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Yarmouk Google Developers Group Devfest
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Yarmouk Google Developers Group Devfest


Published on

This talk was part of a full day Google Devfest at Oasis500. …

This talk was part of a full day Google Devfest at Oasis500.

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  • 1. Google Spreadsheet scripting Google DevFest Ra’ed Marji @hla3mi
  • 2. Content ● Simple Google Functions ● Simple Web Scraping ● Making Live Forms ● Adding Scripts to your Forms ○ Featured Scripts ○ Hands On Example: Yet Another Mail Merge
  • 3. Simple Google Functions DETECTLANGUAGE(range) Identifies the language in which the text within the specified range is written. For example:=DetectLanguage("‫"ﻣﺮﺣﺒﺎ‬ ) would give "ar" as a result
  • 4. Simple Google Functions : Cont. GoogleTranslate(text, source language,target language) Translates text in the specified range from the source language into the target language. Entering "auto" instead of the source language and target language parameters automatically identifies the language of the source text and translates into a language based on your locale settings.
  • 5. Simple Google Functions : Cont. GoogleFinance(symbol, attribute) Retrieves market information from Google Finance. Learn more, or view an example. Example: =GoogleFinance("goog","price") other attributes would be : ● “eps” ● “close”
  • 6. Simple Scripting Functions ● ImportFeed(URL, query, headers, numItems) Retrieves information from a data feed. View an example.
  • 7. Example on parsing a feed Step 1 : Get the rss or the feed URL URL = D8%B1%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%B6%D8%A9%20RSS Step 2 : Get apply the Formula =ImportFeed(URL,,1,)
  • 8. Facebook Shares Function function FBshares(URL) { var JSONData = UrlFetchApp.fetch("graph."+url); var object = Utilities.jsonParse(JSONData. getContentText()); return object.shares; }
  • 9. ● ImportXml(URL, query, index) The ImportXML function Retrieves information from an XML file. Note:The limit on the number of ImportHtml functions per spreadsheet is 50.
  • 10. Amazon Price Watch Step 1: Get the Link. URL = Step 2: Get the class or the id of the desired field. Query= //*[@class="a-color-price"] Step 3: Put the parameters in the function. =ImportXML(URL,Query)
  • 11. Creating Forms ● How to create a signup form ● Triggers
  • 12. Fun Trick Colors Red Yellow Green Blue
  • 13. Featured Scripts ● Add reminder ○ You have a spreadsheet full of deadlines ? Use this script to receive email reminders before those deadlines. ● Facebook Likes Counter ○ Count Facebook likes for a given URL and returns: sharecount, likescount, commentscount and totalcount. See template document in help for quick start. ● Gmail Meter ○ The most popular statistics and analytics tool for Gmail. Now available at http://gmailmeter. com. ● Gmail SMS alerts ○ If I receive an important email, send me a text. This script uses Gmail filters and Calendar SMS reminders. ● pushData V1.4.4 ○ pushData: A utility for pushing tabular data between spreadsheets on time-based triggers. ● Yet Another Mail Merge ○ With this mail merge, you can write your template directly in Gmail (save it as a draft - see help page). Syntax for template markers: <<First Name>>
  • 14. Yet Another Mail Merge
  • 15. For more info : https://sites. google. com/site/scriptsexamples/availa ble-web-apps/mail-merge
  • 16. YAMM : Cont.
  • 17. YAMM : Cont.
  • 18. Links ● Test Spreadsheet ○ ● How to build and customize your own mail merge ○ ● List of all Google spreadsheet functions ○ ● Use the cool Solve feature ○
  • 19. Thank You! Twitter:@hla3mi Email : raed@jogeeks. com