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Process journal 110410
Process journal 110410
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Process journal 110410


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Published in: Education, Business, Automotive
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  • 1. Process Journal (Drilling/ Sketching 3 wheels) Nov. 4th 2010 1. What did I do? Today I needed to make wheels for my project. Usually, when I am making wheels, I used coping saw or tenon saw a lot. However, in this case, I used drill to cut the wheels and that was it for cutting the drill. Plus, Mr. Anderson came later, because of the Process Journal. He needed to check all of the students. Anyways, it took a lot of time to wait Mr. Anderson. During waiting, I used half- round file to round the edge of my “Penguin”. Also I used disc- sander to sand the “Ices”. I didn’t know that I needed to have permission to sand it. 2. The Emotion The emotion for today was nervous and worried. Because, I needed to drill to get my wheels and the drilling was pretty hard. I always think that I will ruin the project soon. However, today I did really good job. I finished drilling the 2 wheels. I said that I used disc- sander during waiting Mr. Anderson. The “Ices” are pretty hard to sand. Because the “Ices” were small pieces. It was hard to control as sanding the pieces. 3. Changes to your plan It’s still same as what I wrote in the final evolution and the flow sheet. Not difference between them. 4. What’s next? Basically, next step is to drill the rest of wheels. Which are two wheels leftover. Plus, I need to do glue the ices on the Ice flow. Wait; before I glue them, I need to drill the ice flow that it can have the wheels. 5. Why? I am in creating stage; I am half finished by drilling the wheels. I need to work more on the drilling that ice flow can have wheels. 6. A.O.I & Learner Profile Today’s A.O.I is environment. Because, I used wood to make this project and I feel like I am using a lot of environment. We need to save the forests. Anyways, the
  • 2. learner profile for today is caring. When I was doing drilling, Mr. Anderson helped me to hold the metal vice. Which means that he cares about me not to get hurt. Well, actually he helped everyone and he DOES care about every single person. 7. Pictures & Diagrams 8. This is the picture of drilling and how to drill. Finally, I finished drilling the first wheel!  I was drilling second piece of wheels. This is the picture that I finished drilling the first wheels. ->