Converting an eMail Culture into a SharePoint Culture


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All of us use eMail -- but are we addicted to it? Take two simple tests to determine whether you are -- or are not addicted to email -- and whether your organization is. also learn how to get your organization to make the move to SharePoint.

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  • Woods – Chinese sourcing storyeMail is what users knowTrying to get them to stop sending attachments
  • Digital NativesGeneration X, Y, Z
  • Maybe you’re upset… (not responding) … or maybe you’re just being passive-aggresiveThree Phone calls… you’re trying to get me to be Charlie Sheen
  • Focus on the word enslaved (without a choice)
  • SharePint… drinking problems…Alcoholics can stay away (out of a bar)Functional Alcoholics vs. non-functioning alcoholics.
  • Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner
  • Coffee … or Starbucks Coffee
  • Step 1 is to admit you have a problem.Asking individuals to own their email addiction
  • Emotionally charged – changes in benefits…Cascading communications (managers telling their reporting)
  • Speak to the elephantLaydown the right path -> Set the right defaultsReferences:Switch – Chip Heath / Dan HeathHappiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt
  • Demand – Zip Car story 5 minute walk instead of 10 minute walk -> tipping pointBy … Adrian Slywotzky, Karl Weber
  • Q: What can you do to make the process of getting started easier?
  • Q: Why do sites get abandoned?
  • Windows Phone experience from an iPhone…Dialtone used to be normal, but isn’t any longerThe Art of Explanation by Lee LeFever
  • The concept of ‘ba’ – Shared space for emerging relationships
  • Intranet favorites
  • Flow – MihalyiCsikszentmihalyi
  • Converting an eMail Culture into a SharePoint Culture

    1. 1. Converting from an eMail Culture to SharePoint Culture Robert Bogue (317) 572-5310
    2. 2. Agenda • Social Says Email is Dead • Email is An Addiction • Barriers to SharePoint Adoption • Tools for SharePoint Adoption
    3. 3. Why I Care • I helped to create the problem… • I struggle with the same cultural issues with my clients…
    4. 4. Is eMail dead?
    5. 5. By the numbers (2012)… • 400 Million Tweets • 2.2 Billion Email users • 2.7 Billion Facebook Likes • 144 Billion Email messages
    6. 6. eMail as an Addiction
    7. 7. Responsiveness Expectations • Postal Mail – 1 week • Email Message – normally 24 hours, no more than 72 • Text Message – normally 8 hours, no more than 24 • Voice Mail Message – normally 4 hours, no more than 24 • Three Phone Calls, Back- to-Back - Immediate
    8. 8. What is an Addiction? “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice…”
    9. 9. Alcohol Addiction
    10. 10. Disordered Eating
    11. 11. eMail Addiction Test • Have you checked your email more than every four hours – today? • Do you feel anxiety when your phone battery is less than 20%? • Was the last time you were disconnected from email for more than two days longer than a year ago? • Does your preoccupation with email cause you to do dangerous or harmful activities? • Reading or responding to email while driving? • Reading or responding to email while in a meeting?
    12. 12. Organizational eMail Addiction Test • Has your organization ever communicated a layoff, employee termination, or staff reduction via email first? • Do you routinely have email conversations that include more than ten replies? • Does your organization communicate emotionally charged information via email?
    13. 13. Why eMail Addiction Matters • Rational messages won’t be sufficient to change behavior • Deeply ingrained • Addictions are hard to break
    14. 14. Emotional-Rational- Environment • The Model • Elephant – Emotional powerhouse • Rider – Rational control • Path –Environment and habits • Implications • The rider has the illusion of control • The path has strong influence CC Flickr mckaysavage
    15. 15. Barriers to SharePoint Adoption
    16. 16. Difficulty in Getting Started • Can’t figure out where to ask for a site • Don’t know how much it will cost the department • Don’t know who they need to get approval from • Is training required before a site can be created?
    17. 17. Mounting Challenges • Lack of training • Lack of resources • Difficulty requesting and getting help • Lack of licensing • Product limitations
    18. 18. Lack of Training • Why • Curse of Knowledge (It’s harder than you think) • Why Not? • Time out of role • Training material costs
    19. 19. Tools for SharePoint Adoption
    20. 20. Build It For Them • Create a place for them to get their needs met • Allow every department access to post on the home page
    21. 21. Start in the Right Place • Set all users web browser home to the corporate intranet • Make the resources they need easy to reach from the home page
    22. 22. Restrict “All User” distribution lists • Create barriers in front of mass emails • Deter the use of email through social shaming
    23. 23. Create Communication Guidelines • Set expectations for communication medium • Establish awareness of good email etiquette
    24. 24. Maintain “small” mailbox sizes • Users get small email inboxes to discourage the movement of file attachments • Requests for larger sized mailboxes are responded to by “crisis counselors”
    25. 25. Disable Email Notifications • On Computers • On Phones
    26. 26. Intranet Portal (Navigation) Apps (Functionality) Content (News and Announcements)
    27. 27. Review • eMail is not dead • eMail is an addiction • Barriers slow the adoption of SharePoint • Organizational psychology can be used to change behavior
    28. 28. Thank You Rob Bogue (317) 572-5310