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Designing The Augmented City
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Designing The Augmented City


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  • 1. Designing the Augmented City by Ronald Lenz
  • 2. Ronald Lenz Research head Locative Media @ Waag Society Creative Director @ 7scenes Strategist, technologist and researcher in location-based mobile services and experiences
  • 3. Waag Society Medialab in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Creative technology for social innovation Education, Healthcare, Arts&Culture, Sustainability & Public Domain
  • 4. 7scenes Mobile and online platform for creating, publishing, playing and sharing GPS games and tours
  • 5. The City is forever changing...
  • 6. The City is forever changing...
  • 7. The City is forever changing...
  • 8. The City is layered Di!erent layers with di!erent tastes: historical, social, economical, cultural, religious and much more But most are often hidden and not linked
  • 9. The City is personal You’re connected through friends, family, work, memories, places, emotions and always have been and always will be...
  • 10. The City is mobile Mobile as in an ever-moving stream of information, goods and people
  • 11. The City is mobile Mobile as in connected through mobile phones Used for internet, navigation, tracking, communication, media recording & playback, games, hyper-local services and more insert latest mobile internet and gps smartphones stats here Yes it’s true what they say: Mobile is the new Mass Medium
  • 12. The City is virtual We know this - we have been mapping the City for quite some time now
  • 13. The City is designed no longer just by traditional urban planners and architects shaped by geo-tagged tweets, wikipedia notes, reviews, user photos & videos, check-ins, gps games, mobile interactive tours, AR local search
  • 14. The City is designed but it’s not always a deliberate design new rules apply - the City is a new design paradigm
  • 15. The City is designed how do we want to see the city? which experiences do we want to design? we’ve only just started and we need new tools!
  • 16. A new platform
  • 17. 7scenes Mobile and online platform for creating, publishing, playing and sharing GPS games and tours
  • 18. Create & Publish All web-based, easy drag&drop interface Select & configure templates such as role-playing, trading, treasure hunt & interactive story Add tasks, photos, videos, sounds, notes & rewards to locations on a map Publish for events or to everyone
  • 19. Play Navigate places live on a map Location-based interaction: view media/content, perform tasks, upload photos and notes, pick up rewards Multi-user gameplay: confrontations & trading, message with players Collaborate with web-player
  • 20. Share Set up scene pages for your project’s communication All interaction can be broadcast live All player interaction is archived for playback later Share your project with widgets
  • 21. Project Designed for use by organisations such as schools & universities, museums, tourist boards, event organisers, publishers and more Use for any kind of purpose and content Full administration control to manage content, editors and users
  • 22. And never forget - The City is playful
  • 23. Some of our cases
  • 24. Amsterdam Realtime A new collaborative realtime map of Amsterdam
  • 25. N8 Geodrawing competition during annual museum night
  • 26. Futuresonic festival New location-based festival report
  • 27. Sarai, Delhi, India Creating psycho-geographic maps & mapping the Old Delhi City wall
  • 28. Frequency 1550 Educational mobile game blending mediaeval history out in the streets of Amsterdam
  • 29. Mobile Learning Game Kit Full toolkit to create mobile ‘lessons’ with collaboration UvA and Medialab Amsterdam A full set of production tools
  • 30. Amsterdam City archive Extending exhibitions onto the streets
  • 31. Anne Frank house Exploring Anne Frank’s neighbourhood as she did over 60 years ago
  • 32. Games Atelier Learn by creating and playing mobile games a full educational program, available in all Dutch schools
  • 33. Timemachine Traveling through the Dutch Golden ages in your car
  • 34. Rituals Personal religious journey through Amsterdam
  • 35. The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost Discover the secret behind Adelaide’s first urban designer The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost Discovering history, the city & people
  • 36. The map - collect symbol sets at locations Cut out the decoder
  • 37. Re-architect Photographic treasure hunt exploring Hong Kong’s architecture Think like an architect for a day Collaboration HK Design Institute and Polytechnic University
  • 38. Fort Amsterdam Role playing game about Dutch roots of NYC Strong theatrics and physical gameplay
  • 39. Fort Amsterdam Role playing game about Dutch roots of NYC Strong theatrics and physical gameplay
  • 40. The Island Urban game on shared trading history of Amsterdam and NYC Connecting the two cities in real-time! Players trade like merchants did 400 years ago Respond to the changing market values determined by historic facts
  • 41. Global Gincana Combining traditional Gincana with mobile gaming: Mobile Gincana Creating cultural games for students in another city and playing them made by students from another city Connecting Sao Paulo/Brazil and Amsterdam/Holland
  • 42. So what’s next?
  • 43. The City is a platform In -- the ‘Open City’ all services will be connected and the City will have an API for 3rd party developers -- But what should these new designers take into consideration? -- -- -- --
  • 44. The City is a stage Create experiences that change people’s perceptions of the city (we will have location-based information services in abundance) Think theatrical and playful performance - always remind yourself to fully make use of the physical City and everyone and everything moving
  • 45. The City is a stage Find synergy between location, physical objects, mediated content, narrative, gameplay, people and activities People are intrinsically active, they just need the right trigger (we’ve all been kids) Sharing the experience is important, both in the moment and after “It’s about the story stupid” - combine all tools / media / channels needed Prototyping is the only way - you never get it right the 1st, 2nd, ... time
  • 46. The City is yours! Yes it’s yours - you are the new urbanists! So what kind of scenarios are you thinking of right now? What are the opportunities and challenges you see in the near future? What kind of technological breakthrough would really help you? What do you demand from new mobile urban design toolkits? Which talents are required to create a lasting immersive experience?
  • 47. Thanks! Any Questions?