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Sameera's Poetry Anthology

Sameera's Poetry Anthology






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Sameera's Poetry Anthology Sameera's Poetry Anthology Presentation Transcript

  • By Sameera Tony Box: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24994694@N04/2359431512/ My Anthology on Change
  • Change in People People change, all the time. Even you do. It is the hardest, when you change, and, your friend, Remains. It is also hardest, when your friends change, and you, are left, behind. Why can’t people stay the same? Oh right, We are not material things. People change but things don’t.
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “Change in People” I like using line breaks. I use them a lot and I alsoused them in this one. I also used a question ‘Whycan’t stay the same?’ When I read a question that’sSMACK in a poem, like BOOM, a question, I, thereader ask that question too, and that makes my readerread on to A) find the answer or B) think about theanswer if it’s not shown.
  • The World Changes The world changes, an awful lot. Because of us, Because of nature, but it changes, nevertheless. The world will, never be the same. Like it was a long, long time ago. Or will it?
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “The World Changes” Again, I used a question but this time at the end. This (usually) leaves the reader clueless or thinking about the answer. I like poems like that, it looks slightly serene and it looks like the author is daring the reader to find the answer on their own. It looks like the author has a deep, dark secret that you have to find and it makes the poem more interesting.
  • Change Change can be good,It can be a new favorite food! Change can be bad, It can make you sad.Take changes in your stride. Whatever happens, Prepare to be surprised!
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “Change”This one, if you noticed has bits of rhyme in it.Cheerful rhyming poems can have hippity-hoppitytunes but my poem has happy and sad. First, it says “Itcan be a new favorite food!” and then it drops to“Change can be bad, it can make you sad.” Poems likethis show the both sides of the topic and it is notOVERY joyful or OVERLY weepy either.
  • A Strange Change A strange change, is, your best friend, not talking, to YOU. A strange change, is, when you notice you are taller, than you dad. Strange changes happen. Nothing’s your fault.
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “A Strange Change”I bet you would have noticed that the title “A StrangeChange” rhymes. That was done on purpose! I alsogive examples like “Taller than your dad”so the readercan picture a beanpole girl looking down at her daduneasily. This show a slight image. Image is a goodtool to use because it gives the reader a chance tovisualize the poem and I love to visualize, and I hopemy reader will like visualizing my poem too.
  • When You’re Changing You grow taller, People notice you more. Friends galore! Lose friends, win friends. You find odd hobbies, That you never paid attention to before. Congratulations! You are changing and Growing up.
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “When You are Changing”There’s one point of time when you feel like you’rechanging SO much and nothing will ever feel the same.In this one I used a bit of examples from real-life.When you discover new things that you like you feelbetter because you are finding your true self. Thispoem is mostly about when you change and what(usually) happens.
  • Common Changes in Life A new friend, some go slow. a new pet, Changes come and go. a new life. Sometimes you’ll never know, A wonderful room, when a change has dropped in a wonderful book, and a wonderful dream. skipped out. A terrible word, a terrible test, a terrible bruise. Changes come and go. Some go fast, Tchockflex:http://www.flickr.com/photos/34901294@N06/4402549598/
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “Common Changes in Life”What a mixture! This poem has rhyme,personification, and, repetition. I repeated the firsttwo words three times and added a new word to theend each time, like “A terrible word, a terrible bruise, aterrible test.” So there was a pattern/beat/tune to it.
  • Why Does the World have to Change? Why does the world have to change? Why does the casserole go cold? Why can’t I be ten forever? Why do I have to change? Why did the Tasmanian Tiger have to go? Why did global warming happen? Why? Why? WHY??? Why does the world have to change? But why?
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in:“Why Does the World have to Change?”In this one I PURPOSELY made each and every line aquestion. A lot of questions make you look like you aremost curious about your topic and it also shows youcare about what you are writing and that’s importantbecause if you don’t show you care about your topicyour reader is, your reader is going to walk away saying“Wow, that author doesn’t really EXPRESS his/herthoughts about the topic.” Jumping from ‘Sunshine’ to‘Cotton Candy’ doesn’t help either. What I did was Istood on the same path throughout the poem and gavemy best to the topic: “Why Does the World have toChange?”
  • Little ChangesGoing to middle school, don’t let it get you, feeling scared. because if it does,Moving to a new place, you’re going to say feeling sad. “I shouldn’t have...” Little changes, for the rest of your life. happen. Just say, Little changes, “Everything will turn out okay.”’ feel big. And you’ll be fine, Little changes all the time. get you. Don’t let them get you!Like a jack-in-the-box. These little changes. Remember,
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “Little Changes”Here, I give examples of how you might feel about thetopic. “Moving to a new place. Feeling sad.” See, I justgave an example about moving to a new place. Givingexamples are good too because you add onto the topicand the reader can picture it more. It’s like imageryand it helps make your poem more realistic to thereader.
  • Changes are Everywhere! Big changes, small changes, noticeable changes. teeny changes, Any changes. tiny changes. Change, change, change. Change, change, change. Changes are everywhere! Changes are everywhere! Change, change, change. Time-to-time, Changes, Even, are, here and there! everywhere. Little changes, huge changes,
  • Thoughts, Tools, and, Things in: “Changes are Everywhere!”Do you think a poem can be a song and a song a poem?I think so and this poem shows it. At this point oftime I was at a point where I had ZERO ideas! So Iwrote this poem. Actually, I meant it to be sung on a“Heart and Soul” tune! But really, it is also a ‘list’ poem.
  • ‘Round the corner, ‘round the block. Changes never seem to stop! This is my first anthology. I always wrote poems in class but I never really focused on ONE single topic for a group of poems. I actually think it’s EASIER to write about one topic but it’s also more fun to writefreely. The reason I picked change was when I moved,I experienced a lot of change but I know there’s moreto come. Change was actually a difficult theme for my anthology, but again, there’s always next time! I hopeI can write more anthologies in the future (but I think I’ll use an easier topic!) Thanks for reading my anthology!