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Tck report (final)

  1. 1. Third Culture Kids Ji Min Kim Have you ever lived in any foreign country? Have you ever wondered that your home is not fitting to you? Do you feel alone when you are in home or foreign country that you lived? If you feel like this, then maybe you're a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Well, if you don’t know, DON’T WORRY. This essay will tell you the WHOLE things about TCK. First will be what is TCK. Then there will be some advantages and disadvantages. First, you need to know what is TCK. Well, TCK is the short form of “Third Culture Kids”. Third Culture Kids are kids that who have spent some of their growing years in a foreign country. So if you went to other countries because of your parent’s job, then you will be a TCK. If you want to know about specific of TCK. First, you need to know what is culture. What is culture? Culture is an essential for the existence of a society, because it binds people. Culture can be food, music, arts and literature of a society. Plus, Culture can be something that a person learn form their families and surroundings. At the last, culture creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness among people in society. As I stated earlier there are some advantages and disadvantages of TCK. The benefits of TCK are that you can speak more than one language and can learn more languages. Also you can have some foreign friends. I have lots of Non-Korean friends. Its good to have friends who are from other countries. Because, I can learn their culture by looking through them. Plus, TCK can know more about worldview better
  2. 2. than normal kids. Living on other countries is the time that family can be close. TCKs need to rely on their own families. Which means they need to help each other and that actually make family closer. TCKs can be “Culture Bridge”. Middle of countries culture difference is a hard challenges. However, they have skills and insight of both countries. These things are important in the world now. TCKs also have some disadvantages. Some kids are having trouble when they are moving their home to an other place. They will get scared and nervous, because they don’t know the culture of that country people that out there and the most important thing, language. TCKs are a bit off balance. They don't know their country’s history, rules or people. At some stage, they may feel lonely. Some of them can think that they are connecting their home friends. They cannot not go back to the place that where they lived. I am Third Culture Kids too. I was born in Korea where I lived until 11 (grade 5). Suddenly, I got a message from my dad that we needed to move to China. First, I thought it was so cool, because I can have some experiment of going to an international school or living in another country… Before I went to China, I had lots of friends. They promised that we would talk in society pages, such as Facebook. In Korea, we use a site called “Cyworld” (society page). However, last year I went back to Korea and I felt that Korea didn’t fit me, because there were some different changes between when I moved to China and now. Now, not many my friends are coming to the society page and I feel like I am quite alone from my all-Korean friends. I also interviewed 4 people who are actually TCKs. They agreed that they are TCK. I asked them what is the benefit of TCK that you think? Most of them answered as
  3. 3. they can surly know the culture of other countries and I asked what are the disadvantages of TCKs. Most of them talked about their home countries friends. Plus, they said that they don't want to go back to their home. Third, I asked them do you use social page that can connect with their friends and what kind of social page do you use? They said that they are using social pages such as Facebook, Cyworld, Blog, Twitter, and… Have you solved any TCKs problems after you read my essay? I hope you do. Remember, TCKs are not only having drawbacks. They have more advantages than the disadvantages. Plus, there is a quote about TCKs. “A TCK’s international community is made up of people who are, in a certain sense, displaces. They feel rootless,” by David Pollack. Don't be sad that you are the only TCKs. There are lots of people out in the world. What do you feel now about TCKs? Are you feel like you are the TCKs? Bibliography 1. Unknown, Unknown, Third Culture Kids, U.S department of State, 10/27/10, 2. Unknown, Unknown, Third Culture Kids, Global Nomads and the culturally skilled Therapist 10/18/10, g_education/ThirdCultureKids.pdf
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