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About me

  1. 1. About Me By: Raymundo Lopez.
  2. 2. Childhood My name is Raymundo . I’m 12 years old. My birthday is in September 21. I was born on Brownsville in 1998.
  3. 3. My great family! My mom’s name is Maria G. Lopez. My dad’s name is Carlos T. Lopez. I have a very nice sister but annoying too. Saulo A. Lopez is my brother he is kind mean! Last but not least I have to brothers that start with the letter N.
  4. 4. Funny Dog! I have one dog and his name is Snowy! He is very funny and he plays a lot. The bad thing is that he begs a lot. And sleeps a lot too.
  5. 5. Now this is a good thing to do! One of my favorite hobbies is to watch tv and eat at the same time. Playing football on the street is also one my favorite things. And the last thing is play video games without stopping is also one of my favorite hobbies.
  6. 6. Every thing including gym and band! I like all the subjects in my school because it helps my learn. Gym is one my favorite activities because I have fun. Band is also one of my favorite activities too. All this rocks!
  7. 7. Peter Piper Pizza! Peter piper pizza is where I like to eat! The reason why I like to eat here is because they give very good pizza and also because they have games. I also cause it is where we always eat! And because peter piper pizza is just the place I always loved.
  8. 8. Colors rock! Red is my favorite color I don’t know why. Blue is my favorite color cause it looks good on a car. Gold and silver are my Favorite colors too.
  9. 9. Cool Songs! My favorite songs are “No Dare Mi Vida”. “Al Maneser”is also one of my favorite songs. “Solo un tiempo mas”!!!! And “Eres mi amigo fiel”
  10. 10. My cool movies! My favorite movie is “Rambo”II “Spy Next Door” Also “Who I’m I” And “The Punisher”
  11. 11. Favorite singers! Samuel Hernandez Manny Monte Mundo Gomez And Terser Cielo
  12. 12. Best Friends! My Friend is Roger because we know each other since we were little. Another one of my favorite friends is Racho. Because he acts very funny that’s all. Isabella well because tells mi very scary stories. And Karen too she plays a lot with me and she hits bad when she gets mad.
  13. 13. Actors! Rambo is my actor because he makes very bloody movies. One my greatest actor is Jackie Chan fights so cool. Also the transporter guy he also fights very good too.
  14. 14. China! Is the place I would like to visit . Well because I want Know their language. Also try the food they eat. And maybe buy a little car.
  15. 15. Sports! Football is the sport I like because this game is played so ruff. Soccer is also one of my favorite sports. Its because I get to do tricks. Also basketball !
  16. 16. Things I love to do for fun! What I do for fun is go to the beach and surf in the big waves. Another thing I do for fun is go and play with my mom and it really is fun. What I also like to do is play with my friends. This is all I do for fun!
  17. 17. Have a great day and don’t forget to smile!