Final Nbea 09 The New Entrepreneurs Without Notes


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Final Nbea 09 The New Entrepreneurs Without Notes

  1. 1. The New Entrepreneurs: Virtual Assistants Rose Marie Kuceyeski, Ph.D. Owens Community College NBEA, April 8, 2009
  2. 2. “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy
  3. 3. My Role • Share the scope of the new entrepreneurs focusing on the virtual assistants—who 1 they are and where they are. • Achieve an understanding of the extent of virtual assistant programs at the post- secondary level and how they provide a 2 unique opportunity for growth. • Explore ways a VA program may be developed and its practical uses. 3
  4. 4. “One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”
  5. 5. VAs Defined • Provide administrative, creative and/or technical services • Utilize advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery • Assist clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis
  6. 6. Evolution of VAs 1995 33,559 Virtual VA assoc. 5,000 members 2007 Comprehensive Study of the Virtual Services Industry, Brenner.
  7. 7. Who Are They? • Work-at-home moms • Downsized executives • Displaced workers • Baby boomers nearing retirement • People with disabilities • People in rural locations • Military Spouse VAs
  8. 8. Survey of virtual services industry supplied the following information (2007): • 55.6% of Virtual Professionals in US are women • 99.1% women (primarily admin support, data entry, wp) • Larges concentration in US, India, and Canada • 81 percent are located in the U.S., (California 4,063; Texas, 2,608; Florida, 2,507; New York, 2,303.) • 1,550 provided educational level, over half have bachelor’s degree or higher 2007 Comprehensive Study of the Virtual Services Industry, Brenner.
  9. 9. Core Competencies for Emerging VAs Professional Skills Personal Skills People Skills Education Office Standards
  10. 10. Industries Served
  11. 11. Services Offered Virtual assistant (VA) admin services (42%) Graphic design (41%) Web services Software services
  12. 12. Top Programs - US VPs MS Office 57.4% PPT 51.1% Photoshop 45.0% HTML 43.6% Word 40.8% Excel 39.7% Dreamweaver 38.7%
  13. 13. Top Programs - US VA Admin Word 92.6% Excel 86.8% MS Outlook 76.0% MS Office 74.4% PowerPoint 70.2%
  14. 14. Billing Rates $16.87/hr. $$51.96/hr.
  15. 15. Revenue Based on Gender Gender Revenue Average $/Hour Range Average Range Revenue $/Hour Females $10,234- $33,649 $8-$65 $32.26 $233,262 Males $10,000- $32,144 $12-$100 $48.82 $271,320 2007 Comprehensive Study of the Virtual Services Industry, Brenner.
  16. 16. VA Benefits Being Your Own Boss
  17. 17. Client Benefits • Only pay for the time the VA works either by task or project • No continuing education assistance for employees • No extra office space, furniture, computers, software, telephone, printers, etc. that normal employee staff requires • No overtime pay when projects must be completed by a specific deadline • No unemployment insurance, sick leave, vacation pay, health or dental insurance
  18. 18. Entrepreneurship in Business Education • Broaden the scope of entrepreneurship courses to include virtual professionals • Include how to become a virtual professional and conduct business in cyberspace • Address how to successfully partner with a virtual assistant
  19. 19. Opportunities for Business Education • “Employment of secretaries and administrative assistants is expected to increase about 9 percent, which is about as fast as average for all occupations, between 2006 and 2016.” • Presents challenges to the administrative/office support programs • Almost half (49 percent) of the nation’s businesses are operated from home, and more than 6-in-10 owners used their own money to start the business, according to new U.S. Census Bureau reports on characteristics of businesses and business owners.
  20. 20. Administrative Virtual Assistant (AVA) • Conducted research on the Internet and through e-mail questionnaires to virtual assistants • Reviewed courses in the School of Business and Information Systems to determine which courses addressed the necessary skills • Reviewed the curriculum and provided input from VAs • Reflected a true partnership of the School of Business and Information Systems • Developed Spring 2005
  21. 21. Certificate Program Course Name Semester Credit Hours Introduction to Small Business 3 The Legal Environment of Business 3 Introduction to E-Business 3 Internet for Business 1 Troubleshooting Applications 3 Integrated Office Communications 3 Virtual Assistant Coaching Seminar 2 OAD/IST Electives 6 Total Semester Hours 24
  22. 22. Institutions • Sacramento City College, CA • Red Deer, Canada • Riverside Community • Palomar College, CA College, CA • Portland Community • Raymond Walters (UC), OH College, OR • Stark State College, OH • Springfield Technical • Santa Rosa Junior College, CA Community College, MA • Southwestern Community • Sierra Community College, College, NC CA • Manchester Community • American River College, CA College, CT • Wake Technical Community College, NC
  23. 23. Virtual Assistant Coaching Seminar This online course will emphasize understanding the virtual assistant concept, business planning, establishing a web presence, specialty services, operating the business, and other topics as needed. The goal of this class is to create a workable virtual assistant business and marketing plan.
  24. 24. Course Objectives • Have a thorough understanding of the virtual assistant business. The student will also have a completed business plan and marketing plan that establishes mission, goals, and objectives; • Demonstrate competency in writing business goals and determining a sustainable competitive advantage; • Be prepared for the job market by becoming aware of the many facets of operating a small business; • Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical growth by integrating the core business components that have been learned during your college experience into a real business plan presentation.
  25. 25. Text Used Virtual Assistant – The Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, by Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker, Third Edition Revised. Another 8 Hour Publishing, ISBN 0-9742790-5-6
  26. 26. Assignments • Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation • Virtual Assistant Interview • Individual Business Plan Components • Discussion Board Participation • Final Project: Business Plan
  27. 27. Virtual Professionals • Mortgage professionals ( • Consultants (marketing, computer, Tech Problem Solver) • Insurance agents • Programmers • Graphic artists • Realtors ( • Accountants (Virtual Growth, Inc.) • Human Resources (
  28. 28. “There will come a time when big opportunities will be presented to you, and you’ve got to be in a position to take advantage of them.” Sam Walton
  29. 29. 60 Seconds of Cool Curriculum/Marketing Ideas
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