Modern Slavery-South Asia


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  • OPTIONAL CONTENT SLIDEStart off the presentation by sharing a photo, story, or connection-point with the audience. This could be a theme that you inter-weave throughout your presentation (or at start and end), or a story that shows how you first learned about injustice/oppression, etc. It would be helpful to have this story/photo/connection-point blend into your next slide.
  • OPTIONAL CONTENT SLIDENOTES: As noted in the previous slide, here are some additional statistics on sexual violence. Feel free to use other statistics noted on IJM’s website!Slavery(27 million victims worldwide – National Geographic)Child Prostitution (1 million new victims each year – UNICEF)Sexual Violence (Engine of the AIDS epidemic -- UNAIDS Epidemic Update, Dec. 2004) Police Brutality (The police are a source of insecurity for the poor – World Bank)Illegal Property Seizures(Property rights are violated on a massive scale – HRW)Illegal Detention (60-85% of prisoners in detained without charge or trial - UN)
  • OPTIONAL CONTENT SLIDENOTES: Now share the miracle! Share how IJM staff found/met this client, what we did to intervene, and the miraculous result. Use this as an educational time (so the audience understands how we work) but in the context of this story. Share what the client is doing now in recovery. Allow the audience to see the miracles God does when His people step forward in courage to seek justice and rescue the oppressed. Share how God DOES provide. Share how clients are now serving others because they SAW the rescue of Jesus in their lives and now want to see others experience that same rescue and new life.
  • OPTIONAL CONTENT SLIDENOTES: Here are some options for the explore phase You don’t have to share all of these options; feel free to tailor it to fit your audience and their abilities/interests.EXAMPLE: While at IJM, I have learned how important it is for us to be knowledgeable about the issues, the needs, and myself! So IJM also encourages churches to, after praying about and studying God’s word and heart for justice, to then explore our church, ourselves, our community, and IJM! (DISCUSS SLIDE)Where is your church already investedLocally & Internationally?What are the in justice issues where you already serve?What skills does your church or campus group have that might be helpful in the fight against injustice?What are the injustice issues in your community? Who is already working on injustice? Who can you partner with? What issues are not being addressed? How can you raise awareness? Understand the complexity of violent oppression and how people recover. What are issues of injustice locally and around the world? What skills can you develop as a church, or who can you call on within the church to help you do this, so you can be effective in caring for survivors? What training programs would be helpful to you?Get to know IJM! We have lots of resources for studying the issues and how we can respond. We also have lots of ways for you to take action!)
  • Modern Slavery-South Asia

    2. 2. My Story: a journey years in the making My journey to Chennai began back in high school when God placed a passion in my heart for missions. I went on two mission trips which radically changed my worldview. In college I studied missions as my minor and thoroughly enjoyed classes over world religion, inter-cultural communication, and history of missions which little did I know at that point would come in handy years to come. In 2008, I went to South Korea to teach English for two years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there learning the culture and was active at Seoul International Baptist Church. While in Korea and around Asia, seeing open prostitution, sex trafficking, and lack of social justice for the poor really bothered me. I shared this passion with my friends, and found out the Not for Sale campaign had a conference in Seoul that month. I read up on the organization, read the founders book, and attended the conference which ignited a desire to not just have a burden for these issues, but to be involved. At that time, I was not sure how I could be involved as an ordinary person with skills or training in that field. Fast-forward two years and I am back in the US working as an HR manager at a small tech company. On a whim, I go out to Vegas to meet a friend and when having lunch one day, I begin talking to the women next to me who happened to be a former IJM employee. After learning about what she did with the organization, she encouraged me to apply. I did apply the following month and received word back that after seeing my resume that they have a particular role in mind for me, working in their South Asia field office doing HR work. Praise God for doing things in his own time.
    3. 3. WHAT IS INJUSTICE?Injustice occurs when someone abuses their power to take from others the good things God wants them to have — their life, liberty, dignity and the fruits of their love and labor
    4. 4. OPPRESSIONEstimated 27 million people in slavery (National Geographic)
    5. 5. OPPRESSION Total market value of illicit human trafficking is estimated to be in excess of $32 billion. (UN)
    6. 6. BIBLICAL JUSTICE “Seek justice,rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan,plead for the widow.” Isaiah 1:17
    7. 7. BIBLICAL JUSTICE Defend the weak and thefatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. 4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82:3-4
    8. 8. IJM’s Vision: to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible.
    10. 10. IJM CASEWORK – Slavery – Sex Trafficking – Sexual Violence – Police Abuse of Power – Illegal Property Seizure – Hill Tribe Citizenship Rights
    11. 11. COLLABORATIVE CASEWORK Victim Relief Perpetrator Accountability Victim Aftercare Structural Transformation
    12. 12. Venkatesh and Subbulu
    14. 14. JOIN THE MOVEMENTEXPLORE – Your Church or Student Group – Your Community’s Injustices – IJM’s work around the world – Support those that are going both with prayer and financial gifts