My Social Media Marketing Resume In a Lunchbox


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A power point version of my skills and experience as a marketing manager and social media professional. If you or someone you know is looking for someone with my skills and experience, I would welcome hearing from you.


A full list of my credentials can be found here

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My Social Media Marketing Resume In a Lunchbox

  1. 1. I’m Ron Mattocks This is my lunch box
  2. 2. I am an experienced marketing professional who uses team building, process improvements and creativity to turn around underperforming sales and improve buyer satisfaction …and I like comic books!
  3. 3. I think I have superpowers …like being action and results oriented
  4. 4. Troubleshooting information to provide Workable solutions
  5. 5. And finding new alternatives that work …but heat vision would still be awesome!
  6. 6. My powers help me with… • Market Analysis • Brand Management • Project Management • Web Content Development • Business Planning • Copywriting • Product Development • Performance Management • Corporate Blogging • Layout and Design • Personal Brand Strategy • Process Improvement • Social Media • P&L
  7. 7. And they were handy in my previous positions • VP of Sales Operations • Director of Sales & Marketing • VP of Operations • VP of Purchasing Operations • Area Production Manager • Quality Assurance Manager Wish they came with cool costumes, though
  8. 8. My skills helped me accomplish a few things • Lead multiple sales teams to top-tier performance • Improved buyer satisfaction to highest levels • Achieved the highest roi’s • Implemented successful process improvements • recognized as A Top professional in my field
  9. 9. But sometimes comic book characters need a revamp to stay relevant And I revamped myself becoming an Author, Blogger, and Social Media Marketer for “Clark Kent’s Lunchbox”
  10. 10. Through my social media presence I gained relationships with national brands like • Chevy • Pepperidge Farm & • T-Mobile • Carnival Cruise Lines
  11. 11. I landed speaking engagements about men and their use of social media
  12. 12. I earned mentions in press outlets such as Reuters News, The Globe and Mail, And more
  13. 13. …and i published a book “Sugar Milk: What One Dad drinks When He Can’t afford Vodka” It’s a funny story But there are no Vampires in it!
  14. 14. Every comic book hero has an origin story and mine includes... An English Degree from St. Edwards University And the leadership and discipline learned as an Army officer
  15. 15. I’d like to put my skills and experience to work for you. I believe I can help.
  16. 16. Send up a signal Ron Mattocks Twitter @CK_Lunchbox 832-364-1312