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process journal 2

process journal 2

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  • 1. Process journal (Marking “ICE FLOW” and cutting)<br />Oct.21st, 2010<br />Today, I started the second piece, which is the “ICE FLOW”. First of all, today I had a single period of DT. Which means that I haven’t got enough time. Plus, we took so long time to check the process journal. My 2nd piece was in as a HUGE piece of wood. So Mr. Anderson had to cut mine. However, he was checking the others that haven’t done the process journal and I needed to wait him. During the waiting time, I marked like wavy shape on the piece. <br />Mr. Anderson came and first he cut the HUGE wood with a machine that in next-door of where we make things. Finally, I got my piece. When I was about to cut the shape that where I marked, he told me that he needed to cut the half. Because it was quiet big and large when I put the “Penguin’s body” on the “ICE FLOW”. So he cut it in half. <br />Now it was the time to cut the shape. I took some pictures of I cutting the shape by using a coping saw. When I finish taking pictures, it was time to pack up. I felt sad, because I though I was going to cut most of the part. But I couldn’t reach the goal… <br />Today I also have some comments about Mr. Anderson. I hope that he checks the process journal quickly. I know that when some people don’t do their homework, it will take some long time. However, think about people that done the homework. We need to wait for Mr. Anderson to come to us and I think that it is quiet wasting time. I know it’s not Mr. Anderson’s fault. So the message that I want to say is, I hope we don’t waste our time. During 15 minutes, I can cut 1/3 part of piece. <br />0911225The leaner profile for today was balance and communication. I needed to mark the shape as equally. Like balancing. Plus, I needed to discuss with Mr. Anderson about how will I make and how to cut. The learner profile for this project is risk-taker. We need to risk take to use some tools. Such as Coping saw, Tenon saw, Pull saw, Disc- sander.<br />This picture is how I marked my “ICE FLOW”. See? There is some wavy shape and it looks like ice.<br />387356350I am cutting it by using Coping saw. <br />254000This is the one that I took at the very last lesson of DT. This picture shows I did finish until here.<br />