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Accede SEO presentation at WIB conference

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  • You have to first be foundCost associated with old vs new (%)Example of Billboards and the Information Superhighway
  • Optimization is long term investment, PPC is for short term traffic
  • Just scratching the surface
  • Before you can be found or pay to be found you have determine what are the best keywords to be found forPotential RIO for keyword rankings – key for Business Owners ROAS, AOV
  • It start when you purchase you domain name or website addressApplies to any account that has search associated with it
  • Quality over Quantity
  • More and More social signals will play bigger role in search engine rankings
  • Use PPC to do CRO in short term to gather data to optimize for the future
  • Be found

    1. 1. Be FoundHow Businesses were found before internet age• Print (Newspaper and Magazines)• Radio• TV• Billboards• Direct Mail• Word of MouthThe internet age introduced• Email• Search• Banner and Text Ads• Video• Social Media
    2. 2. Be FoundHow to get found on the internet• Establish a web presence – You must have real estate on the internet to be found – Your website, blog, social media pages are your internet real estate• Signal what your about – The content on your site needs to include the keywords you want to be found for• Pay to be found – Pay the search engines to send visitors to your site for the keywords you specify
    3. 3. Be Found
    4. 4. Be Found
    5. 5. Be FoundSome of the technicals• Submit sitemapAdd keyword to your HTML tags• URL, Title, Description, H1, Body Text, Image Name, Alt Text,View source code (mouse right click on any webpage)
    6. 6. Be FoundSome more technical• Sample Adword Pay Per Click Ad
    7. 7. Be RelevantKeywords, Keywords, KeywordsKeyword Research is very important for increasing online visibility• Keyword needs to have search volume• Easier to rank for keywords with low competition• (Keyword Tool)
    8. 8. Be RelevantProjection of keyword rankings correlation with conversionsMonthly Transaction = Volume * 1st Page Rank % * Conversion RateExample: Monthly Volume = 25,000, #1 Listing = .4, Conversion Rate = 2% Monthly Transactions = 25,000 * .4 * .02 Monthly Transactions = 10,000 * .02 Monthly Transactions = 200 with #1 listing
    9. 9. Be Relevant On page Optimization (SEO) • HMTL tags with visual images for each tag that should have targeted keywordsTitleURL Alt H1Body
    10. 10. Be RelevantOn page Optimization (SEO) - continued• Your blog posts and social account profiles• Beware of duplicate data – www vs. non www (301 redirect) – Title and Description tags should be different for every page on you website
    11. 11. Be RelevantOff Page Optimization• Backlinks – Other sites linking to you site – You really want sites relevant to your site to link to you – – You want authoritative sites linking to you – Links from other sites are endorsements for your website.
    12. 12. Be PopularAttracting Links• Blogging – Why blogging is so important • More indexed pages • More keywords you can target and rank for • Give valuable information for visitors and connect on a personal level – Creating great content • How to, Lesson Learned, Q&A, Top 10 list, Interviews, Infographics• Social Sharing – Include social buttons so visitors will share – A large community sends signal of popularity
    13. 13. Be PopularAttracting links – continued• Outreach – HARO Summary: Women Entrepreneurs - How do you drive traffic to your blog? Category: General Email: Media Outlet: Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 9 June Query: We are writing an article on the most efficient and effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog. What is the best advice for promoting your blog? Please share your one best tip/idea to be included in the article. Send your tip to Requirements: Women entrepreneur – Bloggers via Twitter
    14. 14. Be TrustworthyUser experience• Broken links• Response time• Navigation• Bounce Rate
    15. 15.
    16. 16. ReportingGoogle Analytics
    17. 17. Reporting
    18. 18. Reporting
    19. 19. Thank YouContact info:•••• @ronniethomas (Twitter)•• +Ronald Thomas (Google+)• 484 714-5950 (Cell Phone)