Linkedin Talent Solutions Training Guide - For Staffing Agencies


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  • Key PointsWelcome attendeesIntroduce yourselfEnsure interactivity tools work (polling, hands, check/x, smileys)  Additional InformationN/A
  • Key PointsReview agenda items for courseWhat is Talent Pipeline?How will it help my team and I collaborate on managing our leads?What are best practices with using Talent Pipeline? Additional InformationN/A
  • Before we hop into the tool, I wanted to point out the features you’ll be using (and loving!) the most! These new features allow you to Turns Profiles from Read-Only to Read/Write. We have great new tools to enhance your Recruiter experience: these will enrich & personalize Recruiter profiles with your own knowledge
  • Linkedin Talent Solutions Training Guide - For Staffing Agencies

    1. 1. Talent Solutions New user Onboarding - Staffing ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS
    2. 2. Education Road Map Week 3-5 1hr : 50 mins Week 1-2 1hr : 50 mins Search with Boolean modifiers and refinement filters Instructor lead webinars Succeed with Linkedin Recruiter Target the right talent with your jobs Engage Talent with Effective Inmails Expand your reach with Linkedin Recruiter Tutorials Work Effectively in LinkedIn Recruiter Build your brand with Introduction to the Linkedin jobs network Send Inmail Messages in Linkedin Recruiter Linkedin Recruiter: Resources for Success Boolean Modifiers Tip Sheets Build Your Brand on Week 7 1hr 30 mins Additional leaning Advanced Search Strategies/Strengthen you search Build and manage your pipeline Start Recruiting Proactively LinkedIn Recruiter: Attachments to Profiles and Projects Inmail Messaging Advanced Search Sponsored Jobs Talent Pipeline: Search Talent Pipeline: Send a Message *Time to complete all Webinars, Tutorials and Tip sheets TALENT SOLUTIONS
    3. 3. How to register for training
    4. 4. Step 1:  Click on this Link  If you are not logged into recruiter it will ask you to log in, and take you straight to Step 2 or 3 Step 2:  If you are shown the below screen select the second option,  If you are not shown this screen skip to Step 3 TALENT SOLUTIONS
    5. 5. Step 3  Take note of “Before You Begin”  Select Course  Select the sessions you would like to attend.  NB & Administering Recruiter is not available in APAC time zone TALENT SOLUTIONS
    6. 6. Step 4  Request the session that best suits your calendar. – Please note all AET session are based on Australian Eastern Time please make allowances for your time zone. Step 7  Add this time (or your amended time if you are outside of NSW & VIC) to your outlook calendar TALENT SOLUTIONS
    7. 7. Step 5  Once you have requested your selected courses an outlook invitation will be to sent for you to add to your diary.  Check to ensure the time zone is correct in the invitation. If not go back and select the correct course with the time zone (AET) TALENT SOLUTIONS
    8. 8. Step 6 – Attending the session  To access your session – Follow steps 1 - 3 – Click on My Courses – Launch the session at least 15 minutes before the session starts. TALENT SOLUTIONS