Orchestrated Content


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A position on how to approach digital content in a more interdisciplinary way, from the Content Strategy team at Razorfish, NYC

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Orchestrated Content

  1. 1. OrchestratedContentThe Content Problem We help businesses take charge ofContent planning today requires a deft hand. We must negotiate their content by uniting all existinga publishing landscape that’s as fractured as it is prolific. initiatives—such as a web campaign,Companies struggle to reach their customers in meaningful a mobile execution, a searchways across multiple channels, but they often end up telling astory that is so inconsistent that it undermines the central brand optimization plan—under a single,vision, compromising their relationships with their customers. measurable strategy.In attempting to stay on top of how their content is created, Value Through Orchestrationpublished, and shared, companies often adopt strategies thattend to be reactive and piecemeal. They create content in silos Content that is created without a coordinated, cross-disciplineto solve specific problems or fill specific channels, without strategy (or without a keen focus on the desired customerconsidering the big-picture effect; they duplicate content to engagement) isn’t likely to deliver full value. The chief benefit ofovercome the lack of platform coordination; and they publish orchestrated content lies in its ability to bring together all the loosecontent that lacks proper structure and tagging, losing the parts of content planning and to centralize both the managementopportunity to attract key audiences and produce accurate and measurement of the content behind it.performance measurement. Specifically, orchestrated content offers a number of advantages toContent, in short, could be businesses, including:doing more work… more easily, Efficiencies in time and cost due to integrated content teams, efforts, and thinkingefficiently, and effectively… in A unifying mission behind all owned (site), paid (media), andmore places… and for less money. earned (social) channels Consistent tone of voice and approach across properties Alignment of the branded interaction style across platformsHow We Help Businesses Speed in execution due to streamlined workflows More accurate performance measurement due toRazorfish tackles this content problem through an approach centralized reportingwe call Orchestrated Content. Orchestrated Content means Quicker collection of cross-channel analytics, supporting a faster and more holistic tactical responseconceiving and executing content in a broad way, acrossformats, campaigns, channels, disciplines, and individualstrategies themselves.
  2. 2. The OrchestratedContent Framework Research User Research Consumer Insights Search Analysis Strategy Measurement Messaging Channel Presence Metrics Client Content KPIs Governance Optimization Creation Management Copywriting Video Production Graphic Design Distribution Strategic Partnerships Social Community Building Search Engine MarketingOur Content Planning ApproachContent is never just an editorial issue. When we think about acontent plan, we keep the whole journey in sight, from envisioningand creating, to publishing and managing, to measuring andimproving. 1440 Broadway 19th FloorIn carrying out a content plan, we think holistically. We organize our New York, NY 10018team to execute content planning across skills (e.g., design) and 212 798 6600functions (e.g., analytics). Content planning is viewed as a living www.razorfish.comproposition, measurable against business objectives and adjustable @razorfishaccording to performance.