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English script

  1. 1. Script <br />Ji Min- anchor, talking about the advantages of TCKs<br />Grace- Journalist, talking about the disadvantages of TCKs<br />Start: special news report about TCKs. <br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />SCENE 1<br />The word ‘Third culture kids – by Ji Min and grace’ will come up with the song ‘the mars’<br />SCENE 2<br />Ji Min- (seat down and look at the camera) Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today we will give you a special news report about TCKs. TCK is a person who belongs to his or her own culture, which is like this part. (show the diagram of ban diagram and point the middle part. And look at the camera) Journalist will tell you more specific about TCK.<br />Grace- Hi I am the journalist from (tell the news’s channel’s name- we didn't decided it yet). Today I invited very important people who are TCKs. So lets go and meet them (go to the inviters and about to ask some questions)<br />SCENE 3<br />We will be interviewing people, ray, ishant and ye chan<br /><ul><li>Do you miss your home country?
  2. 2. What do you feel about your home country?
  3. 3. What are the advantages of being TCK?
  4. 4. What are the worst disadvantages of being TCK?</li></ul>Grace : thank you for answering our interview!!<br />Scene 4 – voice record, : thank you for watching our TV show!!<br />Also the word will come up, “Thank you for watching our video!”<br />SCENE 5 – <br />Word - I feel lonely<br />Grace : This is the word that many TCKs feel, they feel lonely when they are alone and no one can understand them.<br />Word – I can speak variety of language.<br />Jimin : They can speak variety of languages, if they live in China, they might be able to speak Chinese. It usually depends on the place they live.<br />Word – I don't know my home country’s culture.<br />Grace: This is so obvious, because they lived in other countries for more than half of their life.<br />Word – I have a lot of foreign country friends.<br />Jimin : They have a lot of foreign country friends because they live in other countries.<br />Word – They miss their family and friend, who live in their home country.<br />Grace: They miss their home because they usually can’t see each other for a long time.<br />Word – They know each other countries’ culture.<br />Jimin : it is also obvious, because they live in other country. Which means they must adapt the countries culture that they are living in.<br />Grace : these were the most common advantages and disadvantages of TCK.<br />SCENE 6<br />Both of us: Thank you for watching our presentation!!<br />SCENE 7<br />Word – (on the screen) names of producers, actors, helpers. <br />