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Evaluation question 2 - becky

Evaluation question 2 - becky






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    Evaluation question 2 - becky Evaluation question 2 - becky Presentation Transcript

    •  A brand is a make of something .E.G. Coca cola or Pepsi. A brand helps us distinguish this product from any other. By promoting this product they are persuading us to buy their product. The main question they want to fulfil is “what makes this product better than the rest?” By giving the product a personality, you are increasing the mass production and are making it more competitive for other brands. Consumers have so many other brands , that each product within a category. They have to have be giving different personalities.“competitive branding became a necessity of the machineage – within a context of manufactured sameness, image –based difference had to be manufactured along with theproduct”  (Naomi Klein, No Logo)
    •  Coca cola is a well known brand. This brand has many appeals, due to the many different ways in which it is advertised. The advertisements have changed through out the years and even seasons; in order to still appeal to the mass audience.E.G. in winter the adverts surroundthe idea of Christmas and allcontain “Santa”. However in thesummer most of theadvertisements are set in placesassociated with summer, such as“the beach”.
    •  Pepsi‟s brand is advertised in a different way. This brand makes ties with other well known brands (stars) in order to promote their brand. This is known as synergy. E.G. • singers such as Britney Spears, Pink and Beyoncé. • Famous footballers such as David Beckham
    •  A brand is the image of an artist. The brand of an artist is everything… from clothing to what music they do. And by this I mean it is the image of the artist that is portrayed to the audience. Many brand images that are created links closely to the genre of music. By looking at the artist we (the audience) are automatically able to assume what type of music they do.
    • Missy Elliot is a well knownfemale rap artist. Her brandimage shows this: She always wears a lot of jewellery (Bling)yet again to highlight her expensive taste. Her clothes – she is in named brands of clothing (shows her expense and style) Missy Elliot always has an attitude in her music videos, she wants to show people that she is a successful female rap artist.
    • Beyoncé makes her image known by wearing revealing outfits and showing off her main highlights; her chest area, her strong thighs and her extremely noticeable curves.Her brand image is a sexy, curvy, strong, fierce, independent woman.In comparison to what her image used to be to what it has become now is extreme.Her brand image used to be; innocent, young, sweet and sexy (e.g. destinys child). But as her popularity grew she had to develop her image further.
    •  Nicki is a female rap artist, her brand image is very sexual, as she is known for her large cleavage and oversized bottom. Her brand image is very creative as she seems to have a range of different appearances and this is what makes us want to watch her more, in some of her video‟s we see her as a fierce independent woman, but in others we see her as I saucy playful woman. She is a very alternative rapper, as we mostly expect rap artist to be male, but she is pushing the boundaries and her audience expect nothing less. She uses a lot of wigs in her videos this is to show creativity as a singer, the wig always matches the image she tries to create in her currant music video
    •  The brand image we was going for was “The Diva” it seemed to be a lot easier to do this in the music video in comparison to creating the brand image through the print project. Personally I think this was because she was able to show the audience her attitude through her dancing and singing. Whereas in the print project she had to show all of this through her facial expressions. Personally I think the combination of both the music video and the print project has been really effective, this is because of many reasons…
    •  Firstly because we have tried to create the image of wealth, success and independence through both of our projects. We tried to do this through the colour scheme we have used in both (gold, black and white). This is because we wanted the audience to see this artist as a diva and we wanted the audience to make this assumption because of the artist‟s attitude and also her costume. In the ancillary product we showed this by her facial expressions and only revealed her outfit in the advert. also the backgrounds helps us
    •  Secondly, through her appearance – we did this by making her look really tanned and have big blonde expressive hair. This look is a popular look in to days society which helps us show the audience that this artist is all about her appearance and how she is up to date on the latest styles. Also we had the artist in a very short dress to make it typical for this genre. Usually in these videos all the women dress quite provocatively and are simply there for show next to a male character who is highly made up of heavy wealthy jewellery. We have challenged this slightly by having the dominant character a female with no male characters in the video what so ever.
    •  Also why used a range of shots that all gave the impression that this artist is successful and powerful and is in control. This was because the main shots were low angled and made her look bigger and more important (looks like a Diva). And if they didn‟t do that they were side on shots which were close up – this is because with her looking a way from the character we as the audience focus on her facial expressions which showed a lot of attitude.
    • We have created through our music video the brand image of a “diva” we have done this through many ways, for example… The artist is dressed in a short tiger print dress, with high heels on – this is because we wanted the artist to conform to the typical idea of what us as the audience expect is a “diva”. The artist also had big bright blonde hair and really tanned. When we were making the video our main idol was Beyoncé, this is because we liked her style of music videos and we wanted to have an artist similar to her.
    •  We have kept to the same  We wanted to stick to the same colour scheme as some colour scheme as we did for the elements of the video were. front cover, but we wanted this Gold/black/white – these are side to be more brighter. We did the colours we have used in this by not putting a translucent both parts of course work. This is black sheet over the top of the because we wanted to portray character as we did in the front the theme of wealth and cover. strength of which the artist has.  Also we did the album name the We used a big bold font as this opposite way round with the white is typical for many albums writing in front of the back, this is belonging to the same genre. because of the gold and black We have used a shadowing of back ground we have the words underneath to make chosen, which represents yet the writing seem almost bolder again the gold and wealth of this (to stand out more). We went artist. for a simple front cover as we  In this panel we have the artist wanted the audience to focus facing side wards which is very on the main attraction (the unusual as the artist isnt using artist). Also direct address has direct address, but it also helps to been used, along with a typical guide the audience to the close up shot to conform to importance of this panel – the typical aspects of album track list. covers.
    •  Panel 1keeps with the grey  Panel 2 is quite different to the scale theme which is similar to rest of the images but still ties in the front cover. rather well. We have also incorporate the  The font of the writing adds a theme of the gold and black feminine sight and by this I background but have made mean in comparison to the them duller than the back other writing which is much ground as this panel is still for more bolder and bulky, this is show but not the main one. much more softer and delicate. We have created the back P1  For this panel we havent ground to look as if the are created a background and „music bars‟ by having them all have just focused making the different lengths. image more brighter and The characteristics of the artist showing off some of the main really come through on this characteristics of the artist. image. Due to (1) her pose –  The colour gold has been in shows her authority and forced throughout this picture attitude. (2) her facial P2 in order to show wealth and expressions make her look power. serious and in control. (3) the  We have still in forced the idea grey scale picture – makes her of her appearance – big hair. In blend into the image and this image we have been able makes her become the main to give the artist a fierce and in focus. control attitude which is also evident in the music video.
    •  To make this advert look authentic we have also included a picture of the album cover and the release date. We have still stuck to the main idea‟s of what we see in this character… Colour scheme – we have stuck to yet again black/ gold and white. We have created an image of expense and wealth by using an image of gold crinkled foil, which relates well to not only the music video, but also the lyrics of the song. Physical appearance – she yet again has big blond hair and has a stylish dress on. This is to again enforce the idea of the artist being stylish and Her pose – sums up her personality; it shows that she knows she is The font – because of the colour of the text it contrast and makes the audience focus on the information which is the main point. The reason we have chosen this font is because