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Facilitators Training
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Facilitators Training


Published on

Seminar on how to become a Facilitator in RLCC

Seminar on how to become a Facilitator in RLCC

Published in: Spiritual, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Welcome to
    Facilitators Training
  • 2. Our Mission
    To reconcile the world with Godand with each otherby building communities of faithfor every people groupin every strategic areaby the power of the Holy Spiritfor the glory of God.
  • 3. Our Vision
    To become acommunity of communitieswhere the presence, power and purpose of Christare fulfilledin and through each one.
  • 4. Our Strategy
    Preach the Gospel
    Lead seekers to genuine conversion
    Assimilate believers into the body of Christ
    Nurture believers into faithful disciples
    Train potential leaders & deploy them
  • 5. Our Strategy in Detail
  • 6.
  • 7. Our Quarterly Schedule
  • 8. Our Quarterly Schedule
  • 9. Our Quarterly Schedule
  • 10. Our Quarterly Schedule
  • 11. Who can be a Facilitator?
    A faithful Participating or Covenant Member
    He or she is faithfully participating in the journey of communityship.
    Someone who is doing his or her Life Journaling on a regular basis.
    Someone who is willing to be assigned as a Facilitator of a Prayer Group or Velcro Group for at least three months.
  • 12. How to Facilitate
    Know the purpose of the group.
    Know the participants of the group.
    Know the topic of discussion.
    Know the procedure for the group.
    Know the next steps.
  • 13. The Purpose of Each Group
  • 14. What is a Prayer Group?
    A Prayer Group is a small group of at least 2 to 3 members who meets in a home, workplace or school, in order to share and pray for each other.
    There may or may not be a word time during these meetings.
    We want Participating Members to facilitate this kind of small group as much as possible.
    This is the key to penetrating “restricted” fishing pools (e.g. offices, schools, factories, etc.).
  • 15. What is a “Velcro” Group?
    A “Velcro” Group is a small to medium-sized group that meets in the church premises.
    It is intended to provide a safe place for people to get to know each other.
    We want people to be retained through these groups. Thus we call it “Velcro” Groups.
    The commitment is only for three months.
    We want Covenant Members to facilitate this kind of small group as much as possible.
  • 16. 3 Types of “Velcro” Groups
    Share Group – a small group that is formed instantly to discuss a message.
    Growth Group – a small group that meets for ten weeks to help each other grow.
    Task Group – a group that is responsible for fulfilling a certain task (e.g. ushering, singing, etc.) while helping each other grow.
  • 17. Participants of Each Group
  • 18. Participants of a Prayer Group
    Skeptics, Seekers or Stranded believers who are part of your immediate world.
    They may be your classmates, officemates or people you always meet.
    They can also be your family members or relatives.
  • 19. Participants of a “Velcro” Group
    People who attend the SWC or FNH or any other ministry event who are not members of RLCC.
    These groups are not intended for members unless they are facilitating it.
  • 20. Topics for Each Group
  • 21. Topics in a Prayer Group
    Experiences of each person.
    Talk about what you’re reading or learning, or any question or issue you want to talk about.
    Let it be natural and spontaneous.
    Focus on what God may be doing in each person’s life.
    Talk about answered prayers.
  • 22. Topics in “Velcro” Groups
    The topic discussed in a Share Group is the same topic taught during a message. Do not discuss any other topic!
    The topic discussed in a Growth Groupand Task Group is the Life Journal entry of each person in the group.
    Ministry is also discussed during a Task Groupmeeting.
  • 23. Procedures for Each Group
  • 24. Procedure for a Prayer Group
    Greet each other and ask how each one is doing.
    Listen to each other’s sharing. Each one can share about life experiences, what they’re learning, or any question or issue they want to talk about.
    Let each one share what they believe God may want to say in each situation. Share your Life Journal entry if appropriate and helpful.
    End in prayer and worship with thanksgiving.
  • 25. Procedure for a Share Group
    Get to know one another.
    Go through the discussion questions one by one.
    Add follow-up questions if necessary.
    Encourage everyone to participate.
    Be aware of what’s going on in the group.
    Summarize repeatedly and seek consensus.
    Talk to the whole group, not just to one person.
    Don’t preach! DON’T PREACH! DON’T!!!
  • 26. Procedure for a Growth Group
    Get to know one another (1st meeting/new member).
    Open in prayer.
    Ask each one how they’re doing. Listen to each other and pray for each other.
    Let each one share his/her Life Journal entry.
    Ask questions, if necessary, to clarify or probe.
    Affirm each other.
    Ask each one what they’ve learned. Summarize!
    Agree on action points and close in prayer.
    Decide the time & place for your next meeting.
  • 27. Procedure for a Task Group
    The first part of a Task Group meeting is the same as a Growth Group meeting.
    The second part is about the ministry of the Task Group or the assignments of Task Group members.
    Close in prayer.
    Decide on the time & place for your next meeting.
  • 28. Next Steps
  • 29. Next Steps for Each Person
    First-time Guests: Fill-up Welcome Form
    Skeptics: Invite to an event (or again).
    Seekers: Invite to RLBS or Freedom Day
    Believers: Invite to Life Journaling Seminar or Fellowship (e.g. ReMix, H2H, Hangout, etc.)
    Regular Attendees: Invite to Journey of Communityship Seminar and also to join a LIFE Group
  • 30.
  • 31. Practice Time