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7 2 Rates 7 2 Rates Presentation Transcript

  • Comparing CD Prices 7-2 Rates
  • Turn and Talk
    • What would you do with $1000?
    • What if you had to share it with your group?
    • What if you had to share it with your class?
    • $1000/26 people
    • That is a rate---it compares 2 quantities with different units. What are some other rates?
    • The ads use rates to describe sale prices. To compare prices in sales such as these, it’s often useful to find a unit rate. A Unit Rate is a rate in which one of the numbers being compared is 1 unit.
    CD SALE!!!! 5 for 49.95 HUGE SAVINGS!!! All discs on sale! 7 for $65.80
    • The comparisons “45 miles per gallon,” “$3.50 per hour,” “8.5 kilometers per hour,” and “two sandwiches for each person” are all unit rates. “Per gallon” means “for one gallon” and “per hour” means “for one hour.”
    • Which store has the lower price per CD?
    CD SALE!!!! 5 for 49.95 HUGE SAVINGS!!! All discs on sale! 7 for $65.80
    • What is the unit price for both stores?
    CD SALE!!!! 5 for 49.95 HUGE SAVINGS!!! All discs on sale! 7 for $65.80
    • Dario has two options for buying boxes of pasta. At Corner Market he can buy seven boxes of pasta for $6. at Super Foods he can buy six boxes of pasta for $5.
    • At Corner Market he divided 7 by 6 and got 1.16666667. He then divided 6 by 7 and got 0.85714286. He was confused. What do these numbers tell you about the price of boxes of pasta at Corner Market?
    • Decide which makes more sense to you. Use that division strategy to compare the two store prices. Which store offers the better deal.
    • Alison ran 24 miles in 3 hours. What is her average speed in miles per hour?
    • Write 228 feet in 24 seconds as a unit rate in feet per second.
    • Find the unit price per orange if it costs $2 for six oranges. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary.
  • your turn: Find each unit rate. Round to the nearest hundredth.
    • 300 tickets in 6 days
    • 220 miles in 8 gallons
    • $3 for 6 cans of soda
  • Choose the best buy
    • The costs of different sizes of peanut butter are shown at the right. Which jar costs the least per ounce?
    $10.89 80 oz $5.30 40 oz $2.49 12 oz Price Size
    • At the Corner Market store, you can buy eight cans of tomatoes for $9. The cans are the same size as those at Canned Stuff, which sells six cans for $5. Are the tomatoes at Corner Market a better buy?
  • 7-2 workbook problems
  • In book # 27 and 28
    • SLOPE = rate
  • Exit pass
    • Make up a comparison statement and swap with a partner. Choose the best buy.
  • Homework
    • P 294: 1, 3, 10-23, 30, 31