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Locative Media Killerclub '05
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Locative Media Killerclub '05


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Locative Media @ Waag Society
  • 2. Amsterdam Realtime • Waag Society together with Esther Polak • Exhibition 'Maps of Amsterdam 1866-2000' at the Amsterdam City Archive • During two months residents draw personal mental maps in realtime by having their everyday routes traced.
  • 3. Frequency 1550 • UMTS pilot together with KPN and 12-14 year old students from IVKO. • Educational mobile game on medieval history of Amsterdam • "The miracle of Amsterdam" • Pelgrims come to the rescue • 6 teams compete by creating media, navigating, collaborating and strategic play
  • 4. Frequency 1550 • Zone boundaries and assignment locations triggered movies • Assignments answered by sending in photo’s, movies and text
  • 5. N8Spel • City Game for ‘Museumnacht 2005’ (N8) supported by KPN. • 13 teams compete to draw the most creative 8 onto the center of Amsterdam • images and movies related to location to express creativity • live-tracking of all teams in Theatrum Anatomicum and on the Nieuwmarkt • live videophone connection
  • 6. Sandbox • Playground = Waag Society & Blast Radius • Enriching city locations with Creative Commons content • Providing a (mobile) toolbox for locative community building • based on web 2.0 principles for social interaction and content creation • status pending finance Ruimte voor Geo Informatie (BSIK)
  • 7. Mobile Learning Game Kit • Waag Society, MediaLab Amsterdam HvA, MediaStudies UvA • (Mobile) Toolkit for development of location-based eductional games • learning by creating a game • Pilots for functional illiterates and students media archeology medio 2006 • status: financed by Surf, started
  • 8. Mobile Math • Het Vathorst College, het Amadeus Lyceum, het Freudental Instituut & Waag Society • Mobile Game to teach Mathematics to 12 - 14 year old students • ‘Da Vinci Code’-type treasure hunt solving assignments using math • Viewing the city as data (architecture, demographics, people flow etc) • research on disconnecting the game location and storyline. • status awaiting finance
  • 9. Frequency Nu • Mobile City Game for 13 -17 year old students • Discuss current issues from different personal cultural/ethnic backgrounds • Learning by developing game content • status: ongoing discussions with Amsterdam City Council
  • 10. 10 x Frequency 1550 • MSA and IVLOS (Interfacultair Instituut voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Studievaardigheden) • 10 groups playing the game vs 10 groups having traditional education • research on experienced based learning • motivational effects • short term / long term learning effects • improve transmissability • finetuning software & gameplay
  • 11. EU-India • EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme • OpenCultures: Waag Society, Sarai (New Delhi) en Public Netbase (Wenen) • Knowledge exchange between Europe and India on consequences of the information society • Geotagging and CC-lincensing photo’s and movies using mobile tools • status started