting Co. CONNECT with us® 15 June 2012
  • 2. Outline PERSIS CONSULTING Persis Consulting Company – Who are We ? Persis Consulting History – Where did We Come from ? System Integration and Software/Hardware Development Recent Engagements in the Connected Space Mobile Architecture in More Detail Future of Connected Devices Persis in the Future – Where We can go Together…. 1 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 3. Persis Consulting Company PERSIS CONSULTING WHAT IS PERSIS Persis is an award winning Systems Integrator with special focus on development and delivery of fixed cost projects in the Connected Space WHAT WE OFFER Persis offers Systems Integration & Software Development services in the Connected Space Telematics / Telemedicine Embedded and Smart Phone Integrated Systems Human-Machine-Interface Machine-to-Machine applications Event-Based Software Data Analysis &Contextual servicesOUR MISSION As an elite team of software engineers, developers, entrepreneurs and intellectuals, Our mission is to enable our clients to be leaders in the next generation of Connected Consumer Products and Services 2 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 4. Persis Consulting History PERSIS CONSULTINGTHE COMPANY Established in 1999 Over 12 years of Connected Systems Integration & Development Experience $40 Million in Fixed Cost Connected Systems Projects Superior Delivery Record (95% On-Time, On-Budget, 6 Sigma Performance) Winner of GM CIO & President’s Awards in 2003 and 2005OUR PEOPLE 40 Employees (4 PhDs, 8MS, and 28 BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics) 6-Sigma, SCRUM Master, PMI Certified (e.g., Agile, Adaptive, Accurate, Robust Methods) Over 300 man-years of experience in Software/Hardware Development and DeliverySOME OF OUR PROJECTS Next Generation Infotainment DisasterRecovery Management SmartGrid Smart Phone Integration GeoSpatial Technologies Vehicle2Vehicle ITS Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics 3 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 5. How: Connected Software & Hardware Expertise PERSIS CONSULTING Software Results** HTML5 IDE Chevy MyLink JavaScript Dreamweaver Perl Eclipse Cadillac CUE Python Wireless NetBeans C/C++/C# Bluetooth MS Studio Infotainment MY13 Java Wi-Fi HMI/UI Design ZigBee Smart Grid Cellular Remote Diagnostics End-to-End* Integrated Connected Home Solutions Off-Board Navigation Hardware iPhone / iPad Infotainment CES ’12 Mobile OS Android OS iOS Blackberry Social Media CES ’12 QNX Android Windows PC Linux Blackberry Servers Automated Crash OS X Symbian Notification Window Windows Mobile Google Chrome * 6 Sigma Certified, SCRUM Adaptive Agile / Lean methodologies ** Shown on Next Page 4 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 6. Resent Engagements in the Connected Space PERSIS CONSULTING *Presently Engaged in GM Cadillac CUE 2012/2013 Chevy MyLink Software Infotainment Software Development Development End to End Remote Diagnostics & Connected Home demo at CES 2011Presently Engaged at GM Smart-Grid Remote Reflash System Developed Project Infotainment – Demo at CES 2011 Infotainment CES Real-time traffic, Voice Portal, Infotainment CES Vehicle Monitoring, Rear Seat Video Chat, Streaming, And Camera, Home Monitoring, Impact Detection * Shown on Next Page Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 7. Persis Mobile Architecture Enabled Radio PERSIS CONSULTING Production Intent (20XX) Embedded Persis HTML5, CSS, Javascript Applications that…… Connect Radio & Wireless Devices Connect User & Server Backend Authenticate User Connect Radio & Download Apps …..and more……. Persis Applications *Created an Emulator duplicating Radio Functionality, Rapidly Developed Apps on Emulator then Transitioned to Radio Vehicle Head Unit Navigation Cloud Headless Unit App Configuration Web Server Web Server Web Server Browser-based HMI Telematics Traffic Web Server Vehicle Status Phone Apps Download 6 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 8. Persis Supports Seamless Radio Framework Integration withPortable Devices and Off-Board Services PERSIS CONSULTING 7 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 9. Persis Software & Prototyping Landscape PERSIS CONSULTING 8 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 10. Persis in a Connected Future PERSIS CONSULTINGOur World in 2020• 50 Billion Connected Devices• Processes must be mobile Connecting Devices, People, and Places• Flexibility is key• Content is made at the fringes & with Persis meets in the cloud• Products become Services• Alternative Powertrains allowing new entrants.• Premium feature sets move to mass market shifting product competitionCONNECTED consumer and experiencebecomes king! 9 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 11. Connected Landscape PERSIS CONSULTING Persis Software The “Glue” to Reaching the Customer Your Company & Brands Persis Consulting Connected Landscape 10 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 12. Where to from Here…. PERSIS CONSULTING We want to be your System Integrator & Software Developer to help you Connect with your Customers For More Information : Go to Call (248) 601-5400 Contact: Ronald Miller, Director of Telematics and Infotainment, Persis Consulting Nader Afshar, President of Persis Consulting Scott Barnes, Executive Vice President, Persis Consulting Persis Consulting Co. © 2012
  • 13. PERSIS CONSULTINGThank You 12 Persis Consulting Co. © 2012