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Project By Rahul Kumar

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Project Portfolio

  1. 1. Project Portfolio Rahul Kumar E-Mail: Contact # +91-9760044221
  2. 2. About me • • • • • • • • • 11.5 Years of wide experience in Project management, Product Design, & New Product Development. Expertise on SolidWorks with hands on Pro-Engg, Unigraphics, and various 3D & 2D CAD software. Expertise of Plastics and SheetMetal Product Design and Manufacturing. Knowledge of SAP & CMMI Expertise in GD&T & PDM works Wide working experience with overseas client of USA & EUROPE (onsite and offshore) Good communications and interpersonal skills. Expertise in Vendor Development, Value Engineering, Value addition. Wide Manufacturing and Design proficiency of Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs and fixture, Gauges and Casting etc using Advance CAD/CAM Tools. Onhand working exposure on various types of N.C.; C.N.C. and Conventional Machines, including CMM for Quality Control.
  3. 3. Project Worked/Working On
  4. 4. Aquaguard Genus – Water Purifier • The Aquaguard Geneus is equipped with a Unique Taste Modulator that enables you to set the taste of water according to your preferences, while maintaining a healthy balance of natural minerals. It ensures that you get drinking water that not only tastes great but is also free from harmful impurities
  5. 5. Aquaguard INFINITI- Water Purifier • Aquaguard Enhance is a multi segment water purifier equipped with RO, Green RO, UV and RO+UV, to give you pure, fresh water. • This product is equipped with Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer – EMLE, Unique E-boiling Technology, Automatic Water Level Sensor, Dual Flow Tap and Silver Surety Technology. • Aquaguard ENHANCE has been selected as MERA BRAND and awarded by world’s most prestigious institution with WQA Gold certification.
  6. 6. Aquaguard INFINITI- Water Purifier • Aquaguard Total introduces the intelligent, next generation water purification system with Double Purification, Double Protection. Major feture includes: • Intelligent water Purifier with a Mini brain (MCS) • Complete Surety - Double Intell-E-Boiling • Unbound Safety - Removal of Lead, Pesticide and Harmful Organics
  7. 7. Aquasure Xpert– Water Purifier • Aquasure Xpert is a multi-stage water purifier that works anywhere in the country. It constantly senses the TDS of water and its TDS Regulator selects the best purification method from the patented multi stage RO+UV+UF purification process based on the input water.
  8. 8. Aquasure Nector RO– Water Purifier • The Nectar RO is designed to make you and your family live healthier every day. Its multi-stage RO water purifier comes with an interactive digital display to indicate cartridge life. Thus the cartridge can be replaced in time and your family can enjoy safe drinking water continuously.
  9. 9. Aquasure 3PCTI/Amrit– Water Purifier • The AquaSure 3PCTi/Amrit Storage Water Purifier is backed by latest technological innovation to protect your family’s health against water borne diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cysts. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements to provide you pure and safe drinking water.
  10. 10. Aquasure Personal purifier– Water Purifier • Aquasure Personal Purifier, equipped with Kitanu Magnet inside a soft squeeze bottle has 100% chemical free water purification technology to deliver safe drinking water on the go. This is a unique technology that uses power of over 100 billion positively charged sites to attract and trap negatively charged pathogens and other impurities. • Specially designed for school going kids to have pure drinking water during home away.
  11. 11. Douglas Machine Inc.- Case Packers (Onsite Project) • Worked as consultant from SES at Douglas Machine, MN, USA • Major task was assisting project engineer in designing and development of sheet metal parts for various packaging machines like: – Universal Case Packaging for Pepsi Co. USA – International Case Packaging for Pepsi Co. France – High Speed Case Packaging for Pepsi Co. USA
  12. 12. VT LeeBoy- Earth Movers (Onsite Project) • Worked as consultant from SES at Vt LeeBoy, NC, USA • Assignment was 1. To support project engineer in designing & developing there product. 2. Using reverse engineering technology for there pre existing products. Major project undertaken: – 1200, Maintainer – 1000/700/8000 Pavers – 685, Grader – Sweep-Pro of Broom family
  13. 13. VT LeeBoy- Pavers (Onsite Project)
  14. 14. VT LeeBoy- Sweep-Pro (Broom) (Onsite Project)
  15. 15. OKW - Electronic Enclosures • Worked for the Part Modeling, design and development of the electromechanical Plastic components along with 2DCad data, and assemblies • Legacy data Conversion for OKW, Germany
  16. 16. Injection Mould Designing • Did designing of various injection Moulds at Premauni tools Mumbai. Major Design (Mould) 1. Family Mould for Speaker for M/s. MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD 2. led lens (Total no. of mould was 05) for M/s. MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD 3. Fuse cover for M/S. L&T LTD 4. Terminal shroud in/out, for M/S L&T LTD 5. Neutral cover for M/S. L&T LTD 6. Defeat Lever for M/S. L&T LTD
  17. 17. Thank You