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AurthorRank Inforamtional...

AurthorRank Inforamtional...

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  • 1. By: Rufus LoufAUTHORRANK
  • 2. overview What is AuthorRank Basic Information Uses in Social Media Why I Think It’s Effective Conclusion Works cited
  • 3. What is AuthorRank? Simply put it is an online tool that works with Googles search engine that allows you to check your business’s social network’s page quality and rank.
  • 4. Basic Information Historically, search engines measured content quality based on the authority of a Web page; however AuthortRank takes into consideration the authority on the individual who created the content. To receive credit for the awesome content you create, you must first tie your network’s into Google’s+ profile.
  • 5. Basic Information Cont. Content will be scored on factors such as:  Amount of social signals (tweets, like, shares, etc.) and the influence of the people creating these signals.  Comments on social sites and the influence of the people leaving comments.  Relevancy and quality of inbound links that point to content. (basically the more the author writes about a topic and the more engagement that the content gets, the higher the AuthorRank score will be)
  • 6. Uses In Social Media Can be tied with a daily monitor for your social network pages allowing you on an insight to see how exactly they are doing and or if the content you put on them are working and if people are responding to them or not.
  • 7. Why It’s An Effective Tool Will help unsure good quality on your pages Produce you with prospects for more business Give you an advantage with higher ranks than competitors As well as ensure that you will not waste the money you invested in social media
  • 8. Conclusion What is AuthorRank Basic Information Uses in Social Media Why I Think It’s Effective Conclusion Works cited
  • 9. Works Cited prepare-for-authorrank-and-get-the-jump- on-google