Bonfire Description Of Services


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A quick SlideShow of What Bonfire Does for Clients and Available Services

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Bonfire Description Of Services

  1. 1. p:503.332.5604 | f:503.200.1218 | | Marketing Campaign Design Implementation & Management Bonfire Marketing builds measurable and effective marketing campaigns incorporating multiple media tools and tactics that make a unforgettable impact for businesses* *translation: we make cool stuff that works…
  2. 2. Web Design & Social Media Design, Strategy & Implementation Web Design & Development Blog Publishing/Development Public Relations and Press Releases Keyword Targeting Search Engine Optimization Media Planning and Media Buying Social Platform Customization Wiki Page Development Web Analytics and Benchmarking Market Research and Target Marketing Corporate Twitter Integration Training and Counseling Contact Mining and Client Response Management
  3. 3. Social Media Optimization Best Practices and Social Norms Blog/RSS/Profile Automation Communication Tool Instruction Corporate Twitter Integration Analytics and Traffic Sourcing Broadcasting and Keyword Optimization Social Platform Customization Wiki Page Development
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization Keyword Analysis Competitive Landscape Link Placement Sitemap/RSS Inclusion Authoritative Targeting Social Bookmarking Press Releases Web Page Indexing
  5. 5. Corporate Twitter Monitoring, Multi-Tiered Profile Management and Automation Twitter Keyword Analysis Competitive Keyword Monitoring Response Designation and Allocation Multi User Profile Integration Conversation Management Social Norm Training and Best Practice
  6. 6. Monitoring Dashboard & Management Realtime Search Engine Keyword Monitoring Realtime Twitter Keyword Monitoring Review, Reminder and Marketing Management Realtime Geographic, Industry and Topic News Flexible and Completely Adaptable
  7. 7. p:503.332.5604 | f:503.200.1218 | | In Summary Although we place a lot of emphasis on Social Media, We never forget the importance of Traditional Marketing Channels. In short we focus on the future, but won’t ignore what has worked in the past. That makes us think more creatively and incorporate what works best for your company. We believe in something called Media Immunity. That means once a certain media channel reaches “critical mass” and is adopted by a target market, is exactly the time they become immune to messaging. Bonfire stays ahead of the curve and creatively builds messages for both early media adaptors and traditional media users. The ways of communication are changing faster than ever. Use our knowledge and experience to reach your target market effectively and grow your business. We can manage your entire marketing campaign, making it easier and more effective than you have ever imagined. We can’t wait to start working with you.