Pre-employment Physicals
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Pre-employment Physicals

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What is a pre-employment physical and what businesses need to have them? Employee medical exams are an important part of a safety and compliance policy.

What is a pre-employment physical and what businesses need to have them? Employee medical exams are an important part of a safety and compliance policy.

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  • 1. Pre-EmploymentPhysicalsAll about compliance andemployee safety.
  • 2. What is a pre-employmentphysical?A medical exam performed before an applicant is formally hired. This may happen with a conditional job offer pending the physical, drug test and background check results. Required for some regulated industries, recommended for many others.
  • 3. Who needs an employmentphysical? Employee physicals are most popular among:  Healthcare  Manufacturing  Positions with extraordinary safety considerations. Itmay also help lower the cost of certain insurances, and help keep worker’s comp costs down.
  • 4. What should be included? The procedures for a employee physical depends on the business need. Most common is a basic medical profile. Healthcare workers might undergo a blood test or tuberculosis (TB) testing. Manufacturing employees might do a strength test.
  • 5. Can I drug test during a pre-employment physical It is recommended that all employers have a drug testing policy for new applicants. Many employee screening companies will also do urine collection for drug testing It is best to have 1 company offer all your pre-employment needs.
  • 6. How can employee medicalassessments affect myinsurance? Many insurance companies have employee wellness programs for annual employee evaluations. These evaluations can help the employer and insurance company design a custom health plan, preventing unnecessary costs.
  • 7. How should I store myemployee medical records Employee medical records are treated and protect just like an individual medical record. You must follow HIPAA guidelines to protect privacy rights. It is best to use a pre-employment screener with an EHR to keep your information safe and compliant.
  • 8. Why else would I want ore-employment physicals? Even if your industry does not require physicals, your clients might. Most contractors and vendors to hospitals are required to undergo similar medical screenings as well. Having a pre-employment physical policy allows you to fulfill these contract obligations.
  • 9. Where can I find an employeemedical screener? InNew York City, Mobile Health operates 6 medical centers offering full service pre- employment physicals. The centers also perform drug testing and background checks which can be combined for packaged savings.