The Latter Prophets - Jeremiah


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The Latter Prophets - Jeremiah

  1. 1. Jeremiah
  2. 2. Authorship & Date of Composition✦ One of few OT books to speak about its writing✦ began recording in 605 b.c. (after 20 years of prophesying) – see 36:1–3✦ Baruch (36:4)✦ original destroyed, but second copy made (36:32)✦ note 51:64
  3. 3. Issues in Interpretation1. No clear chronological patterns2. Duplications – oracles separated from report of events (cf. 7 & 26; 25 & 36)3. Greek text varies from Hebrew4. Relationship between poetic and prose sections
  4. 4. LXX Prophecy against… MT25:15ff. Elam 49:3426 Egypt 4627 & 28 Babylon 50 & 5129:1–7 the Philistines 47:1–729:7–29 Edom 49:7–2230:1–5 Ammon 49:1–630:6–11 Kedar 49:28–3330:12–16 Damascus 49:23–2731 Moab 4832 25:15–38
  5. 5. Qumran✦ discovered first in 1947✦ some 800 fragments✦ some significant finds: ✦ complete Isaiah scroll ✦ Habakkuk Commentary ✦ Psalm Scroll (41 canonical psalms)✦ fragments of all OT books except Esther✦ copied 5th century B.C. to 1st century A.D.
  6. 6. Contribution of Qumran1. Picture of the Hebrew text nearly 1,000 years older than was previously available2. Readings that were unknown help us to better understand many details in the biblical text.3. Provide a good overview of the text in the Second Temple period.4. Demonstrate remarkable accuracy of OT texts copied and preserved.5. The reliability of ancient translations, especially the Septuagint, is strengthened.
  7. 7. Witness to the Order of the Text✦ 4QJera and 4QJerc have a text similar to the Masoretic Text (the traditional Hebrew text)✦ 4QJerb shows shortness and arrangement of LXX, witnessing to a Hebrew text used by the translators of the LXX
  8. 8. Influence of Deuteronomy 5For if you truly amend your18 He executes justice for the ways and your deeds, if youorphan and the widow, and truly practice justice between ashows His love for the alien by man and his neighbor,giving him food and clothing. 6 if you do not oppress the alien,19 So show your love for the the orphan, or the widow, andalien, for you were aliens in the do not shed innocent blood inland of Egypt.20 You shall fear the LORD this place, nor walk after other gods to your own ruin, 7 then Iyour God; you shall serve Him will let you dwell in this place,and cling to Him, and you shall in the land that I gave to yourswear by His name. fathers forever and ever. Deu 10:18–20 Jer 7:5-7
  9. 9. Influence of Deuteronomy 4 Circumcise yourselves to the LORD And remove the16 So circumcise your heart, and foreskins of your heart, Men ofstiffen your neck no longer. Judah and inhabitants of Deu 10:16 Jerusalem, Or else My wrath will go forth like fire And burn with none to quench it, Because of the evil of your deeds. Jer 4:4
  10. 10. Influence of Deuteronomy9 You shall not worship themor serve them; for I, the LORDyour God, am a jealous God,visiting the iniquity of the 9 Will you steal, murder, andfathers on the children, and on commit adultery and swearthe third and the fourth falsely, and offer sacrifices togenerations of those who hate Baal and walk after other godsMe, 17 You shall not murder. 18 that you have not known,You shall not commit adultery.19 You shall not steal. 20 You Jer 7:9shall not bear false witnessagainst your neighbor. Deu 5:9, 17-20
  11. 11. Deuteronomistic Theology1. necessity of obeying law, punishment for disobedience, internalization of law (cf. Jer 15:16; Deut 6:6)2. necessity of wholeheartedly seeking God (Jer 29:13; Deut 4:29)3. God as warrior (Jer 21:5; Deut 3:22)
  12. 12. Working Outline1. Introduction (1)2. Prophecies of Doom against Judah, Jerusalem, and the Nations (2–25)3. Prophecies of Salvation for Israel and Judah (26–35)4. Baruch’s Narrative of the Suffering of Jeremiah (36– 45)5. Prophecies of Doom against the Nations (46–51)6. Conclusion (52)
  13. 13. The New Covenant✦ internal torah✦ forgiveness of sin✦ all Israel knows Yahweh
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