Facebook Page Timeline Guide


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A Quick guide to all new changes to Facebook Page Timeline and what it means for design

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Facebook Page Timeline Guide

  1. 1. Page Timeline Guide
  2. 2. IntroductionFacebook has made dramatic changes to their Business Page platform thatwill be mandatory March 30th, 2012. This slide deck is a simple guide of whatassets are required and how page changes impact your business.
  3. 3. Timeline Glossary of AssetsPrimary Assets Secondary Assets• Timeline Photo – Top Photo on • Timeline Images Page – Dimensions: 400w x 400h pixels – Dimensions - 850w x 315h pixels – Copy Description • Highlights• Profile Image – (Also Used as – Images: 843w x 403h pixels Thumbnail) – Video: 843x x 474h pixels – Dimensions - 180w x 180h pixels • Milestones – Dimensions - 843w x 403h pixels• Application (tab) Images – Title of Milestone – Dimensions - 111w x 74h pixels – Date of Occurrence – “Story” Behind Milestone• Application Icons • Application Canvas – Dimensions – 16w x 16h pixels – Dimensions – 810w x 2000h pixels – No designated “Landing Tab”
  4. 4. First!1. DO NOT CONVERT YOUR PAGE TO PREVIEW MODE! – Bonfire will convert your page for you.2. IF YOU DO CONVERT YOUR PAGE TO PREVIEW, DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR PAGE – Your page formatting will be incorrect. Let Bonfire do this for you. NO! NO!
  5. 5. Part 1PRIMARY ASSETS
  6. 6. Cover PhotoCover photos are a visual representation of your company. The image takesup a sizable amount of real estate so much care should be taken. There is alot of creativity that can be applied to a Cover Photo. Here are a fewexamples:• http://agbeat.com/real-estate-technology-new-media/40-brands-using- timeline-cover-photos-on-facebook-pages/• COVER PHOTOS CANNOT HAVE: – Price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it at our website" – Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Pages About section – References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features – Calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends" 850w Pixels315h Pixels
  7. 7. Profile ImageProfile images should clearly represent your brand. Small text or compleximages are not recommended as the image will show up as a very smallthumbnail (32w x 32h pixels) in the News Feed. Extra points for Cover Photoincorporation.• http://mashable.com/2012/02/29/facebook-timeline-pages-cover- photos/#5145710-Kate-Spade• http://mashable.com/2012/02/29/facebook-timeline-pages-cover- photos/#5145316-Ford 180w Pixels 180h Pixels
  8. 8. Application Image & Application IconApplication Photos are something brand new with Facebook. A page canfeature 3 applications (otherwise known as Tabs), but can have 12 total on apage. In addition to the new Application photos, there are also icons for theapplications that are displayed. There are no restrictions to calls to action, butbecause the images are so small, they have their limitations. The photosapplication is non-movable and the image on the photos application is themost recently uploaded photo. All other applications can be shifted in theorder of your desire. 111w Pixels Application Image 74h Pixels Application Icon 16 x 16 Pixels
  10. 10. Timeline Images – Single ImageBy default, images are displayed on the Page Timeline as 400w x 400h Pixelsmaximum. That means smaller images will be expanded and larger imageswill be compressed. Images can also be expanded as a Timeline Highlight.Highlights expand photos to 843w x 403h pixels. We will elaborate on thisfeature on the next slide. For optimal display, uploading large images at 843wx 403h pixels with a square focal point to the image is best. Position of thefocal point can be adjusted once the image is uploaded. 400w Pixels 400H Pixels
  11. 11. Timeline Images – Image AlbumFor standard Timeline images in an album, the featured image is still 400w x 400hpixels. Again, that means smaller images will be expanded and larger images will becompressed. Images can also be expanded as a Timeline Highlight. Highlights expandphotos to 843w x 403h pixels. We will elaborate on this feature on the next slide. Inaddition to the featured image, 3 additional images are displayed underneath thefeatured images at 130w x 130h pixels. These sub images are displayed in the orderthe album was uploaded, oldest to newest. The order cannot be adjusted once thealbum has been created. The featured image can be adjusted and interchanged at anytime, but the sub images cannot be adjusted (set to center focal point) orinterchanged so it is important the album is created in proper order. Featured Image Sub Images
  12. 12. Highlights Highlights are completely new to Facebook Pages. Highlights can be any form of content a page wants featured within the Timeline. Once enabled, Highlights are expanded to fill the entire Timeline widthwise. Video links from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing network are automatically expanded, so it is important to use HD wherever possible. Photo albums are shown much like standard Timeline images, except now there are 7 sub photo images displayed in order of oldest to newest upload. Once again, these images are not adjustable in anyway. Album MeasurementsVideo Measurements Image Measurements843w x 474h pixels 843w x 403h pixels 843w x 403h pixels (image) 130w x 130h pixels (sub image)
  13. 13. MilestonesMilestones signify recognizable events for pages. Milestones are can be accompanied by aHighlight image (843w x 403h pixels) and usually have descriptive copy around the event.Milestones can be anything, but a page should make it interesting and fun for the user. If a page isuploading several milestones after Timeline is in the “live” format, consider checking the box thatwill hide it from the News Feed to avoid spamming your audience with a very high frequency.Another option is to strategically separating when milestones are added and integrate them witha content calendar. Title of Milestone Location of Milestone Date of Milestone Description of Milestone Image of Milestone
  14. 14. Application CanvasThe previous format restricted Applications or “Tabs” to 520w x 2000h pixels. Facebook has nowexpanded the canvas to a much larger 810w x 2000h pixels size. Applications can still be iframedand widgets can be added, but creating much larger imagery will be much more advantageous foryour brand. The one drawback to the new format is pages cannot designate which tab a “non-liker” lands on for the page. By default, all visitors land on the Timeline. This cannot be changed.The Application canvas size still has lots of bugs, so if you want to still create graphics in 520w, theapplication will be centered on the page. 810w Pixels 2000h Pixels
  15. 15. SummaryThere are many changes Facebook introducedand all are required by March 30th 2012. It isimportant to begin developing necessary assetsand be prepared to convert the page toTimeline. If you have any questions, pleasecontact your Bonfire representative. We arehere to assist in any way possible.