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human environments student work sample 2
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human environments student work sample 2


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Physical & human environments student work sample 2

Physical & human environments student work sample 2

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Eco-Friendly Gym and Pool Centre Tom Holman, Hamish Gates, Max Radenic
  • 2. PMI on Current Pool Area
    • Possible leakage problem in pool - have to be retiled.
    • Potential for large garden.
    • Pool is not perpendicular to gym or parallel to path meaning possible development out to the side of pool difficult.
    • Soil is eroded.
    • Building height limit (view from library.)
    • Underground piping and electrical could be a problem when digging down.
    • Library blocks sun in some parts of the day making a potential solar idea less effective.
    • Major resources already available: water, drainage and electrical.
    • Facilities already made: basketball court, gym, pool, squash courts.
    • Nice location.
    • Relatively neat and tidy.
    • Space for development and vegetation
    Interesting Minus Plus
  • 3. Our plan
    • Large Grandstand over Pool
    • Solar Panels
    • Rainwater Catchment
    • ‘ Eco’ Change Room
    • Native Vegetation
    • New Lap and Diving Pool
    • Upgrade to Gym and Basketball Court
  • 4. Pool Level Plan B B A A C C Houses Basketball Court Library Chapel Garden New Change Rooms Gym New pool
  • 5. Roof Level Plan Library Harbour Chapel New Change Rooms Solar Panels Rainwater Collection Gutter
  • 6. Sections A & B Basketball Courts Grandstand Pool Boarding House Rainwater Gutter Solar Panels Solar Generator and Rain-water tank P.E Offices House Library Pool
  • 7. Section C Grandstand Pool Diving Pool Gym Library
  • 8. Pool Grandstand
    • Features:
    • Can seat over 200 people
    • Sloped roof racing north for solar panels and rain water catchment
    • Change rooms relocated to behind southern grandstand
    • Rain water catchment and solar generator under southern grandstand
    • Great shade for pool
    • Visually appealing
    Inspirations and ideas from Pools, Airports, Churches and more…
  • 9. Solar Panels
    • We are putting solar panels on the northern grandstand roof
    • Features:
    • Can provide enough energy to power over 80% of the school’s energy needs. A diesel generator can be used for the remaining energy
    • Can pay it self off in 8-15 years. (Cost of solar panels against the cost of energy the school uses)
    • Environmental friendly
  • 10. Rainwater Catchment
    • The rainwater is going to be collected from the large gutter at the bottom of the northern grand stand. The rainwater tank is to be located below the southern grandstand
    • Features:
    • Water used for toilets and watering plants
    • Can be purified for showers, sinks and drinking water
    • Environmentally friendly
  • 11. ‘Eco’ Change Room
    • We have come up with an improvement to the current change room which will be relocated inside northern grandstand. The current change room is to be demolished for vegetation.
    • Features:
    • ‘ Water Wise’ taps and shower heads to lessen water use
    • Gravitational toilets that only used a little bit of water to flush waste away
    • Visually appealing
    • Larger changing rooms
    Our inspiration and ideas Rainwater New change rooms Water-Save shower and tap heads Eco- Toilets
  • 12. Native Vegetation
    • Native Vegetation used for pool area:
    • Coastal Banksia (Banksia integrifolia) - great for width-restricted areas. Grown tall and thick
    • Pink Spider Flower (Grevillea sericea) - thick shrub. Looks great. Needs little water
    • Mat Rush (Lomandra longifolia) - Tufted perennial herb - tall grass
    • Large Leaf Bush Pea (Paultenaea daphnoides) - Erect shrub. Grows quick without much water
    Mat Rush Coastal Banksia Leaf Bush Pea Pink Spider Flower
  • 13. New Lap and Diving Pool
    • We are putting in a new lap and diving pool that will roughly fit the same dimensions as the current pool - except that the pool will be a few meters north and will be perpendicular. We are also fitting in an new filter and fence around the pool.
    • Features:
    • New tiling - fixing leak
    • Better starting blocks for racing
    • New pool filter around pool and diving pool
    • New fence around pool
  • 14. Upgrade to Gym and Basket Ball court
    • New features:
    • New lighting - that can’t be damaged from stray balls.
    • New soccer nets and basket ball nets
    • Small raised seating area for lower basket ball court
    • Gym ventilated better to allow cool air to come through easier
  • 15. Interactions of environments
    • Fertile soil will be needed for maintaining strong vegetation
    • Sandy soil may effect the building process and it may effect the strength of the foundations
    • Drainage after rain to avoid mud
    • Solar Panels: Angle of sun coming down on pool and the surrounding buildings shade.
    • Shade cover for outdoor seating
    • Thorough ventilation through gym and basketball area
    Heat & Light
    • Fauna must not destroy area, especially vegetation. Precautions must be taken and a wise decision of Flora will have to be taken into consideration
    • The possibility of destroying habitats in demolishing, building and doing the new garden.
    • Natives vs. Exotics
    • Possible allergies and hay fever
    • Plants that do not require much water
    • Vegetation that looks nice and grows thick
    Flora Things to Consider Group Requirements
  • 16. Interactions of environments
    • Eco-Friendly Pool and Gym must work according to Shore tradition and rules and will not take away any Shore history
    • Colour scheme will blend in with surrounding buildings - maintaining character
    Socio Cultural
    • Local government approval is needed (North Sydney Council)
    • Sensitivity - height limit and decreased noise
    • Rainwater Catchment for watering plants
    • Purified rainwater can be used in the change rooms
    • Outdoor pool
    • Ventilation in gym and basketball area
    • Strongly ventilator change room to lessen odors
    Air Things to Consider Group Requirements
  • 17. Budget
    • Estimated cost of Eco-Friendly Pool and Gym Centre and services:
    • -$100,000 Demolition work
    • -$100,000 Landscaping
    • -$1,000,000 Filling in current pools and building new ones
    • -$2,500,000 Grandstand and change room
    • -$90,000 Rainwater tank
    • -$500,000 Solar Panels
    • -$25,000 Indoor seating and replacement basketball nets
    • +$470,00 Money saved from solar panels over a 11 year period
    • Estimated Total:
    • -$3,845,000
  • 18. Bibliography
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    • Acknowledgements:
    • Stuart Holman: Drawing Ideas, Scanning Help