What’s ‘app-ening in ag ed: iPad apps for the Agriculture Classroom


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Presentation used at the 2013 New York Agricultural Education Summer Conference
Includes apps I have found useful in my middle school agricultural education classroom.

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What’s ‘app-ening in ag ed: iPad apps for the Agriculture Classroom

  1. 1. Presented by Dr. Robin McLean at the NYAAE Summer Conference Beaver Hollow Conference Center Java, NY June 2013 WHAT‟S „APP-ENING IN AG: IPAD APPS FOR THE AGRICULTURE CLASSROOM
  2. 2. iCell Science360 Elife Forms Sampler THE SCIENCE OF AGRICULTURE
  3. 3. Plant, Animal & Bacteria Cells Rotate cells Zoom in on organelles Three definition/ explanation levels: Basic Intermediate Advanced ICELL BY HUDSONALPHA COST: FREE
  4. 4. A partnership with the National Science Foundation Videos, news and images of the science around us Overview created with ExplainEverything App: http://youtu.be/FAziXevIPwc SCIENCE 360 BY BOTTLE ROCKET COST: FREE
  5. 5. Plants and Animals Searchable by names or decision tree process Taxonomic Classification Regional Maps Written descriptions and overviews ELIFE FORMS SAMPLER BY SEARCH LIFE FORMS COST: FREE
  6. 6. Focus on Plant Landscaper‟s Companion PLANT SCIENCE
  7. 7. Includes: Basic plant structure  Details on structure & function Life Cycles of Moss, Fern, Conifers and Flowering Plants Plant Cell Anatomy Glossary of Plant Terms FOCUS ON PLANT BY TOUCHAPP & BIOCOURSEWARE COST: $4.99*
  8. 8.  Database of over 26,000 plants  Over 21,000 pictures  Searchable LANDSCAPER‟S COMPANION BY STEVENSON SOFTWARE, LLC COST: $4.99*
  9. 9. Grow it Know It Growing Degree Days Spotzi GENERAL AGRICULTURE
  10. 10. Great intro to Ag products app Multiple correct answers Wrong answers kicked out of cart GROW IT KNOW IT BY UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN COST: FREE
  11. 11. Can choose date range Shows as maps or text Can specify area Uses 50 or 60 GROWING DEGREE DAYS BY FARM PROGRESS COST: FREE
  12. 12. Map app Thematic areas:  Agriculture, climate, economy & more US, Europe, Some Asia and Africa Nine Agricultural Areas  Arable Land, Imports, Food Production, & more Descriptions, Videos, Wiki links SPOTZI ATLAS BY D-BASE COST: FREE
  13. 13.  NatureTap PocketZoo ENVIRO SCIENCE
  14. 14. Bird and insect “pack” included:  Can purchase additional ID packs – more birds, wildflowers, mammals, and reptiles & amphibians Information includes: common name, family, ID and range Sort by shape or color to narrow search Games include – memory challenge, photo quiz, puzzles and sound ID (on birds) NATURE TAP BY GREEN MOUNTAIN DIGITAL COST: FREE
  15. 15. Assorted wildlife Information includes: scientific name, size, diet, locatio n, life span, survival status, descriptions and fund facts Images Videos Some live cams Sound POCKETZOO BY TINYHEARTS COST: $4.99
  16. 16. Pocket Money Animoto CHAPTER TOOLS
  17. 17. Accounting app Categorize expenses and income Multiple accounts kept on one app: Ex. FFA Chapter & Ag Department can be separate Generates Reports Photograph receipts, etc. and include with transaction reports POCKETMONEY BY CATAMOUNT COST: LITE IS FREE BUT LIMITED $4.99 FULL
  19. 19. Get educator account – allows longer video creation Can create sub accounts for students Add photos, video clips, text ANIMOTO COST: FREE http://animoto.com/play/4B8x0bJK1PYmB3QLm07E5A
  20. 20. PHOTO APPS
  21. 21. CEV Multimedia ID – Wildlife, Floriculture Ask the CheeseMonger CAREER DEVELOPMENT EVENT PREP
  22. 22. Tools include glossary, flashcards, 10 question practice quizzes ID has item # on National FFA List, name, category and will pronounce the item for you Practice quizzes identify ones you got wrong and show correct answer Floral ID also available  Note: They entered app world briefly and no longer making, so no updates WILDLIFE ID BY CEV MULTIMEDIA COST: $4.99
  23. 23. Glossary of cheeses with image, flavor description, country of origin, facts Cheese Challenge = cheese related quiz questions Tells you what you got wrong but not correct answer Warning: Has wine and cheese matcher! ASK THE CHEESE MONGER BY COST: $1.99
  24. 24. Explain Everything Tiled CREATE AND ENGAGE
  25. 25. Can save projects Editable recordings Can insert pictures, text and hand write Can upload videos to YouTube Good for “flipped classroom” EXPLAIN EVERYTHING BY MORRIS COOKE COST: $2.99*
  26. 26. Add photos and text Assorted layout styles Good to add comments to visuals TILED BY MOTION ONE LTD. COST: .99*
  27. 27. Apps Gone Free HOW DO I STAY UP TO DATE
  28. 28. IT‟S THE TRUTH
  30. 30. Leaf Snap Gestate APPS OTHERS HAVE SHARED
  31. 31. PLANTS Leaf Snap • Identify a tree based on photo of a leaf o Need to take picture on white background o After you take an image, it ranks possible types by probability • Provides detailed information about leaf type, placement, arrangement, & flower type • Developed by a partnership of Columbia University, University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute Thanks M. Coley for this info
  32. 32. Gestate • Gestation calculator • About 50 presets species & gestation lengths • Can add custom species • Can edit gestation length • Displays o Days into pregnancy o Days left • Price = $0.99 Thanks M. Coley for this info ANIMALS