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LinkedIn Training - Lake Grove Job Seekers
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LinkedIn Training - Lake Grove Job Seekers


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Garrett Ira | Community Manager Web: Email: LinkedIn:
  • 2.
    • Determine the REAL value of LinkedIn as a job seeker
    • Learn the steps and best practices for completing your profile
    • Discover how to leverage LinkedIn after profile completion
    Goals For Today
  • 3. What is the value of LinkedIn as a Job Seeker? “ If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevancy even less” - General Eric Shinseki
    • Take control of your personal brand
    • Up to 86% of recruiters use LinkedIn
    • Most valuable social media tool for job seekers
  • 4. Have you Googled Yourself? LinkedIn ranks very well
  • 5. How Do I Learn to Use LinkedIn?
    • Attend events and workshops
    • Get help from your mentor
    • Keep up with changes:
      • Read your weekly LinkedIn Network Update email
      • Follow Viveka von Rosen:
      • Use often
  • 6. LinkedIn Steps to Success
    • Customize your LinkedIn URL
      • Edit Profile > Edit Public Profile > Edit URL
    • Complete your profile
      • Summary
      • Specialties
      • Experience
      • Education
      • Recommendations
      • Additional Information
    • Join at least 3 groups
    • Get Recommended
    • Add all RELEVANT, PROFESSIONAL connections
    • Be Proactive
  • 7. Use the LGJS Resume Format
    • Summary = Use “Career Profile” from resume
    • Specialties = Use “Areas of Excellence” from resume
    • Experience
      • Use “Professional Experience” descriptions from resume
      • Add relevant points from “Professional Accomplishments”
      • Do not exceed 6 lines underneath each past position
      • Seek assistance from your mentor
    • Education = “Education” from resume
    [ Grab the employer’s attention quickly. Don’t “dump” data.
  • 8. Complete Your Profile
      • Complete 100% of Your Profile
      • Put yourself in the position of a recruiter
        • Complete profile vs. incomplete
        • Complete profile = complete employee
      • Don’t be overly detailed. Must be complete, but scanable. Link to your resume if necessary.
      • Don’t skip the profile picture
        • Why?
    Keep 100% Professionally Relevant
  • 9. Join at Least Three Groups
    • Keyword search will find groups with the name in the title AND other relevant groups
    • Some groups are very beneficial and meet in person periodically
    • Some are simply to share information, and show interest and association on your profile
  • 10. Get Recommended
    • Most powerful tool for building credibility
    • Shoot for 1+ recommendations for each position
    • Give the person you’re asking 3 points to highlight
      • Increases the likelihood that they will follow through
      • Prevents an unusable recommendation and wasted time
  • 11. Additional & Personal Information
    • Use your best judgment
    • Leaving this section blank is OK
    • “ Professional & Relevant” still apply to this section
    • LinkedIn is NOT Facebook
  • 12. New Feature: “Add a Section”
    • These will be displayed much lower on your profile
    • They are redundant to your summary and specialties
    • Don’t spend much time on these at this point
  • 13. Add All Relevant, Professional Connections
    • The QUALITY of your network is more important than the QUANTITY
    • Add anyone who you have connected with in a professional setting
    • Do not accept requests from people you don’t know
    • Don’t worry about having the most connections
  • 14. Be Proactive
    • Follow your target organizations
    • Find secondary connections from your target companies
    • Get introductions
    • Be bold and reach out to people
      • Worst case scenario = no
  • 15. Don’t Freak Out.
    • Start slow & take one step at a time
    • Have a mentor review your profile
    • Find this presentation at
    One Last Thing
  • 16. Questions?
  • 17. Sources