The Holy Triad


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This is a descriptor/best practice slideshow about the top social networks. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This slideshow talks about social norms, purpose, applications and frequency of each network.

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The Holy Triad

  1. 1. The Holy Triad | Facebook | Twitter
  2. 2. First, Some Math • More than 70% of U.S. 4 year old have used a computer • It took 4 years to the internet to reach 50m (radio took 38, TV took 13) (Facebook 2 years) • Number of internet devices in 2008: 1 billion (1,000 in 1984) • 60% of Americans use social media – Of that 60% another 59% interact with businesses on their sites. – 41% said businesses should solicit feedback on products and services – 37% said businesses should develop new ways for consumers to interact with their brand – 25% said businesses should market to clients – 93% of social media users feel a business should have a presence in social media because they are better served with direct contact. • More people use Social Media than email as of March 2009 • Facebook has over 200,000,000 active members (5th largest country) • Twitter has over 32,000,000 active members (not counting api)
  3. 3. Questions We Will Answer • Why use The Holy Triad? • What are their demographics? • What are some examples of success? • What is the purpose for each network? • What are the social norms for the network(s)? • How do I use the application options? • How do I automate and tie all profiles together?
  4. 4. Why Use The Holy Triad? – Reputation Management – Customer Service – Public Relations – Customer Acquisition – Create Brand Communities – Thought Leadership – Networking
  5. 5. • Personality: White Collar Resume • Purpose: Gobbledy Gook bio and networking with business professionals • How to act: Polite, complementary, inquisitive, professiona l, helpful • Time Spent: Once a week
  6. 6. Best Practices • Post meeting networking and messages • Status update infrequently (once or twice a week) • Surf (RSS) questions to see if you can help others and become a thought leader in the network • Explore your connection’s connections. • Email contact recruitment (CSV File)
  7. 7. Demographics Nearly 60% of users have incomes of $93,000 or more. Executives with an average income of $104,000 make up 28% of the 2,000 random users polled for the study. Another 30% are self-identified “consultants” with an average income of $93,000. Those with incomes between $200-$350k were seven times more likely to have at least 150 connections than lower income users.
  8. 8. Must Use Applications • Wordpress/Typepad • Slideshare • Questions • Polls • Amazon Reading List •
  9. 9. Case Study/Insider Prospecting • Warren Heaps: Targets proper decision makers. Positive approaches through LI 1. Open Companies, then click quot;Show Morequot; 2. Select the sizes of firm you want to find, and any other parameters depending on your focus (eg industry/geographic). 3. Select whether you want to limit it to your network or not. 4. Save your searches as favorites to repeat the process in a systematic way. 5. Link Linkedin to your CRM software and manage contacts in it.
  10. 10. • Personality: Laid back, fun and friendly • Purpose: Reconnecting, meeting new people, mobilizing common interests/events, games, causes, sharing photos & video • How to act: Polite, “cheeky”, funny, informal, helpful, invol ved, be yourself • Time Spent: 3-4 days a week (it’s addictive)
  11. 11. Best Practices • Build a profile for you and a page for your business/practice • Status update moderate frequency (once a day or every other day) • Comment, “like,” or write to friends about things they post. • Content is king. Upload photos and videos then let others explore. • Don’t over use applications and for god sakes, don’t invite your friends to participate unless you truly think they will like it.
  12. 12. Best Practices • Personal note: Stay away from talking about religion and politics. Usually doesn’t work well because tone and emotion is hard to convey • Email contact scan for friends • Automate other networks (Digg, Delicious, Flickr,, Picasa, RSS, but keep Twitter separate) • Don’t worry about grammar, but spelling should be kept in check • Profile photo should be of you, page image should be of your company/practice • Landing page settings: Wall
  13. 13. Demographics Insidefacebook: 45% of the social network’s US users are ages 26 and older, and nearly 25% are over age 34.
  14. 14. Must Use Applications • Simple RSS • Causes • HotPrints • WeRead • Video • Photos • Groups •
  15. 15. Case Studies • The O Foundation (cancer prevention): • - 4,653,193 supporters • - $87,207 donated • Threadless: • - 55k fans • - Monday new shirt announcements • - Thursday hourly video give away • Dell: • - Social Media for Small Business (33k fans) • - Fan Page 28k fans • - 7 other pages
  16. 16. • Personality: Laid back, fun, professional, constant and friendly, polite • Purpose: Gathering followers, meeting new people, mobilizing common interests/events, sharing photos & news/stuff, spreading the word • How to act: Polite, “cheeky”, funny, informal, helpful, involved, be yourself, be random, • Time Spent: You could spend all day everyday on Twitter. There is so much information being shared that one could go crazy trying to keep up. Try to limit to your free time during the day (Scanning works best) Think of Twitter as the newspaper delivery boy for your personal Interests
  17. 17. Best Practices • Build a custom background using a relevant image to you personally • Operate separate accounts for your business and you personal profiles • Use a real picture of yourself • No auto DM messages • Follow people you like back and thank them using @ message • “ReTweet” (RT) stories you like and keep source in message.
  18. 18. Best Practices • Leave messages short with a tiny URL to main story for viral intent • Follow people with a large following • Do not use numbers or underscores for your profile if possible • Fill out your bio with keywords • Pick a real location in your bio • Always include a hyperlink in bio • Email contact scan for friends • Spelling and grammar are not really important
  19. 19. Demographics Twitter currently has 32 million monthly users
  20. 20. Must Use Applications • HootSuite • Tweetdeck/Twirl • • HubSpot Grader • Twitpic • PollDaddy • Tinyurl •
  21. 21. Case Studies • Comcast – Comcast Cares (customer service) • Bluefly – Couponing • Still Alice Lisa Genova – unpublished to NYT best seller (promotion) • Dell – internal/external and outlet selling (accessibility) • Congress/Ashton Kutcher and thought leadership (media broadcasting)
  22. 22. Automation • Status management extraordinaire • RSS (twitterfeed, hootsuite) – Blog – Bookmarks – Flickr – Google News (careful) • Facebook
  23. 23. Questions?