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  • 1. Digital MarketingIt’s More than Just Marketing Suzanne EL-Moursi Digital Strategist & Creative Director @suzelmoursi
  • 2. First, who am I & why am I here• Interaction Designer by training (UX Design): Creative Director today• MS in Human Computer Interaction; emphasis in Social Anthropology• I study how people live, work and play to find Digital Brand innovations• I teach “this STUFF” @ Institute of Design (IIT) & DePaul University – Cinema & Digital Media15+ years in Digital Focus on multi-lingual experiences Diehard Atari lover!
  • 3. This presentation is aboutGrowing Relationships with Customers
  • 4. Why am I presenting this To emphasize theimportance of Creativity in Digital
  • 5. My goal today is to explain..• Why Digital Marketing is not really about Marketing• Interactive is the current and future face of Marketing• Multichannel Digital Strategy is the new “Marketing Mix”
  • 6. Keep in mind these ideas….• Digital Design for Engagement• Making it Fun & Interactive• Keep the Brand top of mind...LONGER• Multichannel: Bridge the Physical & Digital Channels
  • 7. Keep in mind these ideas….• Digital to me means  INTERACTIVE• Digital does not ONLY mean  Analytics, SEO, SEM, Social Media
  • 8. Headline News New technologies, fragmented media, and a new generation of empowered consumers are rapidly changing the world of advertising……
  • 9. Headline News We’re Spending Less Time Here.. -19% -33% -30%
  • 10. Headline News And More Time Here
  • 11. Headline NewsMedia Fragmentation is increasing. In 1971, the average person encountered approximately500 ad messages a day…
  • 12. Headline NewsToday, that number is almost5,000 making it harder to engage consumers..
  • 13. So WhatOur challenge as Digital Strategist: “How can I engage with this customer base in way that brings them back for more?”
  • 14. Headline News“Interactivity increasesBRAND RECALL 63% MORETHAN non interactive ads”
  • 15. “INTERACTIVITY INCREASES Headline News“TELL ME ANDBRAND RECALL 63% MORE Tell Me NON INTERACTIVE THAN and I‘ll forget; ADS” show me and I may remember; INVOLVE ME and I’ll understand.”
  • 16. Headline News Digital Customers are shifting from passive shoppers to active brand participants
  • 17. Customers Purchase of Products used to be more Linear Across Few Touch Points Awareness Consideration PurchaseCustomer Loyalty
  • 18. Today it is an explosion of multiple touchpoints Search Phone Retail Sponsorships Web/interactive E-mail Customer Social media Direct mail Tradeshows Mobile & Tablet TV & video Word of mouth
  • 19. Brands react: We’ve all been here!
  • 20. Give me some ofthat!
  • 21. & ultimately theBrand
  • 22. Social Engagement Higher Brand Engagement
  • 23. This is the ecosystem of Digital Marketing StrategyContainsinteractiveElements; Containsnot human to human Social elements, human to human Overlap of all interactions 3 forms of engagement Engagement occurs via Mobile device or location
  • 24. Digital Strategy has a role at each “mindset”
  • 25. Digital Strategy has a role at each “mindset”
  • 26. Best Digital Campaigns of 2011
  • 27. Audience: Young People across the USA
  • 28. CONCEPT:Placing each of the 320 pages of Jay Z’s book, Decode, in600 unique traditional , non traditional and digital advertisingPlacements in 15 cities around the worldRESULTS:11 min per visit on the specific website11.7% increase of visits to Bing per day$1.1 B worth of media impressions
  • 29. TakeawayMULTICHANNELOnline/offline doesn’t exist anymore, you should runa real multichannel campaign (≠multiple channels)to give people a chance to live an amazingexperience.
  • 30. Audience: Korean Adults
  • 31. CONCEPT:Allow people to shop with their phones. People should findTESCO Homeplus wherever they are without having to go toThe brick and mortar store. Moreover they could make gooduse of the wasted times and enjoy their free timeRESULTS:76% increase of online members & 130% of online salesHomeplus became #1 in online grocery shopping & is a veryclose 2nd offline.
  • 32. TakeawayUSE FREE TIMEPeople don’t want to lose time and are trying to“gain” back what they can whenever they can.Even in Europe, people increasingly ownsmartphones and use it to connect.
  • 33. Audience: Young Digitally-connected NYCers
  • 34. TakeawayTECHNOLOGY SHOULD ALWAYS BEUSEFULMarketers are sometimes nervous about or afraid oftechnology but nowadays, technology enables thepossibility of amazing experiences.
  • 35. Audience: Young Argentinians
  • 36. CONCEPT :Create a game that uses the virality of Twitter & celebritieswhile people keeping guessing.RESULTS :128% increase of their Twitter base183% increase of Facebook fan base (2nd largest fan base inLatin america)270% increase in sales to become the best sellingsmartphone in Argentina
  • 37. TakeawayPLAY WHERE YOUR USERS AREPeople love to play.And they love to play a lot.Also, people that are active on Twitter are typicallyextra involved in social networks online and offline.
  • 38.
  • 39. TakeawayPLAY WHERE YOUR USERS AREPeople love to play.And they love to play a lot.Also, people that are active on Twitter are typicallyextra involved in social networks online and offline.
  • 40. Thank You. Suzanne EL-Moursi Digital Strategist & Creative Director @suzelmoursi