Designing your Career 2013


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Presentation given to students at the Startup Institute.

Designing your Career 2013

  1. designingyourcareer By Richard Banfield
  2. a lil’bit Aboutus 443Web and mobile 32 Full-time, on- 9 Countries we’ve 2 Offices in Boston,design projects site designers got clients in and since 2005 and developers San Francisco @freshtilledsoil
  3. a lil’ @freshtilledsoil
  4. 00 whydesignacareer? @freshtilledsoil
  5. We need more ofastrategythantactics “Where do I start?” class of summer 2012 @freshtilledsoil
  6. ...and astrategyisn’tplanning“The things I’m going to be working on haven’t been invented yet” rhys banfield, summer 2012 @freshtilledsoil
  7. happinessiskey“Happiness is something you make, not stumble upon” @freshtilledsoil
  8. 01 Ashortstory @freshtilledsoil
  9. Let’s start withastoryofvision @freshtilledsoil
  10. Let’s start withastoryofvision 2008 $2.75M @freshtilledsoil
  11. Let’s start withastoryofvision Meh! @freshtilledsoil
  12. Let’s start with astoryofvision“As the duo poured their sorrows into their drinks, they realized that the one part of the site that was actually doing well — the deals — could be combined with their love of design.” @freshtilledsoil
  13. Let’s start withastoryofvision Passion? Market Best in opp? the world? @freshtilledsoil
  14. Let’s start withastoryofvision @freshtilledsoil
  15. Let’s start withastoryofvision 2012 $600M 9M customers @freshtilledsoil
  16. Let’s start with astoryofvision“I’m doing my dream job, and I’m building the company I’m meant to run.” Jason Goldberg @freshtilledsoil
  17. canitreallybethissimple? Passion? Best in Market the opp? world? @freshtilledsoil
  18. 02 goodtogreat @freshtilledsoil
  19. Jim Collins’goodtogreat @freshtilledsoil
  20. Jim Collins’ goodtogreat Can a good companybecome a great company, and if so, how? @freshtilledsoil
  21. Jim Collins’ goodtogreat Greatness is not primarily afunction of circumstance, butlargely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline. @freshtilledsoil
  22. Jim Collins’ goodtogreatCollins was talking aboutbusinesses not individuals but it turns out it still works @freshtilledsoil
  23. Can you really designacareer? Where would you start? &What does the process look like? @freshtilledsoil
  24. 03 thevisionframework @freshtilledsoil
  25. Jim Collins’corevaluesconcept it always starts with Who? @freshtilledsoil
  26. Jim Collins’ goodtogreat Get the right Get the wrong people on the bus. people off the bus. Get the right peoplePut who before what. in the right seats @freshtilledsoil
  27. Can you really designacareer?How do you know who gets on the bus and who gets off? @freshtilledsoil
  28. Jim Collins’corevaluesconcept BHAG vivid vision Core purpose Core Values @freshtilledsoil
  29. Richard’scorevaluesconcept TAG = timeless audacious goal vivid vision Core purpose Core Values @freshtilledsoil
  30. Why create atimelessaudaciousgoal @freshtilledsoil
  31. Jim Collins’thehedgehogconceptdiscipline opportunistic @freshtilledsoil
  32. Jim Collins’ thehedgehogconceptdisciplined opportunistic @freshtilledsoil
  33. Jim Collins’thehedgehogconcept What are you deeply passionate about? What can you What drives be the best at your economic the world at? engine? @freshtilledsoil
  34. Jim Collins’thehedgehogconcept What are you deeply passionateBHAG about? What can you What drives be the best at your economic the world at? engine? @freshtilledsoil
  35. Jim Collins’ thehedgehogconcept What are you deeply passionate about? Passion? Best in Market the opp?What can you What drives world?be the best at your economicthe world at? engine? @freshtilledsoil
  36. 04 thevisionworkshop @freshtilledsoil
  37. Let’s get started designyourcareerStep 1: Create a list of core values Guidelines: create as many as you want be prepared to share core = emotional & motivational @freshtilledsoil
  38. fresh tilled soil’s corevalues Keep things simple Own the work Make the team look goodGrow with quiet confidence @freshtilledsoil
  39. Teaching Company corevalues Excellence Cultivate every resource Results-oriented work ethicFair and generous relationships Integrity. Period. @freshtilledsoil
  40. designyourcareer Step 2: make a short list determine the three to five values that you feel best represent you @freshtilledsoil
  41. designyourcareer Step 3: test your values spend a few minutes answering yes orno for each of the values you’ve chosen Here are your questions... @freshtilledsoil
  42. designyourcareer Question One if you were starting your career today would this value be validregardless of the industry or trends? @freshtilledsoil
  43. designyourcareer Question Two Is this value timeless, no matterwhat changes in the outside world? @freshtilledsoil
  44. designyourcareer Question Threewould you hold onto this value no matter what others say? @freshtilledsoil
  45. designyourcareer Question Four would you change jobs before compromising this value? @freshtilledsoil
  46. designyourcareer Question Fiveif you had enough money to retire comfortably would you stillcontinue to believe in this value? @freshtilledsoil
  47. designyourcareerStep 4: select the best values eliminate the values that didn’t pass the yes/no test @freshtilledsoil
  48. designyourcareerStep 5: write a single core purpose describe in one sentence the core purpose of your career ...and can you be the best at this? @freshtilledsoil
  49. designyourcareer “help entrepreneurs launchinnovative and meaningful products” @freshtilledsoil
  50. designyourcareer“To provide a secure place on Earth for the Jewish people” @freshtilledsoil
  51. designyourcareer “To make people happy” @freshtilledsoil
  52. designyourcareerStep 6: write a vivid visiondescribe in a paragraph how youvisualize your purpose happening @freshtilledsoil
  53. designyourcareer “We will be as people-oriented as HP. ...We will attain customer satisfaction unsurpassed evenby Nordstrom. ... We will continually gain market share despite a price premium on commodity products. ... We will be studied by business schools for our sophisticated use of technology.” @freshtilledsoil
  54. Jim Collins’thehedgehogconcept Step 7: create your hedgehog What are you deeply passionate about? What can you What drives be the best at your the world at? economic engine? @freshtilledsoil
  55. designyourcareer Step 8: write a bhagcreate a timeless and audacious goal that will excite you and motivate others to be part of @freshtilledsoil
  56. Jim Collins’thehedgehogconcept What are you deeply passionateBHAG about? What can you What drives be the best at your economic the world at? engine? @freshtilledsoil
  57. designyourcareer“be the best user experience design company in the world.” @freshtilledsoil
  58. designyourcareer what’s your mountain? @freshtilledsoil
  59. 05 beingthebest @freshtilledsoil
  60. Let’s get started designyourcareer“Find hard work you love doing.” @freshtilledsoil
  61. Let’s get started designyourcareer“Commit yourself to making lots of mistakes.” @freshtilledsoil
  62. Let’s get starteddesignyourcareer“Focus more on less.” @freshtilledsoil
  63. 06 yourquestions @freshtilledsoil
  64. goodluck!
  65. richard@freshtilledsoil.coM @freshtilledsoil
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