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Oct. 27th 2010
Oct. 27th 2010
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Oct. 27th 2010


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Process Journal

Process Journal

Published in: Education, Business, Sports
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  • 1. Process Journal <Cutting Ice Flow& Sanding Penguin and Ice Flow & Filing> Oct. 27th. 2010 Today I had double period of DT. Which means that I can work a lot and I did. I think today is the most day that I made lots of effort. I finished cutting the “Ice Flow” and finished sanding all the sharp edges. I made the ice flow as the shape of ice. The shape is kind of wavy. Today Mr. Anderson showed us how to use “Gig Saw” Ye Chan needed to use Gig saw to cut the wavy shape. Gig saw’s blade goes as up and down. When I finished cutting the “Ice Flow”, I asked Mr. Anderson “Can I use Disc- Sander to sand?” then he said yes. I wore goggle to make sure that I am safe now. First, I turned on the Disc-sander and then I put my project on the LEFT side. If you put any kind of object on right side, then your project might pop out! Make sure that your project is on left side. Anyways, first, I was a bit afraid that I might ruin the project. However, I sand those well. After I finished sanding and cutting, now I need to do some filing some part that I couldn’t sand by using Disc- sander. I used half-round file and round file to file my project. Some parts are hard to file. When I was filing, I thought some parts were can file by using Disc-sander. I went to Disc- sander 3 times to sand it. I put the “Penguin” and “Ice Flow” together. Actually, it was great. However, Mr. Anderson suggested me that what if I make ices on the “Ice Flow”, because when I put ices on the “Ice Flow”, it makes more realistic. Which means that, next class I will make some ices and has wheels and axle. The learner profile for today was communication, because I communicated with Mr. Anderson about how I would make project better. Also I communicated with Sally. She gave me some suggestion about the shape of ice. <- This is the picture of me that I was cutting the “Ice Flow”
  • 2. <-This is the picture of I filing the “Ice Flow” (Half- Round File) This picture is I filing the “Ice Flow” by using Round file -> <- This is the picture of my penguin. (After I sand and file) This picture is the “Ice Flow” (After sanding and filing) -> <- I put “Penguin” and “Ice Flow” together.