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Communications today! magazine

  1. 1. Communications today! November 2012 Edition 1 Year 1
  2. 2. Editorial With the raise of news technologies, comes your magazine COMMUNICATIONS TODAY. Here you can find a whole an informative analysis of the technological world, in a clear and simple way, just for our reader get all the knowledge require into the news way of communications. Raúl Gómez Editor in chief
  3. 3. TWITTER:“A new way tobe connected”Twitter is an online social networking service andmicroblogging service that enables its users to sendand read text-based messages of up to 140characters, known as "tweets".The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity,with over 500 million active users as of 2012,generating over 340 million tweets daily andhandling over 1.6 billion search queries per day.LogoTwitter has become internationally identifiable byits signature bird logo. The original logo was in usefrom its launch in March 2006 until September 2010.A slightly modified version succeeded the first stylewhen the website underwent its first redesign.
  4. 4. USE AND SOCIAL IMPACT Twitter has been used for a variety of purposes in many industries and scenarios. ForThe Hill on February example, it has been28, 2011 described used to organizeTwitter and other protests, sometimessocial media as a referred to as "Twitter"strategic weapon ... Revolutions", whichwhich have the include the 2011apparent ability to Egyptianre-align the social revolution, 2010–2011order in real Tunisian protests, 2009–time, with little or no 2010 Iranian electionadvanced warning." protests, and 2009During the Arab Moldova civil unrest.Spring in early The governments of2011, the number of Iran and Egypthashtags mentioning blocked the service inthe uprisings in Tunisia retaliation.and Egypt increased.
  5. 5. Vocabulary Follow : When you “follow” someone on Twitter, you add them to your Twitter reading list. Their tweets will appear automatically.  Retweet or RT: To Follower: It’s someone post what someone who is following you. else wrote again. However, followers on  Direct message/DM: Twitter are really casual. This is like a private People follow and message/PM on a unfollow other people bulletin board/forum freely. system. It’s just Timeline/stream: The list between you and of new the person who gets tweets/messages that it. No one else can you get from the people see it. If your you follow. message is Tweet: To post personal, use a DM. something to Twitter/to  Reply : If you start a write a message on message with a Twitter. @username, then that person gets a notice about it in their app or it’s listed in their Replies on
  6. 6. FACEBOOKFacebook is a social CRITICISMnetworking service Facebook has met withlaunched in February controversies. It has been2004, owned and blocked intermittently inoperated by several countries includingFacebook, Inc. As of the Peoples Republic ofSeptember China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pa2012, Facebook has over kistan, Syria (unblocked inone billion active Syria), and Bangladesh onuser, more than half of different bases. Forthem using Facebook on example, it was banneda mobile device. Users in many countries of themust register before using world on the basis ofthe site, after whicthey allowed content judgedmay create a personal as anti-Islamic andprofile; add other users as containing religiousfriends, and exchange discrimination. It has alsomessages, including been banned at manyautomatic notifications workplaces to preventwhen they update their employees from using itprofile. Additionally, users during work hours.may join common-interest usergroups, organized byworkplace, school orcollege, or othercharacteristics, andcategorize their friendsinto lists such as "PeopleFrom Work" or "Close
  7. 7. IMPACT MediaIn April 2011, Facebooklaunched a new portal for Socialmarketers and creative Facebook has affected theagencies to help them social life and activity ofdevelop brand promotions on people in various ways. With its availability on manyFacebook. The company mobile devices, Facebookbegan its push by inviting a allows users to continuouslyselect group of British stay in touch withadvertising leaders to meet friends, relatives and otherFacebooks top executives at acquaintances whereveran "influencers summit" in they are in the world, as long as there is access to theFebruary 2010. Facebook has Internet. It can also unitenow been involved in people with commoncampaigns for True interests and/or beliefsBlood, American Idol, and Top through groups and otherGear. News and media outlets pages, and has been knownsuch as the Washington to reunite lost family members and friendsPost, Financial Times and ABC because of the widespreadNews have used aggregated reach of its network. OneFacebook fan data to create such reunion was betweenvarious infographics and charts John Watson and theto accompany their articles. daughter he had been seeking for 20 years. They met after Watson found her Facebook profile. Another father-daughter reunion was between Tony Macnauton and Frances Simpson, who had not seen each other for nearly 48 years.
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  9. 9. Editorial Group:Raul Gomez
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